10 Best Christmas Gift For Her in 2019

Hey guys Christie here and welcome back to my site today I’m gonna be sharing with you all of my gift ideas for twenty nineteen. I love putting together like a huge women’s gift guide every year and it was definitely an array of items here something for everyone so whether you are shopping for a woman this year or you are just watching this and putting your little wish list together definitely you’re gonna get some great ideas.

So let’s get started with shoes, so I love shoes just about as much as I love him back so I’ve got my hands on some a really good new boots for this season that I’ve been obsessed with, so this first pair is from Sam Edelman actually wearing a couple of times but they are so freaking cute.

I’m obsessed with these I love that they’re a leather bootie but they’re a little bit kinda like sexy or a little bit and you’re there just like super shiny super handling bold in your face I love them I think they’re really cool because they are so shiny and so bright and bold but they’re just a little black booty like they’re kind of like a mix of both cell I love that they’re really comfortable they come out come up a little bit pastor eagle the heel is probably about like three and a half and just so it’s a great height where these would skirts you can wear it with jeans I pretended to look really cute with leggings like leather look leggings eve and I love it like an all-black outfit.

The price range is good and when I bought this is little over $100 dollars which is the good price when it comes to Edelman, and the price varies with the size too, it’s US 6 for me. You can find the current price for your ladies here

If the person that you’re shopping for is a little bit more casual kind has more of a laid back style or just want something kind of for data data they can wear all day long I’m obsessed with these new boots I just got them the other day there from Steve Madden I feel like they look like Gucci.

so I feel like combat boots are really in trend every year but especially this year I’ve seen just so many people wear them with different styles in a different kind of look but I think they look really cute and everyone you can dress them up or down so what I.

These ones kind of reminds me of the good she wants because of the white laces and then it kind of has like the vertical strips going out the back but they are just so cute these also came with a red and black laces like he wanted to kind of switch it up a little bit but I’m actually going on vacation did they all this weekend I’m gonna be bringing these with me I just think they’re so cool they kind of are like chunky either a little bit grungy but I think you can make them look a little bit more feminine and girly wave like some jewelry maybe like simple for super cute. I’m really excited about these they do have like a little bit of a heel that kind of a little platform their previous work look too I think I got them like thirty percent off there are definitely under a hundred or right sixty but I’m obsessed you can have a look and check the current price here.

Next one I am obsessed with the huge chunky like teddy bear coat trend I found these jackets on misguided I’m obsessed with them they are so warm I live up in Michigan it is super cold here all the time in these are actually warming up to like keep you cozy I love them I been like bundled up in them for weeks now so I picked these pulled up from misguided I posted them on Instagram a couple of times and you guys like where is the call from where is a call from so it’s from this guy did I have it in the U. S. for I got tons of messages about sizing so interpreters you guys can see what it looks like on but it’s just like a full-length coat I think they call it as a leopard Faux Fur

whenever I was looking it up and they called it but I love this kind of like I everyone is just so cozy today I wore it over like sweat pants and kind of like dressed it down but of course you can dresses up where it over like your full blown out Christmas Eve like sparkly sequence dress it’s gonna look great kind of like with either looks so I love the way I always love the winter white I think this would also be so cute with any of the boots this way I have more show you if you’d like a whole all that can be so cute.

I also picked it up in this really pretty kind of like camel brown shade this is always like my go-to shade so the way could be a little bowl the someone is injured doing the whole like winter white thing I think the brown is a little bit safer but still justice cute just as fashionable I am obsessed with this again like I said it’s so warm but still chic and trendy at the same time so it’s like the perfect mix and I only go below that yes from misguided they have so many cute coats.

They always have deals going on and their shipping is pretty good pretty fast too so I love it so the older you get the more and more I love receiving guests there like blankets and roads and just like because the slippers and stuff like that so I am obsessed with this little like zip up pullover I’ve been wearing these nonstop lately I got it in this really pretty like babies camel color I love the black zipper or the black detailing on the sides.

I bought this for little over $70 but I am not sure about the price now, you may have check here. I also got in gray I’ve been wearing them a lot saying I have it in a size small both of them they’re just so cozy so queue I’ve worn them with the genes that one them is lacking in that weren’t meant today would sweat to convert them much like a million different ways the great we’re just kind of like lounging around the house you can totally we’re out and about two I have so just thought these are something super affordable that would be great to get to a friend maybe girlfriend but like I said I love a good role to I think last year I’m sure in my gift guide the barefoot dreams role if you want just like a super plush cozy warm robe that’s like just for lounging you’re gonna want that barefoot dreams role that is so good all actually link right up here because it’s really got a lot of the stuff you can still get it today

It’s all like classic pieces that we got really good pieces last year is actually hard to try and top it this year but I also love a role that’s great like something you can wear all year long even the spring and summer something a little bit later so I have a bunch from the brand plum pretty sugar.

This one so cute, it’s like a little bit shorter she the back maybe it’ll be an easier way to see it but I just have a bunch of robots from them I think they’re so pretty there girly their feminine I wear them over my pajamas are where then like reacted to shower when I’m doing my makeup and I’m getting ready they’re really cute they’re also great gift ideas like bridesmaids for getting married or anything like that I just think they’re really pretty and nice piece to have in your closet because sometimes you want their own rolled and get ready but you don’t want to wear like reality chunky old because the one that you like where every single day I like to kind of have a dress your role now on that implant pretty sugar make like the best one so they have full link ones or knee length or a little bit shorter so I have like a bunch of them I love all of them they’re super nice they wash and dry really well there is like a light weight caught and so these are great in the spring and summer as well

Something I take very seriously is my morning coffee it is like my one it routine my one ritual that I cannot go like a day without it’s just something that is really like come pretty to meet with me up in the morning I look forward to it at night I share like my coffee recipes you guys all the time but Michael and I have been hooked on using our Nespresso machine for a couple of years now we love the curing for a while and then we can switch over we make love days are special shot espresso shot every morning it’s just something so fun and it’s super easy to do so I love all the Nespresso machines I will leave the link below the basically I just have like they’re asking you can buy the machines on there and you can buy the pods on there so I will write down we have this one kitchen here that I love it’s a little bit of an older model.

so we recently bought a vacation home in Florida and I bought a new Nespresso machine for their and I bought based like the upgraded the newer version of it sold so you guys a picture right here you can see it is so pretty it’s so sleek I love but I had like a little LED lights so it’s really small can be very easy to use and how we use the frost there every day so we like to steam and from their milk it makes a great long days in.

Cappuccinos at home I think it is such a good gift idea for literally anyone that likes coffee would I think most of us do less like a tea person but like both but coffee like every morning I have to have it so it’s definitely a great gift idea some would love it if they already have one I think pods are always something that’s going to be appreciated and use my two favorites are the than a lot in the calm all well it’s the nearly and Carlito but they aren’t so good these are great if you want something a little bit softer smoother and a little bit more on the sweet side so I really like these I like so many of them but these are like my two favorites in the morning like us these ones and only use them like once in a while because they’re my favorites.

Another gift that is just super easy it’s a great stocking stuffer or two great gifts to give someone if you don’t exactly know what to get them as long as you know what sites phone they have you can get then I phone case I think it’s so easy convenient and you can kind of get something to personalize it they would love so these are the cases from singing I think they are super high-quality cases they’re beautiful I love them these are two of the new one so they’re like metallic collection the money one is so pretty it’s like a gold money

This one is like silver stars so pretty great stocking stuffer for a friend a sister coworker anything like that it’s something that shows that you’re thinking of them that you care but it’s not going to break the bank either

So speaking I was showing some care I know that it’s really fun to do like more sentimental gas and things that are more meaningful besides just something like a pair of shoes so I always love doing that to putting together a little gas that we’re really well thought out and something I love doing as little photo albums so for a while I was making them for Mick when I a couple of years ago and I just really got away from me I need to like take the time and start doing them again but he actually made me want to think this is for my birthday last year maybe Christmas but we’d get them from the app called simple prince you just download any apps store it’s so easy just put all your photos in there and you can make a photo book so he made me this one a win. I was pregnant is just like a bunch of pictures of us.

During the time that I was pregnant so it’s super cute kind of a fun way to look back and remember the whole time and it’s just like funny at like little pictures and stuff in here we have like the all this out your call these picture here this when I was like sick every day just like laying in bed but this is so fun and then I have one here from one of our trips to Molly I put like all the photos that we took the whole trip in here.

Photo Picture Album 4×6 500 Photos, Extra Large Capacity Leather (Black)

See you can do a bunch of different sizes so this one’s like a really big one and this one’s a little bit smaller so this is more of like maybe a coffee table but in this one if you have like really beautiful pictures that you want to print but they’re both so nice you can really personalize them could write things on the side on the front you can do like little dedication page in the beginning this is something so next together like a family member.

I really love this idea so it’s from a simple prince during the winter months I am all about making your home feel and smell really cozy and warm and inviting so I love candles I love diffusers I want to share a couple of the guys I think are really pretty and great for guests I feel like when it’s just something for my own home really but I’m buying it myself was like picking up any candle doesn’t matter what it looks like but I do think that it’s fun to give someone a can lead to being pretty that maybe goes with their home to core because of their style so I picked up this one from a blue spot this is the burden of the nail this is so pretty they had like special packaging.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Bundle

Nordstrom has really good candles this time of year and all special packaging the nest candles are also another one of my favorites but this is just such a good sign I always feel kind of like a musky vanilla is something that everyone would love it’s a great kind of sense to give someone that has like other people living in the house like it’s not just men with like a whole family everyone will love this.

Smells so good and fresh like a spot I love the eucalyptus mine I love peppermint lemon all those groups.
So you just pour the little water and you plug it in and it has a bunch of different settings you can leave it on for a couple of hours or just an hour to whatever you want to do it changes color down here so it’s super pretty it’s kind of like a concrete type of material almost like it’s like a stone it’s really pretty.

Thymes – Frasier Fir Pine Needle Decorative Glass Jar Candle

I always love finding a really good pair of sunglasses and showing them when you guys every year at last year I found those lists back then I don’t worry knows nonstop so you guys can find those I think they’re really good like sixty-five dollars big cat I haven’t black I have been tortoise I’ve worn them all year round and I would include them again but I do want to include them two years in a row but they’re so good I think Liz faxes like a great brand for sunglasses are kind of in a like fifty to seventy dollar range so they’re really nice but there’s not like super expensive either I also think he is a really good brand I found these ones I think they’re so pretty there might be a lot of the clothes sunglasses they’re so popular but I’ve never actually splurged on those I just feel like they’re a little too trendy inexpensive for me so I found these ones instead of the key Australia with finders keepers I think they’re so cute they were sixty dollars they’re kind of like a peachy rose gold and the frame is gold.

Do you so cute kind of like the seventies both home type of vibe I think they’re really pretty I also got a really cute pair that somewhere this but the lenses greenhouse bring those earlier so he enlists back both have really cute sunglasses for a great price.

This is a little bit funny but I actually think it would come in handy for so many people it’s called the global lens it’s just a little tiny ring like that should be actually attached to your phone so it’ll give you nice lightly take yourself these so if you’re really into make up or beauty any kind of photography on your phone I think this would be so fun and easy to use and nice to give you like when you’re on the go even if you like taking Instagram stories at night you’re always like I need some light or something this is so handy to have actually haven’t tried it yet let’s try I bought this I’m shocked by the rose gold color. Super tiny biggest clips right on your phone.

In there is the light really We don’t need batteries or anything it’s just super easy I already have a huge ring lay on in front of me so I don’t think it’s going to make any difference right here but you guys can probably see. And if that is so cool I love that idea way it’s a land also wide angle lens.

Selfie Light Ring for iPhone and Android

And without delay is gonna make too big of a difference right now because I have so many stipulate set up right here but it really does give you like so much more of a wide angle in your photos which is so nice.
actually think that would be really cool for a video if you guys ever filmed videos on your phone it like only shows like the tiniest little bit so I actually will love to have that in my purse because sometimes we’re all on the go or I don’t know I don’t have my big log here with me that this would be so handy that is so cool I love this I love how trying is to second thing your purse pocket whatever and so nice it has a little charging port and it comes to a little charging cable.

I always think a really nice gift is a beautiful piece of dainty gold or silver jewelry I am more of a gold person but I just think it’s something that is really pretty something that someone could wear on a daily basis I always love a really pretty gold jewelry Kate Spade one of my favorites you guys have probably heard me talk about her line so many really cool pieces that I wear all the time like you guys have seen where like this snake chain a lot or this London Jane this is like a really pretty gold ball chain I wear this one all the time it’s a little bit longer than a choker it’s a really good links I’ve had all some of these pieces for years now and they last and last I wear them all the time.

kate spade new york Gold-Tone Alphabet Pendant Necklace, 18″

This is actually the Alex James named after him I think it’s so cool but it’s just a really great kind of like D. T. layering chain so you can that layer it up to where it kind of store like a joker or you can leave it super long and you can add whatever times you want to if they have a bunch of different times like you could do your initial they have so many of these are all so pretty you can layer them together or just wear one just like super trying being cute so I love this one but they’re just really versatile pieces they really don’t tarnish or anything like that you’re not really supposed to sleep in them or like showering them but they do and nothing has ever happened these ones I just got a and I think they’re so cute like tiny little hoops with gold hearts.

So I could just pull it out of the wash they’re still warm in the dryer but he these are the leather look once I’ll tell you why I like it I love the bottom that it’s just kind of like a cut and I think that looks so nice around the angle and make sure you go look really cute and I love that these to go up super high in there’s No Way spend like is just want sleek piece of fabric all the way down for me when I have at least been even if it really thinks it kind of just accentuates that lower belly area so this really keeps you like lifted which is exactly what I want so I have these are the commando control size small.

And they are tiny they really stretch and they’re so flattering and so comfortable the like a compression lady like they are so nice I’m obsessed with them and if you are really bulls and you want to be super stylish and trendy. These ones are so cute I came here to work like I am obsessed with these ones.

For a date night for a Christmas party and new year’s eve I think these are just so chic and so cute I love them so they’re the exact same like he’s like on the inside they just feel like Lou and let you like Thursday they just feel like a normal like you know the inside spandex the really nice look cool.

I love so that is everything that I had to share you guys if you’re wondering what is on my wishlist and actually to write about showing you guys a couple of things that are on my wish list this year but I always think if you are a husband or a boyfriend trying to get your girlfriend or wife something you’re reading this article you don’t think any of these are really suit her I always think I’m nice gift card for a facial or massage or a pedicure something is so appreciated just to have a day like to relax and pamper yourself they can if they can be like a couples thing like couples massage even better so yeah I hope that you guys enjoyed this Christmas gifts.

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