10 Best Christmas Gifts For Her At Amazon

In this post we will discuss my top 10 picks for holiday gifts, what to ask for for Christmas, what to get for people in your life, I narrowed it down to ten things that I think are pretty good gifts for different kinds of people. All of these items are on Amazon so you can easily get them even if your last-minute shopping like you know you got to get that prime shipping, two-day shipping, Olivia Amazon Prime, we love her work.

So my last Amazon favorites post that I did a couple of months ago if you guys haven’t seen that I’ll link it up here, that post did pretty well. So that was one where I kind of talked about my personal top favorite products from Amazon in general so none of those products are going to be in this post nothing is going to be overlapping this is all going to be just like like I said a holiday gift guide/what to ask for yourself.

Of course, I will have everything that I mention and show you guys linked in the description box I’ll have just all the products and all the goods down there so you can easily go and find them and you’re off to go searching on Amazon, so let’s go ahead and get started. For the music lover in your life or someone that never has a speaker I highly highly recommend this it’s called the Wonderboom and it is by UE which I think stands for yeah Ultimate Ears.

This speaker I’m pretty sure is under $50 it’s like $49 and it is incredible it is such a good speaker I use this every single day it really does get super loud for this size and also this thing has an incredible incredible battery life, we’re going to move this pillow over while I’m talking to you guys because she is itching me.

The Wonderboom comes in a ton of different colors sadly I just have black which is pretty boring but it comes in so many freaking colors and it is a great Bluetooth speaker it’s actually waterproof as well so I use this when I’m in the shower that’s pretty much where I keep it in my house is in my and I always jam out.

And the battery lie I literally only have to charge just like maybe once a month or something it seriously has the greatest battery for even just being this size so I can’t recommend this enough if you know someone in your life that needs a new speaker or just you know even for yourself. It’s just so portable it’s so fun you can hang it from things with this little hook okay kind of talking about it a lot but that thing she’s a good one.

Okay, this is going to be kind of funny you just hold it up and show you guys but this one is for the home cook in your life if they don’t already have one of these because they might it is the instant pot. This is basically a pressure cooker and it changed my freakin’ life I purchased it for myself this year. This pressure cooker depending on the size that you get is anywhere from I think like $60 maybe for the cheapest one to like $80 or $90 for the really big one.

This one that I have right here is the smallest size I think it’s it’s called the duo mini. So this is the smallest size I’m pretty sure that they have and I think that it is a really really good size at least for I only really cook for myself and maybe one other person so it’s a good size for like up to three people you might want to get a bigger one if you’re buying for someone that has you know a family.

But this pressure cooker is so awesome it just makes cooking honestly anything tastes so good and all you have to do is throw it in the instant pot and basically just like let it do its cooking. You don’t have to let it sit around all day like a crockpot that’s kind of why it’s called the instant pot it’s basically a quick way to do crockpot recipes and you can make rice in there you can make soups, you can make mashed potatoes, I mean the list really goes on.

You can like even make me and chicken and stuff and steam it and all that kind of just in here. So I highly highly recommend this instant pot that is a great gift I guarantee anyone you give that to would love it. Alright, next thing is one of my ultimate favorite beauty products of the last few years you guys probably know about it so many people rave about it, it is worth the hype and it is called the Glamglow super mud clearing treatment.

And this is basically a dark like a charcoal colored face mask. So this product is so awesome I personally use it all the time you can use this as a full face mask or you can also use it as a spot treatment on blemishes and just leave it on overnight and then take it off in the morning.

This is the best mask probably that I’ve ever tried it feels so good on your skin you can really feel it working and it’s very easy to use and honestly this little jar might look small but it has a ton of uses in here like I rarely have like finished up a whole one of these before you know getting another one so I absolutely love this product. It is available on Amazon so I’ll link that.

The next thing is for the partier in your life the person that loves to go out and get wasted. Anyone that likes to go out maybe a friend and this is more of maybe like a stocking stuffer or part of a gift or like a fun gift I guess but it’s basically the Flyby recovery supplement and this is basically like a hangover pill but you should probably take it before drinking.

So I was actually amazed by this stuff me and Sean have both used this like three times, in the past I’ve only had it for like a month it works better than I was expecting so you take it before you start drinking and then you should also try and take some at the end of the night before you go to bed. And even if you go out and you forgot to take this you can wake up and be hangover and take it then and it will still help a lot but like I said the point is to take it before you start drinking.

So this stuff is super cool it will you should read the reviews on Amazon it has awesome reviews. So once again this is called Flyby and this thing has 30 capsules whoever you give this to or even if you ask for it for yourself you will be grateful for this product. Next thing I think this would be great for the Netflix addict in your life someone who’s just always cozy and staying in and that is a heated blanket.

I got my heat blanket this one right here from my sister I think last Christmas maybe the year before I think I got it last year and it is so awesome if you have never used a heated blanket or you don’t have it one for yourself. Obviously like in the winter Christmas time this is the perfect time to get this gift for someone and they will use it for years and years to come so it just comes with a little dial if you’ve, you guys probably know what heat a blanket is but it just comes with a little dial you turn it on and then you just move it to the levels that you’re trying to get.

For those chilly nights especially if you like I don’t know if you don’t have good heat or something like that this is so so essential. So they have tons of these heated blankets there’s a really highly rated one on Amazon multiple thousand great reviews so that is definitely the one that I’m linking down for you guys. I think you could probably get the best price on Amazon so check out that one below, uh yeah you will not regret getting yourself or getting someone a heated blanket it is such like a nice just cozy excellent to gift and to receive.

The next thing is another kind of kitchen cook type thing maybe you could give this to your mom or sister or anyone in your life really that likes to try out new recipes and maybe you know has their own house or apartment so that is the Cravings cookbook by Chrissy Teigen. I purchased this for myself a couple of months ago and I have been making so much from this book and I’m obsessed with it, t’s I think around maybe $15 or $16 on Amazon.

This cookbook is incredible I’ve made a ton of these different recipes the favorite that I’ve made so far has to be the pot pie soup definitely make that one you could make it in the instant pot. But even if you’re just getting like someone something that’s around $15 I think this would be such an awesome gift for a friend or your mom or anyone like that.

And if this is the first edition of her book but if they already have Cravings one you could get them. Cravings I think it’s called hungry for more so she has a second one of these that came out this year because this one was so successful but I’ve heard that the recipes are a little bit better than this one but I haven’t tried out the second one.

So I’m going to go ahead and link both of them down below just in case you want to check out the second one as well maybe you guys already have this one I think I was pretty late to the party getting this book but I loved it, been sing that a lot. Alright, next thing this is going to be a great cheap like $10 mark gift for a guy in your life or like your boyfriend or your brother or your dad or whoever you’re shopping for even actually totally unisex gifts because mine is pink.

But I also think guys love love love these Carhartt beanies. The little Carhartt thing actually goes perfectly with the color of my shirt so should I add this on to my head right now. And super cute the one that I have is actually a kids size that I didn’t mean to buy I thought I was buying a women’s one I got home and it was a little bit tight on my head and I realized oh I bought the kid’s beanie but hey it was only like $7 so that’s a plus, if you have a tiny head you can probably get away with the kids one.

So they have these in every single freaking color you could actually think of. My boyfriend and all of his friends are obsessed with Carhartt beanies and I’m pretty sure it’s just like a great gift like a cheap and expensive gift that’ll make anyone in your life that you give it to happy, I’m going to wear this for the rest of the post because if I take it off I’m going to have some serious hat hair so let’s just keep it on.

They have these on Amazon for about $10 and every color like I said they have so many colors to choose from so you don’t have to get them a pink one unless you like the pink one get him a pink. Next thing this is going to be for the girl in your life who is always complaining about being pale in the winter and not having their summer tan in the freezing ones of the year or just a pale person in your life who you know likes being tan fake tanning, spray tanning I’m one of these people.

This has been my absolute favorite tan product that I’ve found. I have probably used four or five bottles of this in the last year and it’s the Loving Tan deluxe bronzing mousse you guys have probably heard YouTubers talk about this maybe if you watch any beauty girls but this product is really really worth the hype.

I use the shade dark even though I’m very pale I use the shade dark I occasionally use the shade medium I have that one as well too if I just want like a light color but if I want that like actually noticeable tan where people will notice they can compliment me on it I’m going to use the dark. And this product I find is super easy to use you should definitely use a mitt with it well you pretty much have to or else your hand is going to be like dyed brown.

So use a mitt with it you can get a mitt at like the drugstore Ulta or from the Loving Tan website but this product in the dark like I said is so incredible and it’s not an orangey color it’s like a deep brown. This says it’s a natural olive color and I think it does look very natural. Another kitchen product to be honest and you might think this is a weird gift but these match with my shirt, I don’t know what’s going on today.

So nonstick cooking pans these ones are from the brand Gotham steel which is like an as seen on tv brand and they are seriously worth it like I can’t even believe how good these pans are. I personally had like one frying pan that was kind of similar to this before I had these and it was just like a black one I’ve had it for years I would use it to make everything I’ve had like a big one and a small one-two round pans.

I just didn’t even realize how much they were like not performing great and also I don’t think they were nonstick because every time I cook something you know I had to put butter or olive oil or whatever. These pans you literally don’t even need to use like oil or butter if you’re making an egg or whatever you’re making it won’t stick to it.

It’s so easy to clean these all you have to do is like run some hot water over it and it’s completely clean you don’t really have to like use soaps and you don’t have to worry about like scrubbing food off of your pots and pans. These come in a bunch of different sizes and colors and shapes and there’s a ton of Gotham steel products on Amazon so I’m going to go ahead and just link like the whole brand in general below.

This would be great to give like another person that likes to cook in your life or your friend or your mom or just like your dad anyone who cooks these are really really good pans and they’re not that expensive. I like the square ones best personally I’ll link this one below and I’ll also link the round one below it just depends on your personal preference they pretty much work exactly the same they’re just different shapes. So I have like four of those pans now and I’ve been loving loving loving them so those are the [00:13:43.4].

I think I’ve come to my last product of the post and I’ve actually if you guys watch my posts I’ve already talked about this before, a Wubby fleece pullover. This is going to be such an incredible gift for literally anyone who likes being warm and cozy. This particular one I talked about in my Black Friday haul so I’m not going to go on about it but it’s a by the brand Thread and Supply.

They don’t sell this brand on Amazon however Amazon has their own brand of Wubby fleece pullovers that are really really similar they almost look the exact same as this and they are I think they’re in the $20 to $30 range so that is like more than half the price pretty much half the price of the one that I have and they have super good ratings, interviews as well so I’ll link that one down below.

So I hope you guys enjoyed these gift ideas or Christmas wishlist ideas like I said obviously as you saw in this post everything that I recommended to you I own and use personally

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