10 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Girl Friend

Listen I know this is a gift guide for her so there may be a few boyfriends in the back watching this post but I’m sure we can all appreciate a little bit of to the tee. Blast our look she’s come out, she’s got all dressed up, she’s looking bit glam. This is my first post in front of my little Christmas winter wonderland and you know but I’m not going to lie I am feeling festive, Now it’s time for the gift guides. Christmas jumpers on, a merry cup of tea is out and it’s officially time to sit down and talk about Christmas.

Today’s post is going to be pretty much along the same lines tried really hard to cater for kind of all ages so don’t feel like this is just a gift guide for your girlfriend it all means I’ve thought of mums, grandmothers, nieces, small children.

If you’re looking to please a female in your life whoever that might be you’ve come to the right girl. Okay, we’ll just jump straight in. When it comes to receiving gifts at Christmas I don’t know about you guys but it means so much more to me if the present has been thoughtful like I don’t care if someone spent $2, $20 on my present to me that really doesn’t matter. I am so much more likely to be like oh my goodness wow like probably get emotional knowing me.

If I know that they’ve put extra thought into what they are gifting me and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only female that thinks like that so a lot of these gift ideas are things that can be considered sentimental. The first up, for instance, is a hamper. I think this is such an amazing gift idea, I’ve done it for my mum for the last and might maybe seven or eight Christmases. I remember when I got my first job when I was about 14, 15 years old and I was a waitress it came to Christmas and I saved up all of my wages and I just really wanted to buy my mom a really lovely Christmas gift.

Obviously I didn’t have you know that much money, the little money that I had I put together a hamper of all of her favorite things, hand creams, chocolate, face masks, body spray I just think a hamper of their favorite things tells the person how much you care about them and you notice these little things about them. You could also make it themed so say for instance I don’t know if your girlfriend or your mum or whoever is really into hunching Mrs. Hinch.

If you guys don’t know who Mrs. Hinch is she cleaning goals, cleaning goals. Perhaps like a Mrs. Hinch cleaning themed hamper would look really cute with all of the stuff that Mrs. Hinch uses. A lot of that stuff is from really affordable shops like Wilco, B&M, Poundland so that’s something maybe to think of if you are on a budget. Another idea for a themed hamper is something like a cozy night in hamper.

You could have their favorite movies in the hamper, you could have a blanket, you could have a facemask, snacks, popcorn, chocolate, a hot chocolate. One really popular one would be a beauty hamper. So you could put face masks, maybe a lipstick, some nice perfume in there or something but I have grabbed together a few of the bits I am putting in my beauty hamper for my sister.

So here I have a few little bits that I’m going to go through which are from Nails Inc and My Mood London which are both brands that I think you can find boots in the UK.  By one plus for all my little vegan angels out there. So all these products are cruelty-free and completely vegan and also all of these bits are under $20 so they make really good stocking fillers apart from the advent calendar which I’ll show you guys in a minute.

These are all bits so I’m going to pop in Katie’s hamper. Here we have some big day big goals, this scrub she’s going to absolutely love that that was $8. Then here I have a set of face masks this is the living for the glow life, the reason I love this is because look at the packaging, do you know I mean like that’s three face masks it looks like a ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory that is so glam.

Now you get three printed sheet masks and that was $10. I also have a lip trio gift set which I think is really cute as well this was $18 and this includes three of really nice lip glosses. But first of all, there’s a glittery red gloss and there’s like a glittery pink gloss and then on this one here that you can’t actually see inside the packaging but that it’s like a jelly shot lip quencher. You know I mean who needs Kylie cosmetics when you’ve got My Mood London down at Boots.

Also from My Mood London, I picked up this 12 days of face mask bath bomb set Katie absolutely loves bath bombs and this one was $20. I also picked this up this is a makeup bag but I think Katie might possibly use it for a pencil case so now she’s in a need of a new one. This is $15 and I really like the design of it it’s really big and I know this is why at Katie street. And then I did also get advent I need to show you guys. I have two advent calendars to show you in this post.

Glass one being this one so this is from Nails Inc this is $49 l think but it is worth 117. Here you’ve got face mask, nail polish, lip glosses, really cute bits and bobs I think this would do really well with like a younger female. And the next up my calendar is this one. You guys have no idea how excited I actually am to show you guys this.

So this is the advent calendar by Iconic London and I haven’t actually opened this one yet so I’m not sure what’s inside but reading off the back it says the Chrome Flash Eye Pot, lash color, cosmetic pouch, lashes, brushes, aglow strobing stick, a mascara, perhaps that glow which is my favorite product in the entire world and then also a highlighter. But this one is a little bit more on the expensive side this one is $120 but I do have a discount code for you guys which gets you 20% off.

The discount code is ELLE20 I’ll leave the link to Iconic London and everything in the description box below. One of the main kinds of staple Iconic London pieces and that’s why I think that’s a really lovely kind of bundle of bits. I honestly think that I think the calendar would do well for anybody. So many of my older friends would love to be gifted that on Christmas I know so many teenagers that would love to be gifted on Christmas so that’s kind of like a very universal one.

Sadly the other advent calendar I can think of is the glossy box one took my head I can’t remember how much that one cost but you’ve got some really lovely bits in there which I think even an older female would really love as well. When I got that one I know that there were lots of bits that I gave to my mum because there are some really lovely hand creams and stuff in there.

I think advent calendars are a really good idea for gifting because you’ve kind of got the best of the bunch in there. But if you know you don’t really want to spend so much money on an advent calendar you can always opt for makeup brushes so mine and my little special pouch this is the Iconic London HD brush set, you have to forgive me they’re not super clean because I have been using them.

These all my actual gosh like these are the best makeup brushes in all the land. I have never actually had like really expensive high-end makeup brushes they change the game, these are life. Another beauty gift idea you could do is hair extensions. I get my gorgeous hair extensions from Foxy Locks. Foxy Locks is literally the best hair extension brand I have ever like laid my hands on in my entire life.

It is my second pair of extensions from them and I’ve got my first pair I think maybe this time last year. The only reason I have another pair is that my hair has slightly changed color so I’ve had to darken my hair extension color. If anybody’s actually interested in the specifics if you kind of want to base the gift you’re going to get for somebody else off of what I do, I get the 24-inch seamless extension so that just means that obviously it’s really long and can hardly really see the clips.

And I get color Hollywood blonde now I did always used to get platinum blonde when I was a little bit lighter and if you do want to go ahead and purchase I’ll leave a link in the description box but I do have a code for you guys which will get you a little surprise at the checkout which it is a FOXYELLE. Another thing I like to do and I know that a lot of you guys like to do as well is to make memory books.

I’ve done this for Connor on two occasions I think maybe for a Christmas and birthday. It’s literally so easy to do you can go on a website like notonthehighstreet.com which has loads of amazing stuff like stuff that you wouldn’t even think of getting but then you see it and you’re like oh my goodness that’s what they asked for like two months ago and they can have their name on it and it’s going to be amazing.

You can go on someone like that and get a cute memory book or you can even go down to like TK Maxx and get one as well they have some cute ones in there at the moment. Get some personalized prints even just like go down to Tesco’s and use one of the little photos things there and print pictures off for like 30P and just have a fun little afternoon putting all of your old memories together.

You could write like the day and what you did and how you foul and why you went there that is honestly one of my favorite presents to give. But the gift idea you could do is a magazine subscription so I didn’t think of this one until the other day I was in Marks & Spencer’s and I was looking all of the Christmas magazines and then I realized I’m at that point in life where I actually really want to read magazines and it’s kind of sad that they’re kind of going out of fashion you know.

As a home decor lover, I really love magazines, country living, architectural Digest, ideal home, house and gardens especially at this time of year when they have all of the Christmas stuff in there. Maybe that’s an idea if there are any sort of home interior gardener lovers in your family I know that that would probably go down really well with my grandma or my mum. Something else you could do is purchase some tickets for you guys to go somewhere and do something.

You could go for a spa day, you go to a concert, you could go and watch your comedian, you could go to the theater like has there ever been a show that they’ve spoken about and then like I would really love to go and watch that one day and you just never get around to doing it, I was the time boo, you know go on that box office website.

on from that you could get a voucher from mini break somewhere, you go for a spa weekend or like a city break obviously Groupon is an amazing website to go on for that there’s also Skyscanner if you want to look for some cheap flight. Stay for a day out for a younger female but perhaps wouldn’t really appreciate tickets to the theater or to a concert or something. If you have any really young siblings in your life like I know for example my nieces and my nephews, it isn’t just really limited to girls obviously but you could take them on a day out somewhere to their favorite place.

So even if it’s like go to build a bar and get them to build a bar and then just go for lunch at McDonald’s like all of my nieces and nephews would love to do that. If you want to splash the cash a little bit more you could always take them to somewhere like Legoland or to a park if they’re old enough.  Sailing that you could even just take them to the cinema to watch their favorite movie and go in their favorite superhero outfit, do you know what I mean it really is just about the thoughts.

Something else you could do is just purchase some really nice pajamas. Now I know when people say like “oh yeah get them pajamas” it is like, really? But then many think about it when’s the last time you bought nice pajamas for yourself and I know so many girls that would thrive off of having some really nice pajamas. You could do it luxe and go for like the white company and get some really nice gorgeous silk ones as well as some nice matching socks or if you’re on a budget you could always just even go to Primark.

Like some of my favorite loungewear and pajama sets are from Primark. Now the gift idea that is kind of appreciated by so many women on this planet, candles. Do you know how happy I would be if somebody bought me a candle or even made a candle or a reed diffuser anything senti room spray, boo you already know.

Another idea getting them a class in something they like. Not even for females there are so many people in my life that I know could just so benefit from having like a specific class in something that they’ve always wanted to do but they just it’s just not something you buy yourself is it like you’re not like, “oh I really want to learn the piano so I’m going to bet myself classes” like that just people always have excuses that they’re too busy or that is too expensive or something so that’s a really good idea I think if there’s somebody in your life that you know he wants to do something.

A singing lesson, a cooking class, something crafty and artsy you could just let you type into Google cooking classes in my local area you’d be surprised at the amount of classes there are available. If all of that fails or you don’t think any of that is suitable then honey you’re just going to have to opt for the gift card option. In favorite places I think I would love a gift card for would be HomeSense, TK Maxx, like okay they are my top two can’t really beat them for me.

But you could also go more down fashionery girl like Zara, Topshop that way you’re not really like committing yourself to spending loads of money on something that they might not necessarily love or is in the wrong size. You are still saying like, “here you go, go and buy that coat that you’ve always really wanted to get but you’ve just never got for yourself”. And that angels is going to go ahead and conclude today’s post I really hope you guys enjoyed it.

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