12 Beauty Christmas Gifts For Her In 2020

In this post, I will be discussing the Christmas gift guide what to get if you have any girls to buy for this Christmas bath and kind of beauty. I wrote an earlier version of this which is kind of my accessories so go check out the post because I have done lots of kinds of bags, purses, scarves and some really nice things for you to go out and buy if you’re stuck for ideas. So this post as I said is going to be bath and beauty so I will show you what I’ve picked up for some of my friends this Christmas.

The first thing that I’ve got is this Soap and Glory body wash. I’m a massive fan of Soap and Glory, I love the brand, I love the packaging, I love the product. This body washes great it smells so nice it’s kind of scent with the mist you madly if any of you guys have smelt the Soap and Glory kind of scents. It’s very girly, very floral, this is a really kind of creamy soft body wash and I think it’s a really nice present for someone or a nice big stocking filler for someone if you have kind of stuff to buy for.

This has got cream natural vanilla fruit in, orchid extracts and all sorts of different kinds of oils that are going to make your body super soft. So I picked this up Soap and Glory isn’t too expensive either so I thought that was a really nice gift. Staying with the kind of body wash shower gel, I went into the Body Shop which is a huge favorite of mine at Christmas time and they always have offers on so go check it out.

And I picked up my favorite body wash which I seem to be just going through like this mood tomorrow, this is their Satsuma shower gel it’s a very very soft shower gel it doesn’t have any kind of exfoliating things in so super soft and really good for someone if they don’t like that they have sensitive skin they don’t kind of like the granules in a shower gel. This I managed to pick up in a deal which worked out about $6 or something for this body wash so really cheap.

And the best part is the smell. If you guys have smelt the Satsuma range in the Body Shop you would know it’s like going to heaven it’s so so nice. Staying with the Body Shop as well and also that range because it’s my favorite I picked up one of my favorite body lotions or body butter and this is their Satsuma body butter. It is just incredible. Oh go in and smell this body butter. It’s so good I picked it up for half price because they’re doing that for Christmas and this was six pounds fifty as well.

So they’re usually quite expensive like about $30 so $18 was a bargain and I think this is really nice the body butter is so smooth and creamy and leaves your skin is almost a little bit kind of you can feel the moisture pop in it as well so it’s not too heavy but the smell is just beautiful. I always know if my sister’s been using it in the next room I can smell it it’s just so beautiful it’s a really really nice present.

Then I got a couple of Sanctuary bits and bobs which I don’t usually buy apart from any time at Christmas. I love their products but I was in quite a luxury kind of brand and I tend to just buy them at Christmas time because they make really really nice gifts. The first thing that I got was this luxury bath float. First of all, obviously a massive bottle and I’m all for gifts that are kind of big and can fill up for stocking too. Now at the moment, I’m super sad because I don’t have a bath in the house that I beat me into so make sure your friend has a bar if you’re going to buy them this.

I have really got the lid off of this thing loved the smell of this it’s so luxurious it’s really nice. It’s an oriental fragrance so you kind of get that smart spa-like smell when you use it it’s just really relaxing and such a nice present perhaps for your mom or someone that enjoys relaxing in the bath. I also picked up something that I haven’t tried but I actually really would like to try for myself it was the Sanctuary hot sugar scrub.

This is basically a scrub that warms up and makes your skin really warm. Soap and Glory doing a version of this which is really really good and I use that quite a lot so I saw this one and thought this would make such a nice present. I would really like to try it out for myself to see what it’s actually like but I know Sanctuary good so I know this is a good brand to go with. Then everybody loves hand cream at Christmas so I picked up a Soap and Glory hand food.

I tend to stick to kind of the same beauty brands when I’m buying for other people when I’m choosing for myself I experiment a little bit more but when it’s a present I stick to the brand that I know is really good and I like. So again Soap and Glory this is the hand food and this is a great kind for hand well moisturizers because they’re hand cream. It smells again really nice very kind of floral and light, the hand cream is very softening this is the big tube they also do the miniature one.

But I think for Christmas present don’t be stingy by then the big one. So I got this one and I thought it’d be really nice and again everybody loves hand cream especially this time of year because your hands are getting very dry. Then on to makeup and I always try and get someone a mascara. I really feel uncomfortable buying people make up when it’s colored, in terms of eyeshadows, foundations blush because or lipsticks I always think it’s quite a personal thing.

So mascara is great because everybody kind of wears the same color so I picked up one I really like using at the moment this is the L’Oreal telescopic mascara. This one has a kind of comb effect at the end so the plastic you can encode that you get on the mascaras and that is really going to kind of magnify it. I find that my eyelashes clump very easily and I really like using ones like this that literally separate it with each lash.

They’re not going to give you the biggest lashes in terms of volume it claims to kind of magnify it massively but for me it’s one that kind of gives me a really nice look, they look very neat, they don’t clump and it’s a great present for someone because I know this mascara is nice and it’s nice packaging as well so it looks really cute as a present. And then finally last but not least I always go to these at Christmas time and I think they’re great presents.

I got a couple of Barry M nail polish literally can’t talk. Super cheap and I think that that is good if you’ve got an again a stocking filler or someone that you want to spend a few pounds on a Christmas then I picked up a couple of these. The first one is a princess which I’m actually wearing today which is really sparkly and the second one is a magnetic one in Venus sunset. I talked about this before in violet, I was wearing it all last month and raving about it.

This is a magnetic one so you paint it on you hold the magnet over the finger and then kind of puts lines across your finger amazing in fact I’ll link the post now go and have a look, you can see what it looks like it’s really nice nail polish. So that is the end of this gift guide, I hope you’ve enjoyed the one that I’ve done for you if you’re at last minute shopping good luck I still have more shopping to do honestly I’ve always left things until the last minute but I hope that’s helped you and I’m so excited for Christmas and I’ll see you all in my next post, Best Wishes guys/girls.

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