12 Cheap Christmas Gifts For Her During This Festive Season

I have got a Christmas jumper on but you can’t actually see it how cute is it, it’s a little pug. I got it from Amazon last year and I love it so I’m wearing it even though you can’t really see it because you are just reading what I wrote unless I post a picture! Anyway, this is one of my one of many Christmas gifting post of the year 2020, I’m so excited, I’m surrounded by Christmas gifts and I’m just in my element right now.

So let’s get straight into it I’ve got so many products here, got so many brands. Obviously I can’t fit everything into this post so I’ll be doing the main bulk of Christmas gifts in this post, I will be doing a stocking filler/small gift post, a fragrance post and then all the rest will be in this blog so I’m going to be ranging at the best luxury gifts and things like that here if you want some more gift inspiration but let’s get into this post first.

Okay so I’m going to first off start with Makeup Revolution, I have got their whole Christmas range here oh my god it’s amazing. There are so many beautiful products they’re all really affordable but you have got some huge luxury gift so I’m going to show you the two massive gifts that you can buy this Christmas. So the first Christmas gift from Makeup Revolution that I absolutely love is the advent calendar, it does so well last year and I think it’s such a great idea to get a beauty product every single day in your advent calendar.

So I believe that isn’t often now possibly 50% off I will be popping all of the links below in the description box so you can head over and check out the pricing I’m not going to say the pricing in this post for each of the gifts because they’ll all be changing there’ll be discounts and the pricing in this post will be wrong if I start saying them so all the prices, all the links will below in the description box.

Okay first is this incredible what is it called, 12 days of Christmas storage set so you get this beautiful box got this like a gold embellished design on the front and it opens up like this, you can never have too much makeup, oh great. So here you’ve got 12 full-sized products and they fit beautifully in this box so it’s somewhere where you can keep them and it’s also a really nice way of giving someone a present.

So in here, you’ve got the lip gloss nude edit which is beautiful, you got this strobe balm palette which is new from Makeup Revolution this is amazing as well. A blush palette it’s the aqua priming face the makeup fixing spray so so good you have got 3 sticks you’ve got the ultra contour stick so it’s double-ended, you get to highlight and a contour, you’ve got the ultra strobe stick and then the ultra strobe cream.

You have got the Focus and Fix Eye Primer really good especially the parts of these end at popping your party and makeup look on that make sure it doesn’t smudge. Got the HD pro brows which is such a good palette it has got everything you need in it for your brows, you’ve got this limited edition eyeshadow palettes so this is exclusive to this set and also it had another one as well which is this gorgeous neutral tone palette whereas the other one is more it’s got blues and oranges and reds in it so you’ve got a choice of two.

Love that really isn’t that expensive for what you’re getting it for, this is so heavy, it is, it’s huge like there’s a size in my head this is how big it is it’s absolutely massive.  It got all these drawers filled with products so crazy. So you can use this storage chest to store all of your makeup in after which is amazing you get the full collection of the new nude brushes which have risen gold on, they have white bristles they are amazing quality.

You’ve got the giro face to sculpt in there, the ultra contour palette the ultra lip vamp you’ve got three vampy lip shades in there, two blending sponge the vivid highlighter, you’ve got the same lip kit but in nude at HD Pro Brows again, got the lips set again with three different red, your primal got full-sized palette, and there’s incredible so this is called the ultimate favorites you’ve got all of the best-selling of shades in one palette.

And then you’ve got the HD pro strobe, how amazing is that palette and that is what you get in this massive storage set, so the price of it you are getting a lot for your money. Moving on to some skincare so this is a beautiful deck from your set this is the Fresh Start Trio it comes in this beautiful packaging, it’s a real nice little gift if you want to dip into luxury but you don’t want to read below the bank then this is really a good set.

So, these are the three products that you get it this would be so good for mom or your auntie, your sister. You’ve got the hand cream, you have got the body milk and you have got the body exfoliator as well, they’re perfect little sizes I think they are, yeah they’re all 50ml each so perfect for if you’re going traveling if they’re going on holiday this will be a gorgeous gift. Then from ST.8 Tropez, you’ve got this a really cute clutch bag that says all that glitters is gold it’s perfect it’s like a canvasing bag to pop your essentials in your handbag or take it away on holiday with you.

And in the bag you have got a full-size mitt which is so essential with your tanning, you’ve got their beautiful body oil which I absolutely love this product is so beautiful it gives that gorgeous sheen to the skin as well as a drop of bronze. And then you get a full-size Nails Inc. glitter polish in it as well. So this is in the shade Chelsea Embankment oh my god it’s just so beautiful all look amazing on New Year’s Eve. I love that, I’m just picking up and you can just stir the bells.

But this is the Molton Brown Fabled Juniper Berries and Lapp Pine, there’s a long name but this is the new Christmas fragrance from Molton Brown, how cute is the packaging I love it. So things covers are duo, the hand lotion and hand-washed, every mum everyone that owns a house loves Molton Brown, fact. So if you’re struggling to buy someone that has just bought a new house or your mum they will absolutely love this.

So you’ve got the hand cream and the hand lotion and then if you did want to add on to create a real bumper pack they also do the same thing in the candle as well and as always Molton Brown just comes with the most beautiful packaging it just makes me feel so Christmassy I love this brand so much. For the beauty lover, you cannot go wrong with Urban Decay. Now, this is a palette that I’ve got this year which I absolutely love, I’ve dipped into it so much this is the Vice limited reloaded palette.

Now obviously the Urban Decay palettes are quite pricey so it’s the perfect gift because you don’t always want to spend that much money on yourself so whether you want to put it on your Christmas list or treat your best friend to a new palette there are so many gorgeous shades in that and just look at the packaging. If you are struggling though then obviously the naked palette or the naked baked trio of highlighters will definitely go down a tray.

Going back to now is again I have this present which is incredible but it will be a present that you either buy for yourself or you ask for an early Christmas present because this is an advent calendar. So gone are the days when we had chocolate in our advent calendars, now we get beauty ones. So this is the Ciate Mini Mani Month and in this incredible book advent calendar, you have got 24 different parts to opens.

Got all different nail polishes they’re really cute mini bottles, you’ve got a nail file and you’ve got a secret full-size paint pot which I presume will be on the 24th yeah it looks like a little bit it’s quite a big box there. But what an amazing gift to open a new door of a now treat every single day in December, so beautiful.

Now on to Sanctuary spa, this is such a beautiful little box it’s called Home Sweet Home and I love the signature scent from Sanctuary. I think it’s just one of the scents that everybody likes. So you’ve got a cute bit of wording here you open it up and you have got life just so so good. The [00:09:0.0] and the signature scent you’ve got two diffusers with the reeds and then you’ve got two little candles as well.

For the skincare addicts, this would be a great little gift so it is a handy little machine here and it’s the world’s first facial epilator and a cleansing brush in one so it’s got all these different heads so you can do both. But the facial epilator in there so up to four weeks of hair-free skin and then four brushes so you’ve got the cleansing brush, you’ve got the sensitive brush, exfoliation brush, and a beauty sponge as well so you can even apply your makeup with it.

Also Decleor, you’ve got this amazing book that opens up. So this is the beauty powernap, in it you’ve got [00:09:46.4] smoothing and cleansing at mousse which is suitable for all skin types, you’ve got their beautiful oil serum which is a staple in most women’s kit and then you’ve also got the intense girl awakening cream, such a gorgeous luxurious gift to give someone. This possibly has made my Christmas, this isn’t going to anyone because this is staying with me, this is the brand new GHD stylers in my favorite color of all time, rose gold you can see behind me I’m obsessed with rose gold.

I now have risen gold straighteners and I could not be happier, I mean every girl surely would love these for Christmas. So in the set, you’ve got the stylers and they also do the hairdryer in it as well. I’ve got this gorgeous clutch bag to put it in so it opens up like that it’s got rose gold detailing it’s quilted oh it’s just so luxurious. And then in the set, just to finish it off you get two Nails Inc. polishes as well, how lovely is that.

So you’ve got this beautiful rose gold one and then you’ve got a deep glitter a copper one. I think this is just like every girl’s dream, this gift. In this little set from the Body Shop, this is the oils of life skincare collection. If you remember I’ve done my mom’s makeup a while ago in a post, I used this moisturizer on her skin and she still loved it today so if you wondering what to get mom I’m pretty sure she’ll love this as well.

So you’ve got the revitalizing cream in there and also the facial oil this is made from the most beautiful luxurious oils so it’s so nourishing and moisturizing on the skin, oh they’re just beautiful and they smell so good as well. That comes as the little duo in a box with a nice little ribbon. Now, this is a brand that I have grown to absolutely in love this year before this year I didn’t really use any products now I’m a huge fanatic of Laura Mercier.

They have the most beautiful leopard print packaging on their Christmas gifts this year which I love because I’m the biggest fan of leopard print. So I’ve got these two this is the Layer Up Holiday Caviar Stick Eye Color collection. So you’ve got four different eye crayons there I’m a huge fan of eyeshadow sticks because I just find they’re so easy to apply and I really like the creamy formula of them. These are really really good they don’t budge they don’t crease and I actually love them so they come in a set of four.

And then for a lip gloss a lover like me I always seem to be wearing lip gloss they have this lip glaze collection which comes with five different lip glosses in there. So you’ve got nude, you’ve got a ton, a shimmer, a red and a burgundy, such a cute little gift. Unfortunately, they didn’t arrive before I fill in this post but [00:12:50.6] I have so many beautiful sets for Christmas especially on the QVC website so I’m going to pop the link below there’s so many amazing discounts on these gift sets so I will pop that link below if you want to go and check now.

And then for someone who loves pink and they love Sarah Jessica Parker I mean take a look at this set it is so pretty. So this is the Sarah Jessica Parker lovely gift set. So in this, you have with a full-size bottle of the perfume, you’ve got a mini travel one, you’ve also got a cute gold compact mirror, a beautiful baby pink notepad and also the full-size body lotion in the fragrance as well, how beautiful is this. As I said I’m going to be covering all singular perfumes in a fragrance post soon as well.

If you love Oskia then I would definitely recommend this product, it’s not part of their Christmas collection it is just one of their standalone products that come in their collection normally but I just think it makes the nicest gift. So this brand is so well known in the industry right now, every single blogger loves this. So this is the candle, so it’s massage oil. So light this candle when you get in the bath it will give off the most beautiful scent it smells so good.

And then when you come out you can actually pour the oil out onto your hands and put it all over your body and it will never get too hot so it will never burn you but it just makes your skin feel so soft, it’s so warm in and you just feel like you’re in a spa. And then last but not least is the most beautiful body cream I have ever come across, this is the super luxurious but it’s a lot of money I think it’s like 70 or 80 pounds which I know is a lot of money as I said but if you do want to treat someone with a very luxurious gift you cannot go wrong with this.

So this is the packaging it comes in a beautiful box and then this is the tub, it comes in this baby pink cream it just smells beautiful if you didn’t wear perfume and just for this, you will smell amazing. So this is the rich body cream, I already did link a little bit so it will last you for a very long time. So you’ve got 180 ml of cream in this and I just think I mean this is just the most beautiful product.

So I think that’s everything I’ve got to show you for today as I said I’ve got so many beauty products and so many beautiful gifts to show you so keep an eye out for my other posts here. I hope this is giving you a little bit of gift inspiration or giving you ideas of what to put on your Christmas list. I hope you’re having an amazing run to Christmas so far and I will see in the next post.

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