12 Days Of Christmas Gifts For Her For This Years Christmas

Hey guys welcome to this post today is day one out of my 12 days of Christmas I’m going to be creating a new post and uploading it every single day from now until Christmas so I hope you guys like find something that you like out of this series and hopefully post like this one are going to be useful or helpful to some of you. So today to kick this thing off I wanted to do a Christmas gift guide for her or for the woman in your life that literally has everything.

I put a lot of thought into this list you guys these are things that I personally love and enjoy and use all the time. There are also things that a lot of people probably are not going to want to buy for themselves and in my opinion those are the best gifts to give because I mean some of the things that I’m going to talk about in this post are definitely things that I love and use all the time but I would have never purchased it for myself because it’s too much money or it’s too bougie or whatever.

So we have some of that in here but we also have products that I really wanted for you guys to be able to kind of like mix and match and put together into like your own gift baskets if you wanted to kind of amplify or boost up the gift for the person that you’re going to get to. So with all that being said I hope you enjoy my gift guide, these are gifts for her or the woman in your life or for yourself let’s be honest and with all of that being said let’s just jump on in.

First up let’s talk about the cozy things. This time of year I don’t know about you but I just want to like snuggle under a blanket and wear like the softest coziest clothes humanly possible and like never have to wear like jeans or work pants ever again you feel me. So I have a few cozy products right here or cozy items that I personally love and every single person that I’ve told about these like love them too.

The very first thing is my barefoot dreams cardigan. I have talked about barefoot dreams so many times here on my channel I always get one every year during the Nordstrom anniversary sale because they are on a discount and I have like three of these now but they are the softest supple plush like it feels like you’re getting a hug when you wear these.

It’s the best material ever and if you really really want to like pamper somebody in your life gets them barefoot dreams anything. I have the sweater I also have some socks so the socks are like 15 bucks which is expensive for socks but it’s that same like plush like fluffy material as the sweaters and they have robes and they have blankets but this is on the cheaper end so if you want like a stocking stuffer or like to add this to a basket of other goodies this is such a good option.

And if you want to splurge a little bit more their cardigans are on the pricey side but this I have had I’ve had this for four years I want to say now and I’ve washed it hundreds of times and it looks brand-new. So these are expensive but they last the test of time and you guys like it if you’ve watched my previous posts like I would say four out of ten times I am wearing a barefoot dream cardigan because I live in them I live in this thing it’s like my uniform.

And my last cozy gift you guys I actually wasn’t going to add this I stopped recording for a second I went in the other room and I picked this up my sister gave this to me so she gave me this as like a gag gift as like a pre-Christmas gift but it’s not a gag gift at all because I’m obsessed I cannot stop wearing this snuggle. It is this like it’s plush on the inside it has a hood as you can tell it’s like making my hair all static.

But it’s got like a pocket and it’s this oversized like sweater sweatshirt blanket kind of thing it’s like a snuggie but it’s like a sweatshirt does that makes sense. You guys this thing is the best like you can see this hoodie you can see how oversized and huge it is it comes down pretty far I mean I literally look like like Santa or like one of Santa’s elves in this thing.

And she literally thought it was going to be a joke she got one for my husband too and I’m not even kidding like this in my barefoot dreams cardigan are the only things that I’ve been wearing when I home and it seriously looks so warm and cozy this thing’s probably not very expensive either I’ll leave it down below if I can find it. The material and the quality are not the best but you guys it’s so awesome for these winter months I’m obsessed and yeah we’re going to do the rest of this post in this novel because I don’t want to take it off.

So adding to the coziness of this post I’m going to talk about a few candles that I love. Candles are one of those things oh my gosh I just got a whiff of this it smells so good. Candles are one of those things where I don’t like to buy them for myself like an expensive candle I have a really hard time like spending money on something that’s just going to like poof into the air in like a week or two so it’s hard for me because I love candles I love burning them in my home I love how they make my home smell I love how warm and cozy they are but like I said it’s really tough for me to spend money on them.

So it’s a great great gift because you’re giving somebody something that they’re probably going to love but something they don’t want to spend themselves and that’s kind of a theme of this post. But the two that I love are the Palo Santo scent it’s willow from Bijou candles the one burning over here is also from them that’s called Audrey but honestly anything from this candle company is just brilliant.

So these are very luxurious candles the burn time on these is like 70 hours. I have like I’ve done a little damage on this but this has been burning non-stop for like the past three days I’m not even kidding. The burn time is insane it smells so good like even just sitting here like I can smell it very very intensely, it’s a very good quality candle. The rim is actually gold it’s gold-rimmed and these are only $29 each I say only but that’s really inexpensive for the like quality of candle that you are getting with this so check them out.

I will leave them in the description box down below these are some of my favorite candles if not my favorite candle company I’ve ever come across, I’m totally obsessed. And I really think that like the woman in your life would really really appreciate a candle and like maybe some other goodies that I’m about to talk about here soon.

So the other one that I wanted to just mention because I am almost out I don’t know if you can see that yeah it’s like a black hole in there. It’s like down here like it is almost out this is one of my favorite scents I have ever come across for this time of year this is the Simper Goods burnt sugar and pine and it smells just like that it smells like a Christmas tree. Oh my gosh it smells sweet but not overly sweet I don’t like super sweet scents personally it’s very sophisticated and refined it’s how Christmas should smell.

So the burnt sugar and pine from Simper Goods is another awesome option and these aren’t that expensive either again in the grand scheme of things, the burn time on this is even longer I think it’s like 90 hours or something ridiculous so again I’ve been burning this for a few weeks now with no signs of stopping and while it’s almost gone it’s really lasted me a very very long time and I’m super impressed with this candle.

This would not be a proper gift-giving post if I didn’t add some skincare and it like come on I had to do it and I have a few sets for you guys, the first one is from Belief. So this is from there I think it’s like their winter water drop set or something like that I will leave it in the description down below, this is under $25 you guys.

This is the perfect gift for the skincare lover in your life because you get to try five of the best-selling products from Belief in these travel mini sizes it’s actually good for somebody that’s not into skincare so they can test out some options from the brand it’s good for the traveler in your life because they’re all TSA-friendly this is just a great gift for anyone.

Actually like not even for women this is a great gift for the man in your life too so this water drop set is just like such a good one for the holiday season you guys like definitely one of my top picks out of everything that I’m talking about because it’s affordable and it’s something that people are not going to go out and buy it for themselves. Now if you have a skincare obsessed person in your world then they are probably infatuated with Drunk Elephant.

Drunk Elephant has been all the rage this year guys people are obsessed with them but their products are hell expensive like they’re so expensive it’s not even funny including this is $90 this is their travel set and you get almost every single travel product that they have in this like one little compact set. So you get to try a bunch of Drunk Elephant products without like committing to one full-size, it’s going to be great for anybody that travels a lot.

This has been the only thing that I’ve been taking with me when I personally travel. It has everything, it has a cleanser, it has serums, it has like a moisturizer, it truly has all the things that you need so again if you have somebody in your life that absolutely loves skincare that like they will be so excited to get this and even if they already have Drunk Elephant products like this is such a good gift if you want to spend a little more because they’re probably not going to want to buy this for themselves I mean it’s $90 but it’s so good.

Moving right along with the cozy like self-care theme that I’ve got going on right now we’re going to talk about Honey Potion. So this is a hydrating mask from Farmacy and it’s been one of my favorites of the year. This is a mask that is going to be good for literally anybody so it has honey in it which means that it’s going to be great for helping out people with acne-prone skin honey really hopes like to anti-inflame the skin and also help out with healing breakouts.

So it’s really good for anybody like that or if you have dry skin it’s a very very hydrating it’s a really good one you guys the only people I would say not to gift to this to would be to people with sensitive skin because it does warm up on the skin upon like application and it might just be too much for some people but if you know that the person in your life does not have sensitive skin this is an awesome awesome face mask and it’s expensive it’s $56.

So again something that’s more luxurious you could pair this with like the Barefoot Dreams cardigan and a candle and really have a beautiful gift for somebody or you could just give this to somebody with like a lip balm or something and have like a cute little duo and really amp up that gift a little bit more but this is something that people probably unless your skincare obsessed person like me are not going to buy for themselves because it’s more expensive so this is another great option.

Another thing from Farmacy and this could be good for a woman, a man, a child, anybody in your life is the Farmacy honey what is this the Honey Savior. So this is an all-in-one repair salve, you can put this on your cuticles, you can put it in your hair, you can put it on your skin like if your wind burnt if you get sunburned it’s basically going to help heal anything or repair anything that you put it on.

So this is really really gentle it’s very mild and it’s really really good for all skin types. Being colder again if you want to gift somebody the gift of like self-care and self-love you can always add this to a stocking or you could put it in a little gift bag you with like a few face masks just it’s like a pamper session for the person that you’re gifting it to so that’s another awesome option.

My next gift idea is a little bit bougie it is not for everybody this is for somebody that literally has everything and somebody that likes to pamper themselves, I’m talking about a facial roller. I guess this could be a body ruler too but this is from Beauty Bio and this is their rose quartz roller it is very luxurious, it’s very heavy, it’s the most sturdy roller that I’ve ever come across. A lot of less expensive rollers that I’ve personally tried break on me within a few uses.

I’ve been using this for a few months now and it is still brand new look like it looks like it’s brand new. So if you’re going to get somebody a roller of, I would definitely suggest this there are some others that I’ve not tried but I’ve heard really good things about like towel rollers then I’ll put below in the description box if you want to go check those out.

But this is just like such a beautiful skincare tool for the person that has everything and you could easily pair that with a few sheet masks something that I love to do when I’m feeling super extra is apply a sheet mask and when it’s on the skin actually roll like the essence into the skin so like deeply penetrates a little bit more and that’s just a really fun like treat yourself pamper type of things so that’s just another idea.

Moving on to body care because body care is super important and it’s something that we all neglect myself included and it’d be a great gift for somebody that really really just needs to take a little bit more time for them. So the first thing this is super affordable I think it’s like less than $10. I got this one from and it is just a dry brush.

So it really helps the circulation with removing dead skin cells and it’s something that a lot of people probably don’t already have so that’s a really good affordable option and you can totally pair that with like a body scrub or with like a body butter or body cream the body scrub that I have right here is Coco Rose from Herbivore which is much more expensive it’s on the pricey end but everybody loves this.

It’s truly a body scrub that screams like this is a gift to you because it’s so much money and I mean it’s really hard to bring myself to like purchase this as a full size so that would be like a great little power duo. And then another option I mean you could do anything that you wanted but another thing that I would recommend to getting somebody would be the brand-new Coco Cabana Cream by Sol De Janeiro.

They don’t have this in their collection I can tell you that right now because it’s not currently on the market unless you got it for pre-sale but I have a full review of this I’ll link it above right now if you’re interested in learning a little bit more about this body cream but it’s an absolute dream it’s my new favorite and I’m pretty sure that So De Janeiro is going to have this on their site on the 12th of the month so when this post is up this should be available for purchase.

And it will be perfect like Christmas treat for somebody that loves skincare and body care so any like combination of these three would be awesome I would love them. The next gift that I have is a watch, this is from Daniel Wellington. I am obsessed with Daniel Wellington watches you guys they have big like they’ve turned me into watch wear. I have not taken this off since the day that I got it well except for now and showers and sleeping but you know what I’m talking about.

This is my favorite watch that I own that I’ve ever owned it is so sleek and sophisticated it is also not as expensive as it looks which I personally love.8 I will leave the link to this in the description box down below I do have a code for some money off I’m not getting paid from that code but I just wanted to share that with you in case you wanted to pick this up and I know how they have a promotion going on where you can get like a secondary like bracelet or cuff or something of that nature when you purchase a watch.

So the one that I have is this like rose gold Daniel Wellington cuff and the two of these together on the wrist are just absolutely gorgeous and I love them and I really think that the woman in your life would love them too. They also have watched for men so it could be in a sec so you get for a man in your life the woman in your life it’s a really good one you guys. My next gift is the gift of jewelry and I want to talk one brand specifically and they are Mejuri.

So I came across Mejuri earlier this year and ever since I have completely fallen in love with them. Their style is sleek it’s sophisticated but they cut out the middleman so their prices are so so good like the value for money and the quality that you are getting like these are solid gold pieces and they are literally a fraction of what I’ve seen anywhere else. So I am just obsessed with their like ethos and everything that they stand behind.

I personally have two rings I have stacker and then this other ring with a stone on it I wear them every single day. They are so dainty and they go with everything so I’ve been loving Mejuri lately on my personal Christmas list I have a few of their necklaces in some of their earrings it’s affordable but it’s great quality like I said and I think any woman in your life would be swooning like what a wonderful gift.

And it really does range like you can get a solid gold ring like the gold band I was just sharing with you I think I paid like $60 for that and it’s solid gold so anywhere from $60 and then it goes up from there but but it’s a truly incredible gift and the woman in your life would absolutely love anything from their site so go check them out. We’re nearing the end I only have three more things to talk about and the first one is a Yeti like a tumbler or a Yeti like a little cup or a coffee cup or whatever.

Yeti makes my favorite tumblers out there. I like the fun fact I hate water I do not like drinking water and this is the only way that I would attract water is through my Yeti cup because I love it so so much and that’s really saying something. I could definitely personally use another one of these, you know in our house because when this one’s being washed I’m not drinking water but it’s just a really really good gift for the woman or the man in your life and you could again add this to any of the other gifts that I’ve talked about today just to amplify the gift that you’re giving or give it on its own I mean.

You could stuff this thing with candy or like gift cards or something like that. You could really have a lot of fun with this so I personally love it, it’s my favorite. Next up I want to talk about something that the person in your life the woman in your life probably does not have and if she does have one of these the likelihood of her wanting a second one is very very high, I’m talking about the Slip Silk Pillowcases.

This is one that I purchased for myself a few months ago during the Sephora vib sale I got on sale, you guys. I know that like a TJ Maxx and Marshalls sometimes have these like on clearance so check that out if you’re on the hunt for one of these you might be able to steal a great great deal. But it’s just a silk pillowcase and it’s going to help with your hair so it doesn’t break as easily while you’re sleeping.

My skin is just like smooth and plump when I wake up in the morning without any of those like weird lines or creases that you can sometimes get with traditional pillowcases and it just makes like going to sleep so much better like having a luxurious pillowcase like a silk pillowcase like who am I, I love it, you guys. I think the person in your life like the woman or man in your life would love love love this as a gift too.

And then finally I have a book. This is gifted to me for my birthday and I have already read the entire thing, this is Girl, Wash Your Face and this is by Rachel Hollis. This is like a self-care like a self-love book and it talks about there are 20 chapters and every chapter is a lie that she has told herself about herself as she’s gotten older. So some of them are like the lie “I’m not good enough”.

So that’s something that I’ve told myself in the past I’m sure a lot of other people can relate to that. And then she tells like stories of like how she realized that and how she’s overcome those lies just to make herself a more rounded person and really like you know get yourself out of whatever slump that you’re in you know what I’m saying it’s a really really good book you guys she’s super relatable and I think that this would be good for anybody a teenager and it’s all like anybody that needs like a pick-me-up which is all of us, you should read this at least once it’s a good one.

So that’s it those are all of my gift ideas for you guys this year for the woman in your life, I hope that you found this helpful I hope that it was useful in some capacity again this post was created with the idea in mind that these are things that people probably aren’t going to buy like buy for themselves and also things that pair really well together in a bundle.

So you can pick a few things from these ideas above and create your own little care basket for the person that you’re gifting the gift to.

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