14 Unique Gifts Women Want To Use In 2019

Today I am so excited to finally be doing this article. I’m going to be sharing it with you the ten best gifts for her, whether it is for Christmas or any other occasion. I’ve been planning this to write for quite a while now. I’m going to be sharing today which I think they’ll also be perfect for all of the females in it your life like a good friend, your mother, wife, girlfriend, and aunty.

At this time of writing, I have everything I wanted but still, there are things that we can buy even if we have everything. So if you are looking for Christmas gifts who has everything this will be a good point to start.

The first items I’m going to be including in this gift guide is Maranda fry jewelry and that comes as no surprise to anyone who is into jewelry gifts. I’ve been raving about her jewelry for years and it’s really taken me off a while to narrow down my favorites and you can’t really go wrong with anything but I am going to show you some select pieces I used regularly and wearing a few things now while I write this. The first one is Stephanie necklace this is definitely one of their best selling necklaces, I wear this all the time I get any kind of obsessed where I just never take it off and not that’s a bad thing but it really does just go with anything and you just can’t go wrong with it so simplistic and beautiful.

I also love her charms and chains collection so she has so many just basic chains, basic necklaces and then you can pick different charms to go on those necklaces and you can layer things, I love layering with a charm.

I love the shape of this it’s so beautiful I love how it’s kind of believe this is the peace charm it’s like a bird, I also love this radiance charm and this is probably the first time that I ever got from her it’s a little bit smaller than this the kind of similar but I just really love them and again especially love to layer them and then she recently came out with lockets so this is the Naomi locket I love it so much as the real locket you can actually put pictures inside now.

I love this necklace because you can wear it so many different ways, you can just wear it like long chain then you can also wrap it around your neck and wear it doubled or you can wear this with charms, you can also wear a backless dress and even flip it around back.

I think this is such a beautiful necklace actually incorporates my three favorite Maranda friend necklaces we should be the actually at the core I and it is Stephanie necklace and as you can see this diamond is very similar to this nowhere is this chain necklace in silver and I’m just showing this to you guys because all of her jewelry does also come in its silver if that is your preference and then of necklaces archer thing she, of course, has so many other types of jewelry I love it this ring it’s kind of like a pinky signet ring and earrings these are so there’s just so many options so of course, this was going to be at my number one pick for my gift guide the and number to a gift for any female in your life.

The next one is leopard flippers by Madewell and it is a made well and slippers they’re leopard flippers they are so soft they’re so luxurious I love them so much I want to give these to myself I’ve been sitting here waiting for me to fill in this video and I just wanna wear them every day but yeah I love these I feel like it the price point is it really good these are under thirty dollars which is excellent made and high in quality.

Is so good and you can get these different places I’ll link them here, you can get them at Nordstrom at made well a few other retailers as well I kind of have a feeling that these will sell out as time goes on because they are just so beautiful and nice looking and again a perfect gift they do come in a whole sizes I did order myself a size seven I’m normally a size seven and a half but I do think because they have open backs they are perfect for a gift you kind of to have an idea of what size the person is and then you can kind of go up or down and it should work.

The next one I want to include is actually the gift that is very broad, I feel like this is it specifically geared towards females you could get this for a guy in your life but I have been using this for the last few months and I really really like it. It’s actually is really a beautiful electric toothbrush so this is called the quip and it’s a very simple and beautifully designed and I really think it makes my teeth feel clean and that’s the most important thing to me I’ve tried other electric toothbrush is out there there’s one from Walmart then there’s really expensive ones.

This I would say it’s kind of the middle of the road and if you can get in so many beautiful colors, the one I have is rose gold you can get yellow gold and it does come with this little base and it’s this weird like little sticky thing that isn’t sticky at all but it sticks to any surface it’s crazy so you just stick it on it your bathroom wall and your toothbrush is just really nicely displayed there and then you can actually just flip this around pulled off the wall and then anytime you travel it’s perfect for traveling it’s very slim and sleek they obviously do send you at their tooth paste which is great and then also when you purchase the toothbrush they will continually send you re fills in the mail so that is perfect because I tend to keep using my toothbrush way longer than I should and then bacteria does build up on this and then it goes right into your mouth and I just had terrible terrible experiences with my teeth earlier, so it’s really important to me that I have a good oral hygiene and is also does beep four different times so that your four quadrants in your mouth is equally cover and you really get your teeth feeling good and feeling clean alright

So now are to be switching gears a little bit and we’re gonna be going towards the luxury gift side so this would be for somebody that you want to spend a little bit more on this is kind of expensive but I’m including it because I think the price point for what you’re getting is really good it’s like the best I’ve seen and it’s actually a Burberry scarf

It’s so beautiful I love the pattern I just love the colors, I love how it’s a little bit frayed but the price point is way better than almost any other Burberry scarf I’ve ever seen so I believe this is priced at two hundred and ninety dollars which I know sounds like an insane amount for a scarf but it is Burberry and normally a Burberry scarves are over four hundred dollars so the fact that this is priced under three hundred is a good deal.

It’s just such a good gift it’s kind of packs a punch because it’s a Burberry scarf and I really think it is stunning you can obviously where there are many different ways you can wear it long words you can wrap it around your coat it really kind of elevates any coach you where I feel like everybody kind of wants to have a Burberry scarf I actually don’t even have one so again this is another gift to myself I am going to keep this but if you do kind of want to surprise somebody really make someone’s day then it just consider this scarf because you can’t go wrong with these.

The next gift items are related to you it beauty and I really think that women love make up but it’s often so hard to know what to buy somebody else because you don’t know what colors they like you don’t know their skin tone as well as they do and there are so many gifts that’s out there right now and they’re not often I feel like.

It’s difficult to know what to buy and I really think these two that I’m going to show you are perfect they really cover all the bases and I love them so the first is it is Clinique Lipstadt there called the lip chubby’s it so they’re basically just lipstick but they’re very moisturizing and soft and I really like Clinique and I love how there’s a full range of color shade so no matter what people will like a good chunk of these colors and then any of the other colors they can kind of experiment with or they could give it to somebody else but I just think that when it comes to Webster’s having a full range of colors is the way to go now.

If you want something other than a lipstick this in my opinion is the best stuff for a favorite gifts that so every year the four comes out with like the best of the best gifts that are and a lot of them are dear to one it’s staying but again you have to know somebody’s skin tone but this you do not because these are items that aren’t specific to people’s skin tones yet they’re the superstars they’re the best of the best there are items that everybody loves to continually by so I will link this here.

This is from Sephora hopefully when you’re watching this it’s not already filled out because like I said I do think this is the best one there’s a highlighter and I pencil primer finishing spray it Maschera a really good a moisturizer it’s by Charlotte Tilbury I have it I love it there’s a lip gloss and then there’s also a brow ways brow pencil.

There are some other things as well this is just really good okay people we are moving on to one of my all time favorite things and like I love this so much if you listen to anything in this article to this so I think this is a repeat from last year I apologize but this is just my opinion the best thing for yourself and for anybody else in the entire world.

I’ve gotten so many people hooked on this it’s insane I feel like UBC should just bring me onto their shell and I can just rave about this for like hours so it is an amazing velvet soft sheets and when I tell you that this is freaking soft you get into your bed and you will never want to have any other sheet for the rest of your life it makes going to hotels not fine because you get into the bed and you’re like this is not good these are not nice so.

I did order a brand new set because I’m giving this to my lovely co-worker at work I love her so much and I can’t wait for her to try these so anyway I have these on my bed I have these on both of my sons, my parents have them, other friends have them they come in so many different colors they’re so soft so I wanted to mention it again this year as an amazing gift because anybody that you buy these for well thank you and love them.

Now are to be moving on its you a at laptop case and this is by St Rav by the way the quality is perfection but the reason I think this is a perfect gift is because it not only can you use it for your laptop you can also use it as a clutch for like an evening out and that’s often what I use it for but of course.

I do fit my laptop in here are really great it’s perfect for on the go like from going to Starbucks to edit or whatever you can also use this for documents, important papers is really just the perfect size there’s a little flap back here and then there is a magnetic closure and then the inside is this beautiful super soft microfiber lining this would be considered kind of a luxury at by so the price point is a little bit high but honestly I think the price point is very very good so it would be a great gift.

I’m really looking to get a wallet because I’ve been so impressed with the quality of everything that I have the Meister back I have in two sizes and then I have this and I just love it so much so I thought it would be a perfect gift for anybody out there that kind of has a laptop and also likes backs like myself

The next gift idea that I want to talk about it does have to do with essential oils I don’t know if you guys know I really like essential oils I use them every single day for so many reasons.

I do think it is a perfect gift for so many females because so many girls and women love it so much if you haven’t tried it out you should try it out and then you could give to things to other girls in your life.

Here is my at like essential oil box I love defusing the oils but I do think they have other things that would be good for gifts as well they have a lot of roller balls I do think they actually have a roller ball sack which would be great you could save some for yourself and then give some other ones to your friends or family they have many different diffusers this is actually a card if user and you can actually just put it in your car right up to what your vents it’s really pretty it’s like a silver and rose gold designing your car can smell so amazing and it’s not filled it with those a chemical smells that most car fresheners are I’ve also been living in these shower steamers this is like such a cool concept basically you just take one of these little pods out and put them at the bottom of your shower when you’re taking a shower in your entire shower is steamed up and it feels like you’re in a spa it makes you breathe better it just feels so nice this is such a unique and just different get to so I thought I would include it but there’s a lot of different essential oil options out there.

I wanted to extend the next item is another item and had his very soft and cozy and warm and it is a barefoot dreams blanket to so yes this is kind of pricey for a blanket I’m sure you could find a cheaper blanket out there but none of them will compare to this one this is so well known that barefoot dreams is well known for at their card again everyone loves them I have a few of them myself but this is the other best selling item for this brand and it does come in several different patterns and colors this is a very subdued, Leopard print you can also get some plain colors as well.

You will not understand how amazing this feels unless you actually feel it for yourself and whoever gets this I promise you will love it so I’m basically trying to decide if I should keep this for myself or give it to somebody else probably myself.

so we are on to the final gift for this guide and this gift is perfect for anybody out there that is waiting to the very last minute and really has no idea what to buy and I think this will work for anyone it is beauty related so I guess if a girl out there or woman out there are hates makeup she probably won’t like this but to me and this is perfect for anybody because it really will work with any skin tone out there and it’s a palette that I think is gorgeous but not everybody has this.

It is the stars in your eyes Charlotte Tilbury I make up palette and it has a really a good range of colors which makes it perfect for anybody out there because it has neutral shades it has a few bold shades nothing too crazy but then also has shimmer shades and match shades. I love it Charlotte Tilbury it is makeup palate right now. Even now when I write this I actually used it today I did this because I feel like it would work so perfectly with a casual outfit.

If you’re looking for a good at shadow pallets that will work for anybody out there consider this one because I feel like it’s a little bit underrated it says there are four moods enhancing it looks that you can do with this love, power, happiness, and competence. so I also think there’s a really great meaning it behind this palette as well and honestly kind of just looks like a holiday palette but yet it could use it year round as well.

So these are my top Christmas gifts ideas for 2019 and one way this will also fit into the ideas for her who has everything since it gives a bit of variety and a bunch of different brands with superior quality products.

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