50 Gift Ideas For Her and Him – Affordable And Unique

I’m back for another post and as you can see by the title today we’re doing a Christmas guide. I love Christmas like oh my gosh I love Christmas so much I love gift-giving each of my friend and everybody that I had to buy for at least gets a couple of gifts like I love Christmas I love the whole idea of gift-giving. So if you are the type of person that does not know what to get people for Christmas I am here to save your Christmas. How many times can I say Christmas in one post? Anyway, I’m going to try to do like 25 for girls 25 for guys so we’ll try and keep it a little bit even, so let’s start with girls of course.

So I’m also going to have some cheap ones some medium some expensive just so everybody watching this can figure out what they need with their price point. Also, follow me on my socials they’d be right here or whatever, but yeah let’s just get right into it. So I’m going to start with something that’s super cheap but also super sentimental which is going to be a picture. S0 not just like printing out a picture on a piece of paper and just handing it like you can get a really nice frame from Target or anything like that and then you can have it printed your pictures from like CVS staples Rite Aid I don’t know does it, whatever.

You can get them printed at most little drugstores and like little shops for like cents literally like a couple of cents. Print out like your favorite picture or her favorite picture and put it in a nice little frame and maybe write something on the glass or on the back or if you want it to be super cute you can put a note like writing a nice note and tuck it behind the picture before you put it in the frame and wait for her to find it or like a hint that there’s something else inside to gift. Two gifts and one, girls love sentimental stuff even if you’re just friends we still appreciate this though.

Next, we’re going to say sponges. It depends on what type of sponge you’re getting real techniques I think are like 10 per maybe 2 or 1 honestly and Beauty Blender is like 20. So depending on your price point pick what type of sponge you want to get her and get her a pack because sponges are essential.

Keeping in the realm of makeup you can do a palette as well. Palettes have a wide range of prices so depending on your budget again you can pick some for a more expensive one you can get in the Natasha Denona palette which is like 130. But if you want to get a cheaper palette there are Violet Voss palettes there’s like minis that are like 20 bucks. Morphe has cheap palettes, there’s a lot of options so you can’t go wrong with the palette girls love palettes. You can also get her a brush set so again there’s a large range of prices.

I think the Jaclyn Hill one is like 50 to 70 dollars but then you also can get brush sets from BH or Sigma stuff like that for like 20 bucks so again there’s your range. And next is an easy one which is going to be perfume. I love perfume I love smelling a certain way so if you know your girl or your friend loves smelling a specific way go out and try and to find that. Some suggestions that I could give to you are a Tory Burch perfume maybe like Marc Jacobs Daisy if you really got the coin like that you can get a Chanel but you can get her a name necklace.

Now I love this I don’t have mine on right now because I broke it ‘cause I’m clumsy it basically is just a name necklace of either her name or your name if you’re dating. You can go on like mynamenecklace.com or I think Jewelr without it’s like jewelry I think and you can type it in and you can get a nice name necklace they’re not too expensive like a medium-range depending on what you get. Another sentimental thing is those big bears if you guys know what I’m talking about I’ll put a picture like here. Those huge bears that you can get. Some of them are super expensive some of them like medium like 40 bucks.

Also with the bear realm if you guys are in a relationship again you can get a build-a-bear so let me tell you, you can just walk right in the build-a-bear make a little voice recording stuff the bear dress it up as you and then give it to her. Also if you’re dating you can get her a ring not saying you’re getting married not saying that just like a promise ring or you know as the princess rings from Pandora you can get her any of those.

I also have a sentimental like friends or people in a relationship can do is like a scrapbook kind of thing. So basically you can get just like a big journal print out a bunch of pictures of you guys paste them into this little journal and maybe write like a cute little note on each side like the date it was or what it meant to you or whatever because this is just something cute to look back on especially if you want to kind of save some money you can you know do a little DIY.

A great Christmas gift for somebody that wears makeup would be Lilly lashes or any lashes at all but if you want to go in the medium range like 26 to $30 Lilly lashes are a great choice they’re what I have on right now. So this is for those of you that want to spend a little bit more money but you want a ball on a budget like we’re not doing that much. If you guys go on Nordstrom Rack or I think it’s Saks Fifth something I’ll put it down in the description box. But there are so many like discount site what can I speak. There are so many discount sites that you can get like designer stuff and it’s not fake it’s real designing stuff but it’s just discounted.

So if you want to get like sunglasses like let’s say you want to get I don’t know any type of like designer sunglasses you can get them for like $100 instead of paying like $700. So the next thing that sentimental again for friends or couples could be a phone case. You can go on Vistaprint or I’m sure there’s a bunch of other sites but I know Vistaprint does it for cheap and I got something like $10 $20 so yeah. You can go on there and literally put any picture you want on to any iPhone case like any type as a 7 8 9 10 whatever.

You can also make like a personal day spa day basket you can get her like a fluffy rub a candle a face mask like something to be like a treat yourself the type of day. Saying on the spa-ish type of room you can also get her something from Lush. So bath bombs are amazing also if you don’t know what a bath bomb is these are just like a little ball and you put it in a bath and it just disperses into this color and it’s just amazing. You can also get her like a charm bracelet from Pandora or anything like that but maybe some of the things that represent her the most on the charm I think these are so cute especially from somebody that you care about.

In the same realm of charm bracelets, you can just get her a bracelet it doesn’t have to be a charm bracelet but a brand that I specifically like that I would definitely recommend to y’all is Sashka. So basically these bracelets are like glass beads they’re so nice and you would think they would be like a hundred dollars but they’re really not. I think they range from like 20 to30 so yeah. So when you get them they come in a cute little bag like this it says the name on the front which is so cute and then in the back it has a little message and they come like this, I’m going to show you guys some of mine.

So here’s another one I got and it has a little message on the front this one says “no negativity”, there are so many different sayings and styles of these bracelets you just can’t go wrong. Also with those bracelets, I do have a discount code for you guys down below if you guys want to go check that out. Also for a friend or a girlfriend you can get her alumi phone case they’re basically just like selfie light cases I don’t know what my hand is doing right here. You can also get her a nice little Polaroid camera if you are trying to spend a little bit more coin. Also, you can get her a nice Kylie lip kit these cost like 30 bucks. You can also get some cute little MacBook decals.

So like basically you can get a cute little keyboard cover that has a nice color scheme to it you can get a nice case you can get a little sticker decal all of that if she has a MacBook or you can get these type of things for an HP, a Dell, anything like that. A little bit cheaper than a Kylie lip kit would be the NYX cream set so they have like cream lip cream whatever they have like matte lips all this different stuff you can get this at the drugstore CVS Rite Aid, Target anything like that for like ten bucks. Again if you want to spend a little bit more money you can get her a Clarisonic.

Clarisonics are a little bit pricey so you could also get her a similar like automatic face brush from the drugstore and stuff like that for 30 bucks. You can also get her some nice hair products, so if she has curly hair I would suggest getting DevaCurl products they are a little pricey so you can just get her one thing if you’re not trying to spend a bunch or you can get her a kit if you got the coin. Or if she doesn’t have curly hair you can just get her a straightener or anything like that. And lastly you can just plan something so maybe get tickets to go go-karting maybe go ice skating maybe something like that because honestly we love sentimental stuff so just doing something that can be memories it’s a big gift.

So there are the 25 for girls. Now on to the boys. So the first thing I’m going to say is pricey so if you don’t want to do that then just don’t get these but you can get him . So the next thing you can get him is Cologne which can be pricey or it couldn’t be pricey depending on where you go. ‘Cause for example if you go to a fragrance outlet or something like that you can get Cologne for $10 $15 $20 cheaper size. If you go to you know the real deal places you’re going to be spending $100 on a cologne so it really depends on where you want to go and what your budget is but that is always a safe option.

Especially that’s a gift to ourselves ‘cause they smell good delicious. Next, if your man shaves you can give him a cute little shaving kit again you can go to the drugstore and get one or you can get a really nice one online. Next that’d be a good one for literally all these freaking boys would be a post-game. So 2k, Madden, Call of Duty, all this stuff they love that so it is a little pricey unless you get them used it’ll be cheaper but yeah keep it on the post-game side of thing. You can also get him something that’s kind of sentimental. So you can get like a fuse and Xbox or PS4 there’s a site online where you can cover them with pictures of you like you can design a case for the console.

And you can put like a wrap around the controller for his game and it can be like a picture of y’all or maybe like his favorite basketball player, some like that. You can also get him a nice little speaker. So if you want to spend money you can get him a nice beats pill if you don’t you can get him cheaper ones at FYE in places like that for like 10 bucks that look just like beats pills. Again with the speaker situation you could get a shower speaker I know girls we think we are the only one that sings in the shower but that is not true. You can also get him headphones so if you want to spend the money you can get Airpods which are super in right now they’re like one something.

And if you don’t want to spend the money you can get fake Airpods they sell them everywhere. You can also get him a nice little sweatsuit so champion hands matching sweatsuits everybody has matching sweatsuits but I like the champion ones Nike, Adidas all of those have nice matching sweatsuits for boys especially the gray ones. You can also get him a nice watch so again if you want to spend money you can go to like Macy’s or something like that and get him a nice watch in that way or you can go on Amazon. If you do want to spend some money you can get him Ray Ban’s or something like that like designer shades if your man wear shades.

You can also get him some nice pajamas and again this could be cheap or expensive depending so you can go to like a Calvin Klein outlet and get pajama pants for like 20 bucks or you can go get the real thing. You can also get your man something for skincare because I feel like these men do not really know what to do. So you can get them a good face wash a good face brush like a things in the Clarisonic but something like that just so that they can use it.

 If he is a sports fan you can try and get him tickets if you want to splurge there are cheaper ones on certain websites I think StubHub has the ones that are competitive like if you find a better rate they’ll compete for you or something like that. And so the next thing that you can get him is a jersey. One of the football jersey a basketball jersey anything like that of his favorite player. Next, you can get him is a belt, you can also get him like a Gucci belt or something like that if you want to spend your coin. You can also get him a backpack you can give him a nice backpack again like an MCM backpack or something like that or you can just get him like a cheaper one that’s still nice from Amazon.

You can also get him an Apple watch or you can get him a fake Apple watch they have similar watches for cheap on Amazon I’m telling you this is like an Amazon sponsored post but it’s not. For some reason I feel like boys have the most beat-up wallets ever so you can also get him a wallet and if you don’t want to get him a full wallet you can get those stick-ons I wish I had mine on but they’re like I may be out if I can find a picture up at here but they’re like stick-ons that you can put on the back of your phone you can slide a couple of cards in, they’re so cheap.

You can also get him a charging phone case like a Mophie I’m sure there are other ones too but that’s just the brand that I know of. You can get him on duffle bag of sports if he plays as any so a basketball bag football bag baseball whatever there’s so many nice to duffel bags some Nike, Puma, Adidas, all those places. You could also get him earrings if he wears any earrings you can get pricier one if you want to or just cheap ones from anywhere.

You can try and get him like a signed ball or anything like that if he is really into sports or he has a certain player that he likes adores you can try and find a signed ball of signed jersey anything that’s like something about that player. If he is the type to dress nice you can get him some nice couplings you can also get him the sentimental stuff that I put on the girl’s side like the phone case like the cover and anything like that of you guys. And then lastly again you can do experiences so rock climbing paintballing go-karting anything like that you can pay for you guys to both go and you can pay for the memory.

So that is 50 things that you can get for him or her whether that be your boyfriend or girlfriend or just a friend. I hope you guys really really enjoyed this I enjoyed making it I love Christmas.

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