Affordable and Cheap Gift Ideas For Christmas – Under $10 Items

In today’s post is really exciting because it is a Christmas post. Also right now I’m wearing a shirt that has a polar bear on it and it’s just like really getting me into the Christmas spirit. Alright, so today’s post is going to be 10 gifts under $10. Now I’ve actually done this post for the past two years and I really enjoy filming it and that’s because like I don’t know I get very excited about like deals and sales and all that and I have a really fun time like trying to go into the mall and just try to find the best gifts for $10.

The reason why I do this is because let’s face it Christmas is expensive and a lot of the times there’s just like so many people on our list and we just realize like oh my goodness how am I going to be able to afford this. Also, it’s always fun to give gifts to friends and then finally there’s always like Secret Santas going around I picked up all these items in the store so they definitely should still be there if you guys are interested.

And by the way, I will have all of these items linked down below in case you guys want to go buy them online. Alright to give this post a thumbs up if you have a thumb and let’s get into it. David’s tea has this new thing going on and it is where you can pick one big kind of like tea tin for $10. So they have these really cute personalized boxes they have like a lot of different holiday ones I pick the one that’s blue and it has snowflakes on it.

So when you open it, it looks like this I think that the blueberry one just like kind of thought that it went with the box and it sounded really good. So this is what the tin looks like and on the back, it just says “organic blueberry jam” and it will tell you all the information about the tea. If you have someone in your life who is younger or someone who just likes to collect like really weird kind of lip balms, I found these at Claire’s and they are $5 each. By the way, I forgot to say this but everything here is Canadian prices so a lot of the times all this stuff is actually cheaper in the States.

For example, these lip balms are $5 each Canadian but if you were to buy them in the States they’re 3.99. So clearance has a wide variety of different lip balms the two that I picked up are the Hershey’s chocolate one just because I absolutely love chocolate and it kind of excited me. And then the next one is this Jolly Ranchers one and this one is actually shaped like a soda bottle so I thought that one was pretty cool too. The body shop has a couple of different shampoos on for $10 so I picked up the banana one just because like I love banana scented things but I think it’s pretty rare like you don’t often find banana products. So if you have someone who’s really kind of like into the beauty they like different kinds of soap, shampoos this could definitely be a really good gift.

Old Navy has some awesome stuff this year especially their Christmas stuff so they have these like really cute Christmas sucks and there were honestly so many different ones to choose from but I just got these are like blue green and grey. And this set of socks was 6.94 so that gives you room to give them something else with it. I also picked up these socks which are definitely my favorite on one side it says “nice” on the other side it says “naughty” and these ones retail for 8.94. Now we know that socks aren’t necessarily the most interesting thing out there so my idea would definitely be to get a chocolate bar and just like pair it with the socks.

So at Claire’s they actually have these cute little beanie babies they’re called tiny t wise. So they’re just like these little cute things and are all this shape I wanted to pick up some more for you guys but I just got this one. So in the US dollars it retails for $5.99 and in Canadian it is 7. So if you have someone who you’re shopping for that’s a little bit younger and who gets excited about like stuffed animals and stuff like that or someone who is older who’s like still into that stuff. I don’t know I think these are really cute and you can get a bunch of these for them too if you don’t like have to stay in the $10 price range.

And again just pair this with some candy or some chocolate and it’s a pretty good gift. So at Old Navy they had a couple of water bottles there and I was honestly so impressed with like the style of them and the quality because this retails for $8  and I find the water bottles lately are just like so expensive like they’re really cute ones anyways. This water bottle also has a very nice color to it and I feel like kind of bright water bottles make it more motivating to work out and also maybe just to drink water. So also at Old Navy they have these different pouches there and I gravitated towards this one. I just thought that it was pretty cute it says “feeling pretty” on it.

This is a great gift to give to like a sister, a friend or a mom. I know last year well I actually think was for Mother’s Day I gave my mom a pouch that said: “mom you’re like so pretty”. So the Body Shop seriously has so many different scents for like under $10 it’s kind of insane. So this one comes with a loofah, a mango shower gel which by the way I’ve used that one and it smells so good. And then also a mango whipped lotion. So you get all this for $10 and a bonus thing is actually that you can hang it under the tree. So this is a great gift to give to like a family member Secret Santa seriously amazing for $10 and it’s wrapped really cute.

So at Claire’s I thought that this one was kind of like pretty quirky and different and kind of exciting. So this is actually a chair for your phone and it’s really cute it’s kind of like a long chair. So this is essentially how we look if you put your phone in here I have the iPhone 7 so it might be bigger than like yeah the iPhone 5 that’s what I was rocking for a while there. But yeah it’s just really cute and this could just go on your desk or anywhere you’d like. Next we have this really interesting gift by David’s tea so it’s actually a sick care pack and this one retails for $10. So what it comes with are a couple teas that help with sickness.

So they have an organic cold 9-1-1 which is a herbal tea and then the next one is organic throat rescue. So this is a really cute gift to give to someone who is sick or someone who just gets sick a lot like it can kind of just be a joke. So it comes in this envelope and I actually think that you guys would be able to just like mail it as it is. So if you wanted to get someone a gift who doesn’t live around you, you could just like put a stamp on this and send it off.

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