Awesome Christmas Presents Ideas Guide For 2019

This year’s gift guide is a for anybody and for the everybody gift guide. We have some expensive things and we have some cheap things and all of these things are gender neutral, So this is for all of your friend’s guys or girls literally anybody could use these things so this isn’t like for a specific type of person that type of thing this is literally for everyone.

I really thought about this and also these are all things that I genuinely like and love and or have used in the past, some of the things I haven’t used in the past but I have seen my friends or relative us it and they complimented the products and strongly believe these items will make a good gift for this festive season.

Let’s just go ahead and get into the meaty stuff.

I don’t know about you guys but when I get new toothbrush, I feel like an adult, I feel like I have everything under control I’m accomplished in my second and doing things I’m doing good I’m doing good it lacking this is a new a fancy version of the electric toothbrush that gave us all the feels as children could is sponsoring this video.

Speaker 0: Twenty dollars per traveled with like any other like trying to for for for its super bulky it’s super big give to bring a charger like it’s just there’s so much to it could be super simple this is all that you need it comes with a travel cover Amir amounts that will stick to it absolutely anything I prefer quit because I have a two minute timer with a thirty-second guide which is fantastic and could miss perfect for gifting because literally everybody needs a toothbrush and this one’s cute and this one’s travel friendly and it’s compact it’s fun and it’s leaking I like it.

This one is a more expensive thing but this is something that I got recently probably in like two months back and I have used them. I’m not kidding probably every single day I work out and then, I use them for work, I use them when I travel, I take them everywhere and they are the apple earpods.

I use these constantly the wireless is the way to go especially if you’re constantly plugged into something whether it’s your phone or your laptop or tablet or your TV or something else. There are a little on the expensive side but they’re amazing because they can fit in your pocket and I’m not kidding they go to the gym, use it in the workplace, it will be easy to have in the backpack all the time, I travel with these listen to music podcasts.

If you consider the level of usage it has, it is not pricy at all. Its flexible, handy and above all comes with great quality.

So the next one I could offer to anyone it’s the winter season, it’s cold outside and no one will hate you if you give them an amazing new throw blanket.

This is a throw blanket season you know, so I got this one from urban outfitters it was really cheap, this can go to your mom, sister, your friends, your uncle, your grandpa’s, your grandma’s.

It’s cozy, comfortable and good looking. You can match the design with their taste if you really know about them.

Next one we are going look at is the diffuser. Now this one is specifically for your friend who loves all the homeopathic remedies, loves essential oils and uses organic deodorant.

We all have one of them it’s super cute, it’s small, it’s a very modern looking. This says it was forty dollars but I’m pretty sure I got it for less than that, it was on sale. so yeah go get your friend the diffuser because it’s just calming and relaxing. If you really know them, just personalize by matching their taste.

Next one is going to be a backpack. Everybody can use a backpack and I personally love these little backpacks these are a perfect size and water resistance.

This one suits well for your adventure friends or travel friends who like to go outdoors and stuff. Its waterproof, none other stuff will get wet with one of these bad boys. You have the choice to choose the color. I got for $80 but not sure how much it cost now. They offer discounts on this, so you might get much cheaper. You can check the price of this one here if you are interested.

so it’s definitely in the more expensive category but this is something that your friend or family member will actually use and will probably use a lot and you’ll get that satisfaction of like seeing them wearing that gift that you gave them.

The next one we are looking for is a wallet. I call them a smart wallet. Gone are days to have a clunky big wallets get in the way, this little wallet you can just put in your pocket or throw in a different bag they can just move easily and handy.

They’re easily transferable and that’s why I love them. I love traveling with them, I love when their ID is easily accessible I got this one from and you can find the best deals here.
This is good for like a dad or an uncle or brother or like a nephew.

Next one which really popular now is a felt letter board. These things are a hot commodity right now, people love them they so fine for decorating your house or for like a minimalist decoration, for holiday decoration, for like events it could be like a birthday or party or new year’s eve party. You can write a phrase on it, could change with the seasons there are so many things you can do with the felt letter board,

This is definitely a good gift to give it literally anyone you know, also it’s extremely like aesthetically pleasing when there’s is cute quote on there for a positive start or give everyone a positive and motivation start for the day.

This again is another expensive items, this is probably the most expensive item mentioned here. It’s an Apple watch. I’m not gonna lie I used to not be an apple watch believer either. I decided that it wasn’t necessary and it was too much for me and what happened was I got my dad one last year because he never answers phone calls like he doesn’t hear them he never answered and he used it for everything.

He uses it at the Jim, he sets an alarm on it, he answers phone calls on it, he’s on it constantly. I’m excited about this so this is something I actually never used but all of my friends and my dad have one. They all love it, they swear by them, live by them, don’t go a day without them because they’re so obsessed with it.

It’s become a part of their daily routine. Obviously, this is something that caters almost everyone from your baby cousin all the way up to your grandparents.

Everybody has a plant friend, I know this because I am that friend. I love plants, I love them around me they give you oxygen, they light up the room they bring in some color like they’re, they’re so good for the mind body and soul.

so a good gift idea is a small little hanging plant pot because not everyone is good at managing a lot of plants. But everybody can be good at managing one plant and this is cute if your friend is not a plant person. Give them like a succulent or something that won’t need too much attention, I’ll just leave that up to you get yourself.

Next one is a travel-sized gender neutral Cologne one of my favorites that I’ve loved for years is Dolce and Gabbana light blue still.

This stuff is good to carry easily if they handbags or if they are traveling. It smells nice and brings them in a good mood, and the big thing is they will remember you all the time when they use it.

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