Awesome Gift Ideas For Women In Your Life This Holiday Season

Today I am going to write to you a woman’s Gift Guide for Christmas. And this is not going to be an all beauty gift guide I actually have some really amazing finds that are gadgets, I have some beauty finds, I have some clothing kind of stuff. So if you want to see the best of things you could get for the woman in your life then just keep on watching.

Our first thing on the list and that would be an at-home pedicure assistant, I think that this is genius, you guys. You can actually put your foot upon it, it creates the perfect angle for polishing it’s got a little fan, it’s got a light on it, it’s just the perfect way to make doing this at-home thing that we all do. Not all of us make it in to get our pennies and whatnot and it’s a big pain to lean down and do it you know on the floor whatever you’re going to do this makes that project so easy I think it’s ingenious, it is 59.99 and it is a fantastic gift.

Next up on the list is the professional soft bonnet hair dryer. Now I have on these when I was a lot younger and they are fantastic for doing deep conditioning treatments I absolutely love this. This uses ionic technology and heat of course to dry your hair. You can do wet sets, you can do deep conditioning it is a fantastic gadget then a lot of people aren’t going to buy for themselves it is 69.95 and you could actually put it together into a little basket and maybe give a deep conditioner or maybe some roller something like that whatever you think that the woman in your life would like.

Especially the deep conditioning mask I think that that would make a great gift set and okay next we have an iPhone or a phone printer. So you can actually print photos off of your smartphone or a device right off of them onto a printer. I just feel like all of us are so wrapped up with taking with our phones more often than anything and you know it’s really nice especially for moms or grandma’s to be able to print the actual picture and put it in a frame or put it in their wallet this is a great gift. It’s 149.99 and I just think that you’re giving the gift of memories and it’s a fantastic gift.

Okay next up is a total hand compression massager. If you have somebody in your life who works with their hands like a hairstylist or a manicurist or a massage therapist or anybody who works with their hands, hand massages are so fantastic you guys. This one uses air and it has optional heat and it compresses and releases your hands and basically gives you a really really good hand massage. It would be good for circulation in your hands this is such a nice gift. I don’t know if you’re like me but I am constantly forgetting what my password is for this or that and these days we have to change our passwords often because of fraud and security which is pretty sad but it’s true. This password vault is 59.99 and it stores up to 400 usernames and passwords so this is such a great gift for the person in your life who maybe wants to get a little bit organized or who has a business any of us can use this in this day and age.

And I realized that there are apps and everything but the idea that it’s just a little device that you can use the kind of like a digital Rolodex is so so great. Okay next up is a hand freeing travel caddy trouble drink caddy and what this does is it actually attaches to your suitcase and you can put drinks from 8 ounces to 24 ounces and it’s got kind of a leveling thing so that the drink won’t spill. So if you have a friend or a sister who travels this is a fantastic thing for them to actually tote their drink along with them through the airport etcetera without having to carry it with their purse and everything else, it’s 29.99 and it is perfect for a traveling woman.

Next one it’s near and dear to my heart this is an ultrasonic skin scrubber. This is actually something that I provide as a treatment for my clients but this one is for at-home use and they are amazing. They basically use ultrasonic waves and you use water or any other kind of a solution that you want to and you can use you could see the mist as you scrub your pores clean it is so amazing. And the fact that it’s 99.99 you can use it every single day if you want to, it’s gentle, it feels good and it keeps your pores super clean.

If you’ve ever experienced one in a facial or you have had it done as a service at pore cleaning service you know this is so awesome and the fact that you can buy one for yourself and do it at home is amazing. Okay I actually mentioned this one in my men’s gift guide but it is good for women too it is the four-port USB wall charger and it is just simply that. You plug it into the wall and you can plug four different devices in at once it creates a nice space for charging your things and it’s just really nice because everything that’s consolidated into one area you’re not searching for chargers all you need is the cords to your devices and you can plug them all in in one spot it’s just a really awesome gift it would make a great stocking stuffer.

Okay moving on to some coziness this is a kind of cardigan wrap from barefoot dreams. It is $92 and it’s probably the softest cardigan you will ever feel in your life. I love that it is a hombre print but seriously it is so cozy and it kind of borderlines the robe slash cardigan slash long sweater so you can wear it around the house but you could easily step out to get the mail and you could wear it to the mall so it is such a versatile piece of clothing and it can go in everybody’s wardrobe and it is so cozy and luxurious I think that any woman would love to get this as a present.

Okay so we’re at Lululemon you guys and I absolutely love Lulu. I have a ton of the Wonder Under and a couple other but they have a throwback pant and they’re super cool because they are bootcut I absolutely love them they’re high rise I think their [00:06:37.0] thirty two and a half inches they are $98 so they’re not cheap but I can tell you that Lululemon lasts forever and they are the softest best material I absolutely love them. But I really do think that a lot of ladies who say 40 or older would love these throwback pants, these are what we used to wear all the time the bootcut pants they’re very very flattering.

Lulu is super flattering on your rear end these are high rise so they’ll be super comfortable and really flattering to wear everybody would love to get Lulu. Okay next is a product called instant uplift it’s from Nurse Jamie and it is a roller and you guys this will really help with lymphatic drainage and with facial massage. It is something you can do all day long if you want but every morning you can do it, it will help reduce puffiness it’s super soothing it’s just a nice treatment it would be a fantastic stocking stuffer for a woman who is looking to take care of herself beauty-wise.

I’ve had this on a wish list forever and I would absolutely love it to get it in my stocking it is a seriously cool little gift. Next up is the Dr. Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer. Now facial steaming is so good, it’s just so relaxing you guys and if you had a personal one at home just getting yourself some hydration and some steam on your face is fantastic it is the gift of relaxation. I absolutely love this one it is $139 and it would be a wonderful gift that I feel like a lot of ladies would not buy for themselves and those are kind of the fun gifts to get the things that you wouldn’t actually go out and get yourself.

Next up is the saltation Aerocatch the bumbum wave. If you guys haven’t smelled this Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum cream or Bum Bum cream, it smells so delicious you guys and this is a set of three and it retails for $45 I think that it is a fantastic gift. It is so decadent it’s a body butter body cream very emollient supposed to help with cellulite I don’t know about any of that but the smell it’s giving the gift of fragrance and it is a fantastic hydrator such a good gift.

We have Jouer best-of nudes mini lip cream set, it’s an 8-piece set, it is $34 I’m telling you these Jouer lip creams are amazing. They are some of my favorite lip products and this nude set it has a great range it’s a really really nice present for $34 Jouer is such a great brand that their lip products are probably among their best and any woman would love to get it. On to Bath and Body Works I know I know this is everybody does the candles but it’s true. Bath and Body Works candles are so so nice I love getting them myself.

They are not expensive this would be a great hostess gift this is a great gift to give at a Christmas party a holiday Christmas party for your work or something like that you could include this with something else but my very favorite one is marshmallow fireside this time of year I absolutely love it it’s such a nice scent. They are always having sales there’s never any reason to pay the actual sticker price you always should get it for at least half that much and a lot of times they offer coupons so you can get it for even cheaper than that.

So always spend $12.50 or less on these candles don’t ever spend more but they’re a fantastic gift. Okay, those are my gifts that you could do for the women in your life this holiday season.

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