Best and Expensive Christmas Gifts For Your Loved Ones

In this post, I’m going to be giving you guys some ideas of what you can put on your Christmas wishlist. I love Christmas so much it’s my favorite holiday by far. My house literally looks like a Christmas wonderland right now, I wish you guys could see the whole thing.

Anyways, today I’m going to be saying a lot of expensive stuff and a lot of really cheap stuff, so there’s a big variety of everything. If some of these gifts are way too expensive you could always ask for money and then just save up and then for your birthday you can get money too and then you can save up for the one thing that you really wanted because some of these things on the list are going to be really expensive that not everyone can afford.

That is what I did one year, I really wanted a computer so I asked my grandparents for money, I asked my parents for money and my other grandparents and then I got money and eventually, after my birthday I could buy it so that was great. Anyway, that was just a little tip for you, I’m going to have a bunch of different categories for this post. The first category is the electronics. Just now these are probably going to be a little bit more expensive, let’s get started into the list.

The first thing is an Apple watch. I pretty recently got an Apple watch and honestly, it is so useful, I use it every single day. It’s great because if you lose your phone there’s a little ping and then your phone pings and then you can find your phone super easy so that is really helpful and you don’t have to have your phone with you if you want to make calls or texts.

And my favorite part about it is the fitness because I love to track like how many steps I do and how many calories I burn because it really keeps me motivated to work out every day. The next one is a Fitbit. It’s still pretty expensive but not as expensive as an Apple watch so if you really want something to track your like calories and track how many steps you do, a Fitbit would be great. I used to have a Fitbit and I loved it.

Number three, a MacBook or any laptop that you want. Again this is super duper expensive so you could always ask for money and then save up for a MacBook. I have the MacBook Pro right now with the touch bar and it is great. I do all of my school on it, I edit all of my videos, it is very very useful I use it every single day. In iPhone, if you don’t have an iPhone they are great or if you have a really old one and want a new one then you could have for a new iPhone.

I’ve got the iPhone X and I honestly love it but some people don’t like it, people don’t like that there’s no button so you could also get like the iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 or iPhone 6 they’re really really nice, iPhones are honestly my favorite phones they’re just really simple and easy to use but again these are expensive so if you went to it, save up for them and ask for money.

Number five, a GoPro. I got a GoPro last year for Christmas and I love it. GoPros are really good, you can take them underwater, you can put them on your helmet, you can use a chest strap, they are just great and definitely if you are into making videos that would be a great gift. And also get an iPhone stabilizer. I don’t have one of those but I know somebody that does and they say that they love it and it’s amazing and I tried it out once and it is great, the videos are perfect, no shakiness and it’s great.

Okay the next one is for if you like to film videos. You could get a camera, the first camera I ever got was a canon g7x and those are great but I have recently upgraded to a Canon 80D. And then once you have your camera you can get a microphone because that helps the sound quality like so much.

Then you can also get like lighting like a ring light or something so those are just a couple ideas if you want to start a YouTube channel or if you just love shooting videos and you want to make it better quality. The next one is a Polaroid. I don’t have a Polaroid so I don’t know too much about them but my friend has it and they’re really fun to use.

The next thing is an iPhone printer, it is super duper cool it like hooks up to your iPhone and then you just like print out a picture and whatever photo you have on your iPhone it prints out a little Polaroid picture it is so cool. If your phone dies a lot then you might want a charging phone case. I had one of these a long time ago and it was great. Some of them are a little bit bulky but not all of them are and it keeps your battery up for over two times as long so it’s very helpful.

The next thing is a charging stand. It helps keep it super duper organized. It charges Apple watches, headphones and iPhones all at the same time on the same little stand and they are super organize and super helpful. Also if you have an Apple watch then Apple watch camera would be awesome because you can’t take photos on an Apple watch but it’s like a little band and you can take photos on it, it’s called a CM or a band.

So many times where I had my Apple watch and I’m like dang it I don’t have my phone on me but I wish I could take a picture of this so that’s pretty awesome that they have a band that I can take photos. The next thing is a pop socket. It’s the things that you put on the back of your phone, I just have one but it fell off because I’ve had it on for such a long time.

It’s a thing that pops out and it is super super nice ‘cause you can like stand your phone up and it’ll just stay there and it’s really helpful just to like hold and then you can’t drop it so pop sockets are great. You could get a wireless speaker, I have a Bose and it is amazing. You could also get a shower speaker so you can put it in the shower and it’s waterproof and it sticks onto the wall so that would be really cool.

The next thing you can get are the new Beats. They are noise cancelling and they are so amazing, best headphones I have ever had. Okay guys the next category is going to be fun stuff like activities stuff, stuff that you can like play with it and actually do. Number one, a yoga trapeze. I got one of these when I was in third grade and I still have it and it is amazing it is so much fun.

It is great for stretching and you can like swing on it like a little swing and you can make it like a hammock, I honestly just loved it and loved playing on it. Right over there and it’s just so much fun there’s so many cool stretches you can do on it, you can make up your own like  a little routine and your own stretches on it, it’s so much fun and it is so good for your back and your legs.

The next thing is mats. If you are a gymnast, you could get a cheese mat, you could get a panel mat, you could get like a 8-incher or like a really squishy mat so you could do harder stuff on it, you could get like one of those little mini trampolines so you can like do flips off of ‘em. If your gymnast you could also get a beam or you could get like a little bar. You could also ask for a real trampoline too but that’s really expensive.

If you’re a dancer you might want a ballet bar, oh my gosh I want one of these, I almost forgot about this, I definitely want one of these. It’s like a leg stretcher thing like so you put your legs on it then you turn a wheel and then your legs go farther and farther and farther.

It’s really good if you’re really flexible and it’s also really good if you’re not flexible and if you want to get more flexible, I’m really flexible and I’m going to get even more flexible so that would be so much fun just to sit on and like keep turning it so it’s like a leg stretching thing so I would really want that. There’s also a bunch of other like stretching devices out there, I have like a couple of different things just like a toe pointer, you get a bunch of different kind of stretching equipment.

Well yeah, if you’re a gymnast you will definitely want an air track, they are amazing. I got one and they are so bouncy and you can do so much tumbling on it, it is awesome. And you could also ask for whatever sport you do you could ask for equipment that you need for that sport. Like my cousin does lacrosse and she’s getting a new like lacrosse bag and a new lacrosse stick so whatever sport you do you could get new like stuff for that you know.

And then there is a swell bottle, these are amazing. They keep your drink super duper duper cool they literally do not go warm they are great and they’re super cute. You can get so many in so many different designs. The next three things are all girl things, it’s hair, bath and body and then makeup, let’s start with makeup. You could get the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, there’s a bunch of different ones and they are super super nice.

I recently got a Too Faced eyeshadow palette and I love it. There’s like a bunch of different brands that you could get for eyeshadow palettes so just find the one you want and you could ask for an eyeshadow palette.

Then I know a bunch of beauty gurus have their own makeup lines so you could ask for their makeup, like James Charles just came out with a new palette so that palette looks good I don’t know I’ve never had it but you could ask for the James Charles palette or whatever YouTuber you like you can get their palette or whatever. New makeup brushes, I have never thought in like a makeup brush set, I just have like, I don’t even know how I got all my brushes.

I got them a long time ago and a lot of them are my mom’s old ones so new makeup brushes would be really nice, yeah that’s like a good idea. A makeup bag is so nice it’s like put all of your makeup in and to keep it on nice that’s going to organize you. There’s like a little spot for all your brushes, a little spot for all your like foundation, concealer and for all your blush and for all your eyeshadow just like to make your makeup like more organized.

You could also ask for a Sephora gift card so you can pick out all the make up with yourself because Sephora literally has all of the best makeup brands so you could go there or you could get a gift card to your favorite makeup brand, so yeah. You could also get like a beauty set, it’s just a bunch of like makeup that comes in like one little package. Also a makeup mirror like a little like stand-up mirror like for your desk or whatever that would be helpful.

Okay next is bath and body. Number one is bath bombs. Bath bombs are amazing. If you get them from Lush they are literally the best but they’re super expensive they’re like $10 per like two or like one I don’t even know they’re really expensive though. You could also get a bath bomb maker where you can make your own bath bombs. Literally if you go to Lush and get any of their like bath stuff literally you’ll be happy with like any of it.

I got this like bath bar and it was really nice it was like a bath bomb there was a bath bar and like there’s so many cool things in Lush that I love for like baths. You get like shampoo, your body wash, they all smell really good, you can get handsome. So you could also ask for a Lush gift card and you can just go to Lush and pick out whatever you want.

You could also get a luxury spa basket. It’s like all of the spa essentials that you need it’s awesome. The next thing is a Foreo Luna. It’s a silicone makeup brush that is really really good. They are pretty expensive but they are definitely by far the best makeup brushes. A lot of times normal makeup brushes they like have a lot of bacteria leftover from them and then you get more pimples on your face if you keep rubbing that back on your skin but this silicone stuff like doesn’t get any bacteria on it and super easy to wash so those are really really nice.

You could ask for a face masks there’s a bunch of different kinds of face masks, there’s clay face masks, there’s moisturizing face masks, there’s like the charcoal peel off kind, there’s so many different kind of face masks so you could just ask for whatever face mask you like. Adi Scrub, body butter, ooh an essential oil mister, those are really cool. It’s like you put like essential oils and this like little like thing and then it like mists out and it makes your room smell super duper good.

Nail set it’s like a little like set and then it’s like there’s a nail file there’s like nail clippers like nail scissors nail like puller things like all the nails stuff. Real quick guides. And you can get a lip scrub or a chapstick because the winter your lips get really chapped, my lips are so chapped it hurts so bad.

Okay, the next category is hair. You can ask for like a nice curling iron or a wand, I know there is these kind of like curling wands that you can get like they’re like one base they’re probably really expensive though.

And there’s like five different tops and then one’s like a wand, ones like a curling iron, they’re all different and they all give you different kind of curls so that’s cool and get a nice straightener or a straightener set kit, a hair mask or leave-in conditioner to make your hair silky smooth and to help it get more healthy. And you could ask for headbands, hair ties and I don’t know, hair accessories.

The next category is jewelry. Okay I got a locket from my grandma like years ago and it is so so pretty it’s a little circle, a silver chain it is so pretty and I put pictures of every single one of my dogs from there. I have six dogs so there’s a picture of three of them on one of the things that they have them on the other things. I printed out a really nice picture and made them all black and white so it’s super duper cute so you could ask for a locket and put whoever you love in the locket.

Lockets are super meaningful, I love them. You could also get like your necklace with like your initial on it or just like a little cute like necklace or like whatever necklace you want. New earrings are nice, I love earrings. So earrings are one of my favorite things I get it leaves like a pair every year and I just love earings. You could ask for dangly earrings, hoop earrings, stud earrings or whatever.

If you go online there are so many cute earrings from like Pandora, from Swarovski like all the nice jewelry places have really good earrings but again they’re going to be expensive. You could ask for bracelets like Alex and Ani bracelets, just like Lokai bracelets, there’s a bunch of different cute bracelet brands, bracelet brands, bracelet brands, yeah. There’s a bunch of cute bracelet brands that you can get I don’t know all the new cool trendy kind but there’s a bunch of trendy bracelets out there that you could ask for.

Okay guys the next category is animal. This one’s going to be very tough to ask for, you probably won’t get it but who knows maybe your parents are animal lovers, you could ask for a new puppy. The parents will probably say no and it probably won’t happen but who knows they might if you keep asking for a puppy and you keep saying, I want a puppy so badly then they might get you a puppy.

If you get a puppy for Christmas it’s literally getting a best friend for Christmas. If you know your parents will probably say no to a puppy you could get like a little animal like a gerbil, a hamster guinea pig-like one of those little ones like a ferret that goes that goes upstairs and isn’t as big of a commitment or like a little rabbit, oh so cute, or like a bunny, yeah you could ask for like a little animal.

I’ve asked for some but my parents are like no more animals if you really want an animal but your parents will say no just ask for a fish because my parents actually finally said yes to a fish because they kept saying no but then I got a really cute fish tank with like wood over around it and I decorated it super cute so you can ask for a fish and decorate the tank nice and pretty.

Next category is room stuff, stuff for your room to make your room nicer. You could redo your room for Christmas but obviously not redo the entire thing ‘cause that will be really expensive but you could do in like a little piece like you could get new bedding that’s what my cousin wants, she’s getting new bedding for Christmas like new comforters and new pillows and stuff.

And you could also ask for like a new desk, a new chair or you could get like a little like it’s like a chair like a couch chair but like for one person or like a little beanbag that’d be really cool. There’s also like these like swing things that you hang from the ceiling and it’s like a chair so those are really cool you can like a swing in them so that’d be nice. You could also get like cute canvases to hang on the wall or like Tabas Trees or tapestries I don’t know how to say it.

That you hang on your wall and those are really pretty and you could also get like a lightbox that like you can write whatever you want in them and they light up and it’s like a little lamp next to your bed, those are super cute. So if you want to redo your room but you should get that. But if you’re trying to redo your room I would definitely start with bedding because then whatever bedding you want and whatever bedding you get you can pick out all the other decorations to tie in with the bedding.

The next category is clothes, who doesn’t love clothes, I mean you wear them every day. There are so many cute outfits that you get from Athleta or Athleta I don’t know how to pronounce it. People pronounce it different so don’t hate on me for pronouncing any specific way but you could get something from Athleta ‘cause their outfits are super cute but again they’re so expensive but yeah like they’re super cute.

Like the high waisted leggings you can get them from like Athleta, Fabletics, Lululemon like any of those places in your mom. You get like big comfy cute sweatshirts like Ivory Alice sweatshirt didn’t get it like extra big so it’s like really comfortable or you can get like whatever brand you want and like just get a really big sweatshirt and it’ll be so comfortable, just, that’d be good, I love big sweatshirts.

Ivory Ella, this stuff for elephants and they donate stuff to elephants in need and it’s all like elephant stuff and then your Vine is for the whales and then there’s Pawz or just for puppies which is my favorite so it’s like the same thing and it was like the paw logo and it’s for dogs and they also do cats.

 And then there’s also ones for lions and there’s another one I saw for sea turtles and there was like whatever animal you like you could find like a shirt company that like does stuff for them ‘cause it’s like a bunch out there so you could get one of those shirts. Vera Bradley blanket they are so so soft like literally I can’t describe how soft they are and they come in so many cute patterns who doesn’t love a soft fluffy blanket.

Or you could get like a Vera Bradley suitcase or just bag or backpack like whatever. Okay, these next couple things are going to be only if you’re rich because I cannot afford these things and probably most people watching can’t but if you’re rich and you happen to be watching this then you can ask for some of this stuff. You could ask for something from Gucci like Gucci slide you could get like Gucci outfitter like a bag like whatever.

Something from Gucci you could get or get something from Chanel you get like a Chanel bag those are like thousands of thousands of dollars. You’re getting a Coach bag which is again super expensive or a Louis Vuitton bag or whatever just any of those high-end the bag stores you could get.

Michael Kors is more affordable, it is still super expensive don’t get me wrong they’re like still hundreds of dollars like 100 to 200 dollars per bag but at least it’s not like a thousand dollars but Michael Kors is super cute and they have a really nice purses and like little backpacks so hitting a nice little backpack would be a nice Christmas. You could also ask for like new shoes I don’t know if you like Flipflops or like sneakers or Vans whatever kind of shoes you want you know what kind of shoes you want.

And you could also ask for nice sunglasses because sunglasses are super cute and if you have the right pair that go with your face shape then sunglasses are super cute, I love sunglasses. Also if you like to paint or draw you could ask for like new paint supplies, new canvases and like a new sketchbook or new colored pencils or if you like art you could ask for any new art supplies.

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