Best Christmas Disney Gift Guide For Her

Hello everyone, welcome back. Today I’m doing a Christmas Disney Gift Guide for her because I’m a huge Disney fan and I buy a lot of Disney merchandise and products and with Mickey’s 90th year there have been so many amazing collaborations and brands have released some really great stuff that I would recommend for any kind of Disney fan whether they like Disney just a little bit or they’re a die-hard Disney fan then I have gathered together all my favorite pieces that I would like to share.

Some of these things have been very kindly gifted to me over the past few weeks or few months and some of them I have bought myself but this post is not sponsored or affiliated with Disney or anyone or any of the brands it’s just because I want to do it and I love it so here we go. First of all a calendar is a really lovely gift.

I was very kindly gifted mine for Christmas from my friends Gary and Dean last year it is up the wall just there obviously were coming to the end so I loved my calendar so so much that I went and bought the 2019 version. This is actually by an artist called Thomas Kinkade and this print here is one of his prints that my friend Dion actually bought me for my birthday, it was my birthday this year I love it.

So Thomas Kinkade is one of my favorite Disney artists, he also has a diary which I thought could be a really nice gift for 2019 but the calendar is absolutely stunning and just a lovely way to have a piece of art that’s on the wall that’s also a calendar I just think it’s a really great gift. I got off from Amazon, I don’t think it was more than about 10 or 15 pound at the max and the yeah the artwork on it is just really really beautiful so I’m hoping you can see that.

But you’ve got actually that print is one of the months and you’ve got all the classics as well which is what I really like so you’ve got tangled, you’ve got Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, Aladdin, Beauty and the beast that kind of thing so love love love it I think this would be a really lovely gift.

Well I got gifted it and I love mine so much I bought it again for this year. I wanted to talk about things that one the lower end of the price brackets and on also on the higher end. So for me I wanted to just show you two pieces of jewelry, this necklace I’m wearing I was very kindly gifted from shopDisney when I worked with them in August and I love this so much.

I’m wearing it today obviously and it’s basically a little gold necklace with Mickey’s on it. I think this is by Swarovski, I think it’s Swarovski Crystals. It was about ₤80 so it’s not cheap but when you have a really nice piece of Disney jewelry you honestly feel so lovely wearing it when you, you know love Disney so much so I’ve got this. They also have little earrings and in complete contrast these were from Primark for two pound fifty but I obviously can’t wear those every day this doesn’t irritate my skin or anything and I love it.

So this is really lovely I’ll leave a linked below in case you are interested and then in the next piece of jewelry I wear a lot of silver on my wrists here but this bracelet here was kindly gifted to me by H Samuel and I wanted to flag them as a potential jewelry brands go and look at because there are a lots of jewelry brands.

I’ve got stuff from Couture Kingdom and but the shopDisney website has lots of pieces but the H Samuel ranges you’ll got to need to go on their website for them they are absolutely stunning. And they have necklaces and earrings starting from about 80, ₤90 and then this bracelet is a Cinderella one that goes up to or this one’s 350.

So this is really expensive but would make an incredible gift if you were looking for something really special and sparkly, really really lovely and I wear this all the time almost every single day, it’s such a beautiful little bracelet so I wanted to just show some jewelry pieces as well but they’re going to be the most expensive things I show the rest is a bit more low-key.

Next I wanted to talk about the Mickey and Minnie plushies, these are currently on off from the Disney Store. If you spend over ₤20, I think they’re $9.99 each. But even without the deal they’re ₤20 each and I just think these are so lovely they look great sat by the Christmas tree all festive and smiley.

And to me Disney a lot of the feelings of nostalgia my reminder of my childhood is a lot to do with Mickey Minnie and Disney and I just think these are lovely to have at this time of year so even if they’re like you know the person you’re gifting for it’s not a huge plush or toy person I think these look lovely around Christmas time. I’ve got them both but obviously you could just get one of the other like Mickey I think as my favorite ‘cause of his little Christmas jumper.

Minnie’s in like a nice little dress so I thought I’d recommend those. Next I want to recommend a couple of homie bits from Primark and they have incredible collections that I would be so happy if anyone gifted me from. So first of all I want to show you this is a really nice soft blanket that is quite subtle Disney because it’s actually is Bambi so hopefully you can see thumper that.

It’s really soft I have it up in my office here but I’ve also had a nap with it on the sofa it’s great for traveling so it’s not too big but it’s big enough that it fits around me and I just think this would be a really lovely gift that you can obviously get these in Primark really inexpensive like seven eight pounds something like that.

And then another furnishing item that I bought in Primark a few months ago is this little pillow and I just think this would also make a nice gift, I like the bees on the back so that’s very apt for me. But for a Disney fan it’s Winnie the Pooh and it’s just a nice little piece isn’t it it’s a lovely gift you’ll always find a place for it whether that’s on your bed or in the lounge or whatever. It’s, I just think it’s lovely to have those kind of things.

Next I want to talk about Funko pops and you might have heard these you might already collect them if you’re a Disney fan, I’ve got quite a few but I picked out my three favorites. You might actually spot I do have Harry Potter ones as well behind there but for Disney there are so many that you can get, you can buy them in the Disney Store or online at shopDisney or I’ve actually picked up some from Amazon before as well.

So I’ve got Ariel here, Moana ‘cause she’s one of my faves and I also have a little Winnie the Pooh and I just think these are really nice if somebody has like a favorite character they’re just really fun look at Pooh sitting there really really cute and they’re really inexpensive. It was actually one of my viewers that gifted me this one, the Ariel one when I hosted a meet-up last year and since then I’ve been obsessed with them.

I also have a little keyring versions which my friend Gary has brought me Moana in a keyring before and I really loved them so yeah I think these are cute and they deserve more love. Another thing I wanted to mention from Primark and these are not new so you’re going to have to excuse the fact they’re pretty grim but I wanted to show you anyway that Primark do really cute Disney slippers.

I’ve just seen some Olaf frozen ones on their Instagram yesterday minor Tinkerbell and I just think slippers are so great to wear around the house and they’re such a nice gift you can’t have too many pairs of slippers. Especially I’ve just realized recently if you have a dog because I’m looking after a dog right now Lacey and she is obsessed with my slippers they always go missing so I actually have to have two or three pairs on the go in every bloody room but love them I think there’d be a nice gift as well.

Like I said there are lots of collaborations in brands doing Mickey 90 and Disney ranges but one of my absolute favorites is Cath Kidston and I own a lot of Disney Cath Kidston stuff. Everything from pajamas to bags to pillows I have it all. I’m very lucky that I work with them and they’re very kindly gift me things but I want to show you two things something that was gifted to me but well actually they were both gifted to me but my friend Megan bought me these for Christmas last year and I bloom and love them.

They’re Tinkerbell cozy bed socks and I have two pairs of these now. These are really inexpensive they’re really cute ‘cause you’ve got that like little touch and note to Disney but they’re nice and thick they wear and wash really well and they’ve got the little spongy bits on the bottom most like proper bed socks or ones that you wear around the house so lovely lovely gift. Actually they match my slippers that’s kind of cute.

And then another thing I want to show you that I was kindly gifted is they do lots of little like trinkets and purses and makeup bags, just basically the whole [0:08:4.0] and website has different ranges. At the moment it’s Snow White and I just think again this would be a really lovely gift. A little purse these aren’t cheap because they are you know a collaboration they are limited edition most the time but I just think it might be a really nice nice thing to give somebody.

You cannot go wrong with a Disney DVD at Christmas. I am also going to use these to represent DisneyLife as well. A DisneyLife subscription could be a really good gift too ‘cause a lot of you know a lot of people what people watch now is digital apps online downloading on phone and I love DisneyLife. I pay 4.99 a month for it so you could if you wanted to give someone maybe a few months subscription or something that would be lovely.

But if you want to something a bit more simple then a DVD is really lovely and really easy. I picked up Moana ‘cause that’s my favorite. Obviously it doesn’t have to be animation so I picked up Saving Mr. Banks as well such a classic great film and with Mary Poppins coming up in cinemas that could also be another gift is like a cine world or an Odeon gift card or a cinema gift card so that you know that person can go and see the latest Disney films.

I think that would be a lovely gift too but also something like Saving Mr. Banks it doesn’t have to be animation you can find some lovely Disney DVDs so I’ve got that as one. The next section I wrote down was clothes and clothing is quite overwhelming. There are so many Disney pieces Primark do amazing Disney things but something I thought would be really lovely as a gift is a hoodie.

I actually got this from H&M and it was ₤20 at 90.99 I don’t know if it’s still available. It’s just come out the wash Oh smells so good and I love this a lot it’s just so cozy easy to throw on and it’s not too in-your-face Disney but you do have loads of Mickey’s on it so I just think a nice hoodie would be a really lovely gift.

And speaking of if you wanted to go all out I thought that a Christmas jumper could be a really nice gift as well. I got this one from Primark last year I think or the year before I’ve had it a while but they do release all sorts of different ones. But also I’ve seen that shopDisney have some really great ones.

There’s a Donald one that I love and again that could make a really nice gift because Christmas jumpers I know you don’t wear them all year round but you do wear them for most of December and around the festive period and on Christmas Day just a really great gift aren’t they. I’d be really happy if someone gifted me a Christmas Disney jumper.

The next section is quite a new thing in my life and I was very kindly gifted these but I wanted to show you, I have shown them in my weekly vlogs and on my Instagram before but these are actually books Disney books and these are perfect for a Disney fan Disney lover out there. I’ve got Where’s Mickey which is new most of these are available on Amazon and you can pick these up.

But Where’s Mickey obviously if you’re Where’s Wally fan and you will love that so fun. Especially on Christmas Day I find that around Christmas time when you’ve got New Year’s Eve Boxing Day Christmas Day a lot of the time is spent right with family or just killing time and people off work and something like that would be lovely to sit and flick through on the sofa.

Then I’ve got the castle collection which is great for any kind of Disney Princess fans out there because this book has got an inside look into different princesses castles and it actually breaks down the rooms and shows you what’s in each room. I love this, this would be great for kids or adults which is like why I think it’s such a nice gift but I’ve been enjoying reading that.

And again these aren’t too expensive so anywhere between ₤10 to ₤20 for these, oh sorry that was quite loud. And then this one is also new and to celebrate Mickey Mickey’s 90th it’s the Mickey Mouse museum the story of an icon Mickey is just a classic character and it’s crazy he’s celebrating 90 years.

But this book just covers his journey and how Mickey started as a character and how he developed and it’s just got loads of lovely bits of art and information in there so yeah I’d really recommend if you have a friend who’s a huge Disney fan then they might really love something like that. Another really lovely gift could be a Disney decoration a Christmas decoration. Now I have quite a few of these now and I love them they’re so perfect. I picked up this one because I know he’s available right now on shopDisney.

He’s obviously Baymax and I’m hoping you can appreciate him but he’s holding lots of different lights and he looks so cute on the tree, he’s got a little Christmas hat on not expensive either like you can you know this is such a nice gift and they come all boxed really nicely as well so I would be very chuffed if anyone gifted me a Disney Christmas decoration because look at him.

And last but not least a gift that I just absolutely love and would be overjoyed with is a mug. So this one I got in the pizza pan Cath Kidston and Disney collection you can’t get this particular one right now but I thought I would show it because Cath Kidston do do some really lovely ranges and designs. So I’ve got this one this is a firm favorite for my tea and then this one I got on shopDisney they very kindly gifted me this when I worked to them again in August.

I picked and is still available on the website on shopDisney but it last time I checked it was sold out. But this collection they do this sketchbook collection for lots of different characters and I just think this is such a nice mug and again it’s not expensive I think it’s between ₤10 and ₤15 for a lovely mug and at this time of year when it’s cold and you have your hot chocolate plus your tea in it I just think these are lovely.

So that is everything I picked out, I could have gone crazy there are so many gifts and ideas out there, there, if you have a Disney lover in your life then there’s so much choice at the moment you will be spoiled for choice but I hope that’s given you some inspiration or if like me you just are nosy and want to see what people have and what you could maybe treat yourself to this Christmas that I hope this has helped. Let me know what you love and what you would gift if someone loved Disney as much as I do.

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