Christmas Gift Ideas For 8-Year-Old Daughter [Grand Daughter, Cousin]

Today I’m going to be sharing with you guys what we are giving our 8 year old for Christmas for her tree gifts and then tomorrow I’ll be sharing what we got in our 8-year-old for her stocking stuffers.

So just like my oldest daughter, she is getting 7 tree gifts so presents that go under the tree and then she’ll be getting 14 stocking stuffers just like her sister. So if you guys want to see what we are giving our eight-year-old for Christmas and to get some gift ideas for the kids in your life then stay tuned. So just like her older sister but a different style, we actually got her a bed rest pillow as well. Both girls really like sitting in their bed to read or to draw and do different things and I just thought this would make it a lot more comfortable.

So this one also came from Target just like the older my older daughter did but this one is more of a shaggy kind of material and it’s pink to match her room. So I just thought it was really cute and something they both could use so it’s kind of practical but still I think kind of fun I think they’ll like that so she got one of those as well. And if you guys watched my gift guide preview post then you would have already seen this in that post, but this is a giant squishy doughnut that is scented.

Squishies are all the rage right now so all of these like slow rising memory foam toys which are really fun both of my girls are into so this is the biggest squishy I have ever seen it is adorable and what little girl or big girl for that matter would not want this. This is probably the cutest one I’ve ever seen and the only reason it’s actually a tree gift instead of a stocking stuffer is because of the size and also because it was kind of expensive for a squishy.

Now comparatively it is it because a small squishy at Walmart costs about $10 and they’re only about this big so considering how big this is it was only like $20, $25, I know it’s comparatively not that much more you get more for your money this way but it is kind of an expensive stocking stuffer for us we usually stick to $10 or less in the stocking or more than $10 under the tree. So that makes this a tree gift and I think she’s going to flip over this because I know she’s never seen one this big in person and it’s adorable and that came from I’ll have their link to their website below for you guys.

The next thing I want to show you guys that is for her tree gift actually you would have seen something similar with my older daughter’s tree gifts and this is a custom animal pillow from the company Lilipi. They make custom pillows from pictures of animals or kids or you or whatever you like you send them a picture and they make it into these adorable pillows. So this is actually our guinea pig bean isn’t she adorable. My oldest daughter got one of our dog Loki but I knew my youngest daughter would really like something kind of more small and huggable and so I got this for her instead of the Loki pillow.

But it was hard to decide, I was trying to decide which girl to give it to like which one wanted Loki and which one wanted bean. But I figured since it was small my youngest daughter would really appreciate this one and so what they do is really really neat because a lot of times that you can get animals pictures put on pillows but a lot of times I don’t feel like they’re the actual shape of the animal themselves I like how they cut it out and it looks literally like a bean pillow. If you were to turn bean into a pillow this is what she would look like, isn’t this adorable, I love this.

And so I thought she’d really enjoy this it’s just the perfect little size to sit on her bed it’s really nice and soft it’s not like scratchy or anything like sometimes photo gifts can be kind of thick in the middle it is really really soft all the way around and the image is on both sides. So I just thought that was really really fun and something that she’s going to love and especially think about if you or your child has lost a pet and you want a really sweet way to remember that pet this is also a great option so I know she’s going to love this and I was really excited about that.

I will have the link for Lilipi in the description box for you guys so you can check out their prices and how you can go about getting one made because I think it’s a really great gift. So the next gift I’m probably going to sound like a broken record but you guys know that I love giving the girls gifts that are creative and they do not involve batteries or screens or anything like that. If at all possible things that they’re going to pick up over and over and over again and things that are going to be able to foster their creativity and their imaginations I love giving them gifts like that.

And my youngest daughter especially is at this age you know she’s 8 years old so she has already learned to read very very well, she’s learning to write I mean she can write but I mean she’s really into storytelling and writing stories and that makes me happy as a homeschool mom because before writing was always such a struggle she didn’t really want to write she couldn’t think of what she wanted to write.

So now that she has kind of branched out into this new territory of wanting to create all of these characters and stories I thought this gift would be perfect for her, it is the IlluStory create your own book. My oldest daughter had something similar to this when she was about my younger daughter’s age she may be a little bit older. But basically what you do is you get everything you need in this package so you get your 8 ½ by 11-page templates, you get markers, you get a mailer envelope, a guidebook and an order form that tells you what to do.

But basically your child is going to write a story illustrate their story and then you’re going to send off those pages and they go put it into a hardbound book for you and send it back. So your child’s story is like a professional-looking hardback book that they can read over and over and over again so I think it is a great idea. My oldest daughter loved it when she had one when she was younger and my and we still read it to this day with my youngest daughter she really wants to read the story that her sister wrote.

So we’ll go back and read that and it’s fun for my oldest daughter to look back and you read that story that she wrote I thought I really really think this is a great gift idea it is definitely something that is write down my youngest daughters ally right now. And what little kid would not like getting a hardback version of their story in the mail so I got that for her as a tree gift.

And I also wanted to show you they do also have a comic book version so I’m probably going to save this one for her birthday but basically same kind of concept where you create your own comic book and then they will send it back to you in hardback form. I think it’s a great gift idea and its really unique and I think it’s a great gift to give to a child that maybe you don’t know very well or maybe the kid that has everything and you kind of feel like what am I going to get them they’ve got all the toys they need, they’ve got all the electronics they need, something like this is a great gift idea.

So sticking with the creative gift idea I actually picked up the Klutz Jr. my simple sewing kit. You guys know that I love Klutz, I usually get the girls a Klutz book pretty much every occasion that there is, so Christmas, birthday, Easter, whenever I can I will stick Klutz book in there because the girls love them and it really does encourage them to be creative and give them something to do longer than just a day or a couple of days like most Christmas gifts.

The Klutz books that we get are ones that they reach for over and over and over again so this one is perfect for her because my oldest daughter has the kind of this sewing or the sewing kits for the older kids but my youngest daughter really can’t sew yet. So what I like about these is everything is already pre-cut and already has holes in them and all they have to do is just to use the included thread to kind of go around and make all of this cute little plush, little pizza, let’s see there are more than 60 pieces makes three so there’s a pizza, a cookie, and an ice cream.

So I just think it’s really cute and really fun and even though it says 4 and up I definitely think that her being 8 it’s the right age for her because she can’t really sew yet so I like how everything is already you know with the holes and everything and all the pieces she’s going to need in the googly eyes and everything and I just think this is going to be something really fun that she’s going to enjoy.

If you want to see some of the other new books that are from Klutz for fall and winter definitely check out the gift guide preview post I did a few weeks ago because those I got a couple of their other books that are new to give the girls, not for Christmas but just other occasions and kind of rainy boring days. So definitely check out that post if you want to see some of the other great Klutz books that just came out.

Again with creativity but I just love this type of gift for my girls and this is the sticky mosaics fairy friends. My youngest daughter loves stickers and she loves things like this where they have the numbers and the little stickers that were kind of already cut and she just has to peel them off of the sheet and to finish the picture, she loves things like this. It actually has four different pictures that she can put the stickers on and the designs are really cute she loves stuff like this.

And I like how there are all different themes you get pretty much any animal or cartoon character or whatever that you want they have all different themes but I thought this one was really cute and something girly that she would like. And her last tree gift and you guys would have seen this if you watched that gift guide preview post from a few weeks ago this is a Pomsie, you’re probably seeing these pop up into the toy stores and Target and Walmart and places like that.

Basically it’s an interactive animal that wraps around your wrist or your backpack to interact with you. It’s got over 50 things that it will say and respond to you and I just thought it was really cute, its eyes light up I’m not going to push the nose this time which is how you make it talk because last time this little thing interrupted me through the whole post so I’m not going to push it but I just thought it was a really fun thing that she would really enjoy kind of wearing around and taking out places and playing with.

It says, tickle cuddle and dance with me to around your wrist or backpack, it comes with a little brush that you can brush it and like I said it does have 50 reactions that it can interact with her and its life, its eyes light up pink when you touch its nose, it’s really cute and it’s really affordable and it doesn’t take that much space and it’s something I think that she will really enjoy.

So those are my 8-year old’s Christmas tree gifts, hopefully, you guys enjoyed seeing what we’re getting her for Christmas and getting some ideas hopefully for the kids in your life. Obviously you’ll probably notice a theme that there are no screens and anything like that involved I try to avoid that whenever possible and really the girls don’t ask for things like that like they don’t ever really ask for post games and things like that for the most part.

So that makes it really nice for me because I don’t like giving those types of things because I really do try to encourage them to play and use their imagination and not really be on a screen all the time so I feel like this is a good mix of fun things and useful things and creative things that she will really enjoy. I will have everything linked for you guys in a separate box below in case you’re interested in reading a little bit more about these things or if you’re wanting to purchase them I’ll have them linked for you.

Thanks, everyone and have a safe and joyful Christmas.

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