Christmas Gifts For Her – Hot Picks

In today’s post, I am back with another Christmas post clearly. Soon as I am like super unprepared for Christmas I thought it would really make sense to do a last-minute DIY gift ideas post in case you guys also unprepared because like is anyone prepared for Christmas? I feel like people unprepared notice me. Comment down below if you guys are also unprepared for Christmas. But I thought I would make a huge DIY gift ideas post and instead of doing like 1 or 2, 30 DIYs I thought I would make 15.

So hopefully guys you like this post and hopefully it is super helpful I know it’s like hot pick gifts for people sometimes so I tried to add in gifts that were as good for lots of types of people. So give it a thumbs up if you guys like it and also if you guys haven’t already entered my huge holiday giveaway and then make sure to follow me on my Instagram account and you guys will be entered to that giveaway and also like the post down below in case you guys want to check it out see what you can win.

Anyhow, a friend that loves getting money for Christmas the perfect way to prank them is to take a box of crayons and wrap them all up in dollar bills put all the crayons and back into the box and that way your friends will just think they’re getting crayons for Christmas until they realize they’re actually getting money.

Number two is perfect for all your donut loving friends and family, me. The perfect way to gift them is to buy books and just write this little pun on the inside. I do not know what I’d do without you does anyone else love puns, is that just me? But everyone the ones to give a candle for Christmas to someone but ain’t trans been like $40 on the candle all you have to do is take a mug and also take some regular candles to melt them off in a pot.

You can also add innocent scented oil to make it smell good but just pull the wax in your mug and you are done and once the candles did they also get the mug. So in the next gift is something that I probably gave to my mom, hey mom if you’re watching this what’s up. So all you need is a foam sheet, you’re also going to need some photos I just printed these out off my Instagram and you’re also going to need some mug pad so it fastly add this glued down all my photos onto my firm and I left some extra room so I can make these the shape of polaroid pictures then I just attach some magnets to the back and I was done I had myself a little set of magnets I just tie ‘em up with a ribbon.

I feel I could only give this to like my mom or my nan but you know I feel like she’d like that. Gift number five is probably my favorite it’s Goodbye pots so you’re just going to need some terracotta pots and it will look. You’re also going to need some stickers and a pen so I just basically stuff my stickers down saying good vibes and then just dotted around the outside and lastly, you just want to plant some succulents. I’m pretty sure that I just said the last gift was my favorite but like I changed my mind this is it I think I’m going to give it to myself.

Basically it is making a candy stash by just filling up a craft organizer with all of your friends’ favorite candy. So one time my friend Holly mentioned that I should make one of these rugs for her so I thought I’d make one as a gift idea in this post. So all you want to do is take some yarn and make a pom pom. To make you just want to wrap yarn around your hands plenty times and then slide it off and it secure it in the center with another piece of yarn then you should just have loops on either side, cut through those wrap your pom pom up and then you can stick it on to your rug and by the way I got this rug from Target it was $5.

I feel like we all know that one person that’s addicted to caffeine I’m talking to you Kane, my boyfriend Kane, that’s you yep hey. If you know someone that is obsessed with caffeine and then you can put together a little basket filled with all their fave coffee things. So I just have included some gift cards also Christmas blend coffee and a cute mug. [00:04:32.0] to pun gift number two we have a mountain dew pun. Obviously you’re going to need some mountain dew but also a piece of paper and a pen and you want to write “thank you for all that you do”. I feel like this would be the perfect gift for my mom, get it? “Thank you for all that you do”, Mountain Dew.

Actually now instead of thinking about it, I’m pretty sure that my mom doesn’t like Mountain Dew. Gift idea number ten is just this DIY mug and I feel like the coolest thing about this mug is you can customize it, switch it up. So I went to the craft store and I picked up some porcelain markers these will literally the last three colors left so I just went with it. I just went in with this cute little pattern but like totally switch it up, you could write someone’s name, you could be super extra motivational. I feel like this next DIY is the older like extra festive people.

So instead they’re giving like a box of chocolates you just want to take a styrofoam cone and also some candy balls just secure all of the candy bars onto your styrofoam cone with some glue and you have the best kind of Christmas gift ever candy Christmas tree.  a super stunt any eyes want a quick and easy gift it then you can just go to a pharmacy pick up a couple of her makeup bits and throw ‘em all in a keep makeup bag super quick and easy.

For the Dorito is you’re going to need some oven-baked clay so I just cherish all my own favorite colors ‘cause at this stage I don’t have these many friends or the remaining gifts are probably for me, to be honest I mean hit me up if you guys want to do or chase. So just take a little piece of each color and extra-white, definitely use extra white so it doesn’t get super muddy. Once the clay is all rolled together you just want to cut a circle out of your clay than just sit that on top of something round and other improvements and you can throw it in the oven. Just make sure you guys check out your own instructions because every single one that I’ve got from a different brand has different instruction.

Okay, so as this post goes on and I continue the voice over I realize just how much I love candy because quite a few of these gift ideas involve candy but there’s nothing wrong with that candy is. So taking a shadowbox further frame I just filled it up with some M&Ms and on it, with stickers I wrote “In case of emergency brake glass” and then I also decide to go in the back and write not really ‘cause you know don’t want anyone injuring themselves.

And of course, if you guys are just feeling like being kind to someone this Christmas take a couple of stacks of extra gum and just write on a little gift tag “you extra special” just so you can let them know how you feel. I’ve never felt so cheesy in my life. So that is it for this post.

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