Christmas Present Ideas For Girls And Boys

As you all know you’re in the mix of the Christmas season, Christmas is like two weeks away which I feel like is coming so fast and if you’re anyone like me every year I’ve been super last-minute on Christmas presents.

I made a promise to myself this year that I was going to start early which I did but I still feel like I have a lot of presents still left to buy. If you’re anyone like me this video is for you last-minute Christmas shoppers. I want to give you guys some Christmas present ideas, this one is going to be for her and then I might do another one that is for him too.

But this one is specifically for like the girl or if there is a boy that’s been with this stuff too then you can get it for him as well. And then at the end, I’m going to give you a couple ideas for like bundle gifts, I like giving bundle gifts and that is like a bunch of different things instead of just giving them one or two things it’s like a whole bundle personalized for the person that you’re giving it to you.

So yeah stay till the end if you are interested in hearing those bundles but for now, I’m going to be giving you my gift ideas for her. The first idea I have is Glossy makeup, they have their lip gloss, their boy brow mascara, cloud paint for like some people don’t buy Glossy since you have to buy it online and pay shipping and all of that. Glossy is also a good brand for someone who is just starting out with makeup or that doesn’t always wear a lot of makeup.

And it also comes in one of that really cute bag so they send it to you and so it’s also like a little makeup bag or a little pouch that you can gift to them as well. Next, you guys have probably seen these at Sephora they are these Sephora favorite kits they’re just a little travel size of all of their favorite products from different brands.

Travel size, it really gives people that like to travel a lot or just to give to people so they could try out new products and if they like them they can repurchase them without wasting the rest of it if they don’t like it. Next is another item you can get at Sephora it is the Sephora collection collab that they just did with Olivia Jade with their brinzer and illuminizing palette I believe that’s what it’s called.

I saw her video that she did on it and those highlighting shades were amazing they looked so stunning on her. Those like illuminizing kits are really good because we’ll get like different shades and not just getting like one shade, they have a lot to choose from. The next is a Mario Badescu facial spray trio I felt like people go through this stuff so fast so it’s always good to buy them more.

I was looking online and at Ulta they sell these for like $21 but I did see on Nordstrom that they sell all three of them for $15 which is actually a really really good deal. Next idea I have is for Soul Cycle. So if you know someone that likes going to Soul Cycle then you could buy their next class or if someone has been talking about going but they won’t spend the money on it they have a three class starter that’s like $60.

I think it’s like a pretty unique gift that a lot of people don’t really think about. Next is very basic a wildflower case, I love my wildflower case and if someone got me another one I feel like that’d be a pretty good gift ‘cause you have different options. Or they have like the Apple the silicon phone cases that I like as well. Next, if you know someone that is really into YouTube you could buy the new YouTubers merch.

I personally have David Dobrik’s merch and Emma Chamberlain, I really want to get Cody Ko, Next idea it’s one of those Fabfitfun boxes. I was actually thinking of getting my mom one of those. So our mom I’m not getting it for you so I’m not spoiling anything.

You’ve got their first box shipped to them and it’s literally just a huge box and it’s like kind of like an Ipsy glam bag or a boxy charm on crack literally. It has a ton of items in there all full-size of totally different categories. And if they’ve never heard of Fabfitfun before I feel like it’s kind of cool to introduce them to it in that way. Next, you could get them a Lululemon’s gift card this one is a little bit more pricey because Lululemon’s are not cheap but they are my favorite leggings.

Instead of going in there and buying them a pair I feel like a gift card is even better so they can go in and try on different pairs and see all the different types that they have there. Next idea is pretty basic but I just want to throw it out there, gift cards obviously if they are older if they’re in college giving them money or gift cards is literally an amazing present.

More specifically you can get them a Lyft or Uber cards if they like going out or you get them post meets cards. If they like ordering from Poshmark it’s a lot you can always get them Lily lashes or Baddie B Lashes if they’re really into makeup, those lashes can be pretty expensive so if you got them another pair that’ll last them so long and I feel like they would really appreciate it.

A Himalayan salt lamp I personally love mine and if anyone else has one I know that they’ll love it too. It honestly helps me sleep for some reason, I was having a really hard time sleeping at one point and I feel like it really really helped me and when I turned off all my lights at night it just gives off this really pretty like orangey pinky hue in my room when is like very relaxing.

Next idea is perfume. The KKW perfume is actually now at Ulta I just saw it there the other day. If someone has been wanting them and won’t buy them because they’re only online now you could buy it for them at Ulta. Quay Australia sunglasses those are pretty much the only sunglasses that I wear. They have a really cute one I think the ones are the hard wire that I’ve seen Chantel Jeffrey was wear.

The lists of violet collection linkage with them is also cute. I have sunglasses from their Sophia Richie collection so I thought you can’t really go wrong with like a good pair of sunglasses. The James Charles brush set if someone is just starting out with makeup or if they are in need of something brushes this is a really really good present because it comes with a Beauty Blender, every brush the job saloon need and even duplicates of some other brushes if you want to create like really crazy eye looks.

In Inbar mug, I don’t know if any of you guys have heard of this before but it is a mug that you could set the temperature of your coffee. It’s some high-tech stuff okay and if someone loves coffee, loves having coffee in the morning I feel like this is a perfect gift for them. You can also get them concert tickets I feel like this is a really good gift for you and for them because you guys can have a great time together.

I personally suggest getting Ariana Grande tickets because who doesn’t want to go see Ariana Grande, I know I do. If the person you were buying for is very forgetful you can get them a tracker for their keys. I know my mom really needs one of these but I think it’s a really good gift to remind them that they need help. If the person you’re buying for has a Polaroid you can get them some Polaroid film, you can also get them maybe like those hanging lights that you can clip your Polaroids to light up from like Urban Outfitters.

Or if you know someone that is really into taking pictures all the time you can get them one of those like photo printers that like hook up to your phone. The little small ones I know they sell ‘em at like Target or Best Buy or literally anywhere. If someone is into YouTube they’ve been wanting to start YouTube they make YouTube videos or even if they just like taking pictures or videos you can always get them SD cards that’s another thing that you got pretty expensive and people don’t really like buying for themselves.

Another idea is a ring light if someone is into doing makeup or they want to start a YouTube channel or they just want a ring light then you can get it for them. I got mine off of Amazon and it was only like $100 I think. Next, you could give them either a JBL speaker or a waterproof speaker like for the shower. Next idea is one of those like light up mirrors. I notice simple human mirrors are really really popular.

If someone is going to doing makeup then you go buy that for them. There is this brand on Instagram that I’ve been wanting an item from them for so long it is set activewear you’ve probably seen them on like different influencers Instagram pictures or Instagram pages and they’re really cute like matching sets the caravan reminds me of like I don’t know Kim K but like workout Kim K for some reason.

They have a ton of different colors and I feel like just the style and fit of them are really really nice. A lot of girls like to get jewelry for Christmas so there are three different brands that I actually want to be mentioning today. The first one is a Luv AJ, they did a collab with Amanda Steele and it is absolutely amazing. The other brand is I think Belladaar I think that’s what it’s called.

They have a ton of different options the one that I have seen is their safety pin earrings so that means super in. And then the last one is Adina jewels jewelry and they have those rainbow pieces that are also super in. The next items are all skincare sets that I’ve seen online that are all literally amazing. The ones that I have found that have actually interested me a lot are the Peter Thompson roth mask frenzy, the drunk elephant, the big reveal kit or their rescue party kit.

Then there’s the Fresh round trip ritual which Fresh is also a very very nice brand and the Cap Pare bestie, no, the  Cap Pare beauty besties, that brand can be pretty expensive as well so getting all the little minis of it I feel like we lost them a really long time. Another set is the new Desi Perkins collab that she did with Benefit the bomb-ass brows.

Literally right after I was done filming this and putting on myself away I realized that I skipped some items that were on the list. So I’m going to say ‘em to you right now. One of them was like a gift card or a gift certificate to wherever they get their nails done, their lashes done, their hair did for like their next visit because it save them money. Another one was a vanity, this one is a little bit more expensive this one’s really expensive.

But there is this Instagram account that I follow drea.m_vanities and they build vanities and they also install them for you and they are absolutely gorgeous. They’ll make vanities that are you know just for desks, they’ll make full link vanities, circle ones, they’re amazing. So if you want a vanity go check them out, if you want to buy it for someone go check them out.

And then the other one that I didn’t mention was tickets to see Ellen, this is really random but I’ve always wanted to go see Ellen and everyone that has gone to see her absolutely loves it and they say it’s a wonderful experience so buy yourself and your friend some Ellen tickets and have a great time, and get some free stuff to hope you get some free stuff. You can get them some loving tan fake tan I actually just fake tan yesterday, I fell asleep in it so doesn’t look that great.

But if you use it correctly it can be very very very nice. So, Loving Tan, you can get them a couple of the products, the mitt if they’re just starting out you get them. Where am I going with that? But you get them to like the two hour express and like the mitt and I feel like that’s like a pretty good gift.

Also since we’re in winter puffer jackets are super in the teddy bear jackets are also in coats are in and a couple of places where you can get them. So the puffer jacket, I saw a really cute and new one from Lulu’s and then teddy bear jackets you can get on Saffle or at Walmart. Next, if they have a favorite artist you could get them their favorite artist’s merch like Billy Eillish, everyone loves Billy Eilish I think so get them some Billy Eillish merch.

You can also get them makeup palettes that is something that is pretty obvious but I highly recommend the James Charles palette, Sylvia Gani just did a collab with BH Cosmetics there at the Juvia’s Place palettes and they sell at Ulta now lots of options. Lastly, of the specific present I have personalized gifts so this can literally be anything. One example that I put on there is you can get them a blanket. One of those that they print pictures on and you can print like their pet’s picture on it, I think that’s super cute.

Alright, that is it for the specific presents. Now it’s on to like the bundle items, I love giving bundle presents as you guys saw in my first vlog days or I gave a Lauren her present pretty much like that just a bunch of little things that are kind of personalized to her and stuff that she’s also been wanting so that’s pretty much what these are. The first one is for like someone who just started working out or likes breaking out you can get them resistance bands.

I got mine off of Amazon and they weren’t that expensive and you get them like a little workout outfit. Personally I would recommend getting something from Anchor Athletics apparel I just got a tank top from them it is very very comfortable I have it right here. It looks like this there’s the back it has I forgot what this is called well I said I think it’s called scallop but scallop something and it goes like up on your hips which is super flattering just saying.

Another thing I like is how the size right here you know when you’re wearing like a workout tank top and you’re just hanging out the sides and it’s really uncomfortable, this one doesn’t do that. Getting them a shirt from here and like resistance bands would be very very nice. Next is a Girls’ Night In, this is probably my favorite one. So this one is a bath bomb, face mask, candle, fluffy socks, one those like pre mix baking set so they have for like cookies or any like holiday treats.

You honestly play around with this one switch stuff in and out instead of doing like the baking set if you want to spend little bit more money on them you could get them like a post-made gift card that’s a really nice addition honestly. The next bundle I call it 21 bundle. This one is because all my friends are turning 21 right now so I feel like these are pretty good presents for them.

So the first one is one of those first initial wine Stoppers feel like these are pretty like cute because are personalized or you could get them one of those little wine glass sets. They sell these at like Marshall’s which aren’t even that expensive so you get them the wine stopper, a little glass and maybe a cocktail shaker.

All these items aren’t really that expensive so maybe you could put them in like a little basket with like a bottle of wine or some type of alcohol and I know someone who just turned 21 would really appreciate it. And last but not least it is pretty much the gift that I gave to Lau for Christmas, a stocking stuffer with a lot of little personalized things. So I put a picture frame in there you could get them a gift card, face masks, candy, one of the Glossier products, for a little piece of jewelry that would be perfect too. Alright, that is it those are all of the gift ideas that I have, I really hope you guys enjoyed this and you got some ideas.

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