Exiting Top Ten Gifts For Her During This Christmas

I am so excited to be writing this post because I’m finally doing my top ten gifts for her. So this post is amazing for any girl, woman, sister, coworker, any girl in your life I’m I really think these gift ideas are excellent so I can’t wait to show you what they.

Already, so we’re going to jump right into the very first gift recommendation and of course it’s going to be a Miranda Frye jewelry because as you guys know I love her jewelry and so does everybody else so I think it is a perfect perfect gift for any woman of any age it’s just amazing. So I’m wearing a lot of her jewelry right now but I’m also going to show you some of my all-time favorites because I do have a list of favorites and they are loved by many so I feel like if you were to get them for somebody else or for yourself you just won’t go wrong.

This is the Marilyn necklace this is probably this is definitely new like I haven’t had this very long but I’ve been wearing it probably non-stop for the last two weeks and it is probably one of the sparkliest and shiniest necklaces I’ve ever seen and I’m not exaggerating. It does kind of have a mix between gold and silver and then this is the blake chain and it does have an initial pendant on it and that is new for their holiday collection and the reason I’m including this well I do love it but I think it’s just a perfect gift idea because you can really customize it to be you know someone’s initial but then you can also include kid’s initials so you can kind of have like a family thing going on.

I also have AP and an H and sometimes people style it in different ways where you can hang at different levels. But I also wanted to show you these pendants here which are just my favorite pendants this is the radiance and the piece and it’s like the bird and this cross and I just really love like little circle pendants I think that’s so in style right now I just absolutely love it.

And so I don’t know I was going back and forth of how to style it because there are just so many ways you can style your necklaces and your jewelry but I decided to go with it like this but like I said I feel like the initials are just a really great gift idea for so many people because it’s so customizable but yet it’s so in style because a lot of other companies try to do customization necklaces and I feel like they look a little bit tacky. I don’t know I don’t want to say that because some people probably really like it but there’s just it’s not very often that I like that but this I really like and I feel like it looks really good.

Alright I quickly just want to go over of some of my all-time favorite necklaces that are just loved by so many and this is what got me started on Miranda Frye jewelry in the first place and it’s the Ashleigh necklace and you can literally wear this just so many ways you can wear it long you can cross it over your neck and bring up the middle part so that it hangs down into a t-shirt, you can wear it as like a choker and then a long necklace there’s just so many amazing ways to wear this necklace. I just really like wearing necklaces and paying for necklaces that are kind of a 5 in 1 or in this case it’s like a 12 in one way that you can wear the necklace.

So you’re kind of getting more bang for your buck when you’re buying jewelry. Another fan favorite that everybody loves and it’s pretty much going in and out of stock all the time because so many people want it, it’s the London necklace and it’s this really shiny sparkly and has like little balls but it’s just like really and it’s like really really nice and it feels really nice the quality is like it’s kind of heavy and it just feels really really well-made. As far as other accessories go I absolutely love this Carina ring here wear it all the time it looks so good with all of my other jewelry. And then the Stephanie earrings here which are just threader earrings pretty much wear these non-stop.

I sleep in them they just thread right through your ears they’re so comfortable and they’re just they’re gorgeous they’re just so easy to wear I’m wearing them non-stop. That does kind of lead me into the Stephanie necklace which again I wear non-stop for a while I really never took it off it is also one of her best-selling necklaces so I wanted to include it.

I also wanted to mention this jewelry box Miranda Frye actually sent this to me I think it was kind of just like a holiday gift to me which was so sweet of her but so many of you actually asked me about it so I wanted to include it in this post I’m not really counting it towards the 10 but it is this beautiful leather jewelry case and you can actually get it initialed and engraved and so it just says SW here and so many of you asked me about it and it’s just so so nice.

The quality is amazing it’s real leather the color is beautiful and you can just hang necklaces here you can keep necklaces inside it’s great for travel so I’ll also link it down below because if you wanted to get somebody some jewelry and then kind of place it in here with maybe their initials I feel like that isn’t an excellent gift idea.

Already so we’re moving on to the second gift idea and I’m so excited about this because I just think that this is such an amazing bag. So what it is it’s from Tory Burch so it’s in this little envelope. So they do package it really really nice if you were to mail this to somebody or order it for somebody or you just give it to them in person but it does come in this really nice little envelope and I did kind of unpackage it already but it is this beautiful crossbody bag but I know it just looks kind of basic but I’m telling you this the functionality of this is just amazing so let me just show you quickly about it.

So it is this really nice embossed leather with the Tory Burch logo right here and it has this adjustable strap here so you can wear it as a crossbody. But what makes it so cool is first of all the strap is totally like removable, adjustable but you can remove it and when you open it, it does also come with this gold chain. So you can remove the chain or you can put the chain on and it can then become a little clutch or it can become a little tiny purse so you can just clip on the gold chain here like that.

So you wear it over your shoulder you can wear it as a clutch you could just not have any strap at all and it just be a pouch and people love pouches for makeup, they love pouches just to have like as a catch-all in their bag but what’s even more cool about this one is it actually has credit card slots so you could use this as a wallet, you could use it as a wallet on chain, you could use it again as just like a catch-all in your bag it could just be something that you know you always have in your bag when if you’re running out for an errand you could just grab this instead of your entire like big bag.

You could wear it like this so that this chain kind of hangs out here but then also keep the long leather strap, there are just so many ways you can wear and use this little item that I was just so impressed and I just think it is such a good gift idea. Like I when I saw it I was just like oh my gosh this is amazing. It comes in a lot of different colors I think black is very classic you can’t go wrong with black but of course, if you know that someone else loves red maybe you could go for that color but yeah I’ll link it down below I just think it is such an amazing gift idea.

Now it is Tory Burch so obviously the price is going to be a little bit more than some people might want to pay but if you did want to spend a little bit more on somebody this is a fantastic idea. Or let’s be real you could totally just get it for yourself because it’s just amazing. Already so the third gift idea I have for you are watches. I feel like you can’t go wrong with watches because even though someone might already have a watch having a watch collection is really awesome people love wearing them different ways with different outfits and I’m even more excited because I want to show you Vincero watches.

This one is probably my favorite one I just really really love the gray color at the rose gold and the white face I just think it’s so neutral but yet so pretty and feminine I just really really love it. So they did give me a discount code because I said I was going to be including this in my gift guide post so I’ll link it down below you can use it it’s 15% off I think the quality, feels and looks amazing but yet they are more affordable, I mean they’re not cheap but they’re not like crazy either. So you can definitely use the discount code to save even more but I’m just really excited about it.

But I also have another one and it’s actually this really pretty rose gold one with the the metal band here. I love this it has like a coronagraph face to it and it’s just one of those watches that again will go with any outfit especially this one you can really dress it up with like arm candy. I don’t know I just feel like this is such a good a gift idea because the styles of their watches are just so on point but yet the pricing is realistic like third they feel really good quality but they’re not insanely priced like five or six hundred dollars no this is affordable but yet the quality is definitely there.

I’ll link their website down below so if you wanted to check out some of the other styles they have silver they have different types of bands they have a lot of different options. Already so the next gift idea I have for you guys is this Barefoot Dreams cardigan and I decided to include it in this post because I think it’s an amazing gift idea for anybody of any age. A 15 year old would love this a 45 year old would love this an 80 year old would love this. This cardigan is so so soft I mean like it literally is a dream I understand why they say it barefoot dreams.

I think the color is amazing it comes in a lot of different colors it’s just an item that’s in style but it’s in style for people of all ages and it’s just so cozy it’s so loved if you look at their reviews they’re like 5 star reviews everybody loves it so it’s definitely a great idea for anybody. It’s another one of those gifts that you could buy one for your friend but also one for yourself because I think everybody should have this. So the next gift idea I have for you guys is an essential oil diffuser and you can get this very inexpensively on Amazon it’s a fantastic gift it smells so good I will link this one that I have along with the few others from Amazon down below.

You can definitely get them from essential oil companies but I find that usually they’re priced way higher and they do the same job I’ve tried many and I think this one is amazing and it looks really cool I think it’s really chic and pretty and it looks like really nice in your house. And I also include some of my favorite essential oils so here is a pack that I have and it’s called peace and quiet and it includes like peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, it’s just a really great set to have and you can mix oils and it just makes your entire house smell and just feel really good.

So I know a lot of people really like candles but I really prefer the essential oils it’s a lot healthier it’s a lot cleaner it’s just it’s just really fun to mix and match and do all kinds of fun experiments with the different scents. I also have standalone ones I actually have this germ fighter and it’s like a blend of different ones it actually cleans the air and I like to do this when someone’s sick it kind of like makes their passageways kind of open up and it just makes them feel better when they are sick. I have this standalone one it’s lavender that’s so good for sleeping I just have a lot of different ones so I will include my favorites down below it’s just it’s just a really great gift idea and a lot of people love this but a lot of people don’t have it so that’s why I wanted to include it.

The next gift ideas are having to do with beauty and I just really think you can’t go wrong with these Sephora favorite sets right here. I definitely showed this in my Sephora haul when there was the vib sale going on so I kind of stocked up on this and I just think this is really great gifts for people that just like beauty in general. So you don’t have to know people’s shade or color you don’t have to know what they have or what they don’t have basically this is just all of the best products in a box of just things that are best sellers and everybody loves. So you know even though somebody might have a couple of things of these they probably don’t have everything and it’s always really fun to try new things.

So this one is just the Sephora favorites superstars and this is the Sephora lip favorites so it’s just all the different favorite lip shades there’s reds, browns, purples, nudes it’s just like every color you could imagine in here. So I love these and I just highly recommend them for any friend or parent or sister or whatever that loves beauty. The next gift idea is a lot smaller it’s maybe more of like a stocking stuffer or something that where you don’t want to spend as much money but a lot of people will love it and it’s actually my phone case. It’s so pretty I get so many compliments on it I got mine from Etsy so I’ll link it down below but there’s also one that looks almost identical and it’s from Nordstrom so I’m going to link both of them down below.

It’s just really really pretty and I feel like you don’t really see these types of cases just out and about I feel like there’s always like solid ones or polkadot ones just never like really pretty marble. I just get so many compliments on this phone case that I figured it would be a good idea to include in the gift guide and it also kind of like brings down to the price range of this post if you don’t want to spend as much money on some of the other things that I just mentioned this definitely is a lot more affordable.

Okay this next option I’m really excited about and I actually ordered a brand new set and I wanted to actually show you what it comes in like this really nice like box with like it’s just packaged really nicely but it didn’t come in time I decided to film this a little bit earlier than I thought even though I’m kind of so late to the game but basically what it is is a sheet set like a bedding sheet set and oh my gosh it is just the softest sheets in the world. I’m not exaggerating I will probably never go back to regular sheets.

So this is actually from my son’s bedroom every single bed in our house has these sheets they come in a lot of different colors and obviously different sizes depending on your bed like twin, queen, king, we have I actually have a California king and they have sizes for that. But it’s just the softest material and we keep this on year-round I know some people are probably scared that like this would be too warm for the summer but we don’t find that it’s just so nice and cozy. I just wanted to include this because I think it is a really great gift idea that most people don’t talk about you know getting new bedding it sounds kind of like dumb but it’s not a dumb idea people will love this and thank you forever for buying it for them.

So the sheets are like this the extra sheet that kind of goes over your bodies like this and then this is the pillowcase so it’s all matching and it’s just so so cozy. The next gift idea I have for you guys is another one that I don’t think anybody it won’t mention and it is a Salt Rock lamp. So I don’t know if you guys have heard of these this is more of like a natural thing like a holistic thing that a lot of people really like. Not only is it beautiful it lights up and it just kind of makes this really pretty like ambient glow but it’s also very very healthy and it has a lot of benefits to it. So basically when it’s heated a little bit it does put off positive ions which are extremely beneficial to your health so I actually have this sitting right on my nightstand right beside where I sleep and it’s just a really pretty and healthy thing to have around your body.

So I know a lot of people probably think it’s a little bit crazy but nonetheless I love it and I think it is a really really cool gift idea for anybody that’s kind of more health-conscious. I think the pricing is really good I’ll have it linked down below you just get it on Amazon but it also comes in this really a pretty gift box here so the presentation is also nice. And we’re up to the tenth and final gift idea I have for you guys and maybe you’ll be disappointed with this but I just feel like you can’t go wrong with this idea and it’s just e-gift cards. I know I’m not like showing you anything but I fall back on this idea all the time and I think you guys should too if you don’t know what to do.

So basically all you have to do is just figure out a genre of what somebody likes and then you can actually go to their websites I’ll link down some of my favorite websites that provide e-gift cards and all you do is just electronically send it to them you can tell the company when to send it you can tell them how much you want it for and they receive it electronically and they can spend it online or in-store. I just think it’s a really great and easy gift idea especially for people that maybe run out of time maybe they’re a little bit lazy or maybe they just don’t know what the person would want you can always fall back on an e gift card and it won’t disappoint.

So that does it for this post I really hope you enjoyed my top 10 gift ideas for her. As always I’ll link everything down below as I’ve probably said 15 million times already but if you also want to enter my giveaway for $100 or a $100 gift card just make sure you’re subscribed to my channel and comment down below and you can also follow me on Instagram for an additional entry. If you also want to enter the men’s giveaway then I’ll have that linked down below if you want to check out that post.

But anyway Merry Christmas to you guys, Happy Holidays. I hope you guys are having a wonderful December and I love you guys all thank you again for watching and I will see you very soon in my next post, bye.

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