Gift Ideas For Parents Who Don’t Want To Spend Too Much

In this post, I am going to discuss gift ideas for parents because I always find it super hard to think of gifts for parents because I don’t want to spend too much on gifts.

So I have to think of like cheap ones but like ones that will actually like you know like be good. So I thought of some good ones I think for you so if you guys do like these make sure you leave a comment down below telling me which one you’re going to use or what you plan on giving them for Christmas and yeah without further ado let’s just get on to the post.

So the first one I’m going to start out with is moms and I find moms way easier to shop for than dads so we’re going to start with the mom stuff. I think like a lot of things that say teenagers mom’s actually like and first of all the things I’m going to say are pajamas, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with pajamas like they have such cute like Christmassy sets that you can get at like Victoria’s Secret or mom’s stores like the Bay do they have end-states what kind of yeah those kind of stores have them for like really good prices and then you can get like matching slippers and that’s like a perfect cozy gift and it’s really cute.

Another gift idea that I have for moms is a diffuser and my mom has been wanting one of these for so long and I love them because they’re like a naturally nice scent and you can get different one for the house so I’m going to get this one right here I’ll insert a picture and it’s like nice and like shiny. And this is one of the more expensive gifts but if you can afford it if not if your parents already have a diffuser or something like that you can just get the oils and those are like around $10 and that’s a really nice gift as well.

Another thing to give moms is a sweater. You can get cute sweaters that are cheap or expensive so depending on your price range. They’re like all moms love sweaters it’s like a mom thing. And then another thing that you can get your mom is any kind of like makeup. So like Sephora, there’s like the different palettes my mom has been really into that palette lately so I might get her one of those or mascara or anything that’s going to like help them ‘cause I feel like a lot of moms don’t know much about makeup.

You could also do makeup brushes if you will don’t have a lot of money makeup brushes can like range from like 10 to like $30 so that would be a really good gift. Another thing for moms is Starbucks gift cards you can get everyone a Starbucks gift card and they probably use it so you can do like $20 however much you have to spend and then maybe like a mug and you could put the Starbucks card in the mug and that’s like a really really cute coffee-based present.

If your mom loves cooking or if your dad you can use this for dad as well then you can get them a cookbook and my parents are always looking for new and healthier recipes so you can get them a cookbook. My mom just got me this one and I think it’s a really really nice one so if your parents like eating healthy and stuff so yeah those are the gift ideas for mom. So on to dad, this is the tough one and I’m going to get right to it. I’m going to use the stereotypes of dads so here we go.

So I think that pretty much every dad wants to make wants to like feel manly at some point so getting them anything that’s like tool-related I feel like they could use as a nice hammer, you know screwdriver. Her idea for dads is pajamas again I feel like everyone can benefit from a good nice pair of pajamas or sweat pads to just wear around the house Also if you want to spend a bit more money you can go get tickets to like beer tastings or Scotch tastings my dad is obsessed with scotch so he would be thrilled if I got this for him.

There’s also places nowadays that are called men’s spas and guys can go in there and get like all different kinds of like men’s activities that are like cool so like there’s like a men’s manicure and pedicure place now so you can get them for your yeah right what? Yeah, my gosh. And it’s in Vancouver you can like to get them a gift card to go get their toenails done and they don’t have to feel like women and you can go there.

There are also places where you can get like the fresh as hot towel shaved and those are always fun Devin always talks about wanting to get one of those so that would be a really good gift. Also, another good gift for dads or any guys that you know would be watching, I love giving watches because no one ever complains about receiving a lot like they’re so nice and they make every outfit look good. You want to go down the cheaper line you could always get like a small little bundle of things you could include like like bodies like colognes and body showers and stuff for my Bath and Body Works in the men’s section.

And then maybe you could put in like a Starbucks gift card and every dad loves chocolate just get him chocolate maybe too stoked on that. My dad really likes the dark chocolate with like a salted caramel in it so maybe something like that and then put it in like a little mug or something for them to have and bring to work. The thing that all dads love pretty much are hats you know like dad hats they all love them so a good dad hat with like maybe like something on it like they have like different hockey teams or baseball teams or something.

Another good idea is if your dad goes to work and has like a day job then you can get them anything like that they would have for that. So you can get them a tie sometimes guys like to wear those cuff links you can get those. There’s also different like they’re kind of like business card holders and they have a good clip on them and they’re actually not too bad and pricing so that would be a really nice gift for any kind of like business dads.

Another good thing to get them is anything like kind of sports-related I feel like a lot of dads like to like go out for walks or hikes or go to the gym or something so any kind of like running shoes, water bottle, nice socks too. So and also a good idea is if you can’t think of things that you want to get them individually or you don’t have a lot of money you could get a joint gift that benefits both of them. So, for instance, you put both of your spendings together and give them like a weekend away or like pay for half of their weekend away or something like that.

You could give them anything that kind of like brings the family close together so like a whole bunch of board games to do like a board game mate and they’re never going to like be mad that you didn’t get them individual presents. So that was the end of the post I really hope that you guys liked it.

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