Good Christmas Gifts For 9 Years Olds During This Christmas

So in today’s post, I’m going to be sharing what we are giving our nine-year-old daughter for her Christmas. They each are getting four gifts for their Christmas I know some people think that’s too much and a lot of people will say that’s way too little. But first of all we are coming off of birthday they do not really need anything else and second of all I talked about this back before the Christmas posts went out that we really try to keep the number of gifts to a minimum and to a minimum is you know as a term that’s relative to the person.

So what I think is to a minimum might not be what you think is to a minimum but that’s okay to me this is to a minimum this is keeping it down this is like reining myself in and saying no she does not need you know 14 Christmas presents this is really just a nice amount of things that I think she’ll actually use and enjoy. That’s my disclaimer for this post, of course, I will link everything for you guys so let’s get into the gift ideas.

So the first thing is and if you guys I haven’t had like guys in this post. If you all if y’all have seen my other posts recently you know that my girls are really obsessed with silly putty and squishies. I think the whole world is obsessed with squishies right now anything that’s like scented and you know slow rising or anything like that I think it’s really a big trend right now.

And I got this kit for her from Amazon now I was a little hesitant to get this because me and the girls like squishy makeovers and anytime she’s had one of these colors your own squishy kids she’s always said they were terrible. I never have seen her review this particular one and the reviews of this one on were pretty good.

So I’m taking a gamble on this it may be the worst mistake I’ve ever made because maybe all this marker is going to come off I don’t know or we could also do what Mariah does she gets like puffy paint from the craft store and she paints them instead of using markers. So we have a couple of options I’m fine if she wants to use the markers I’ll be happy to go out and get the puffy paint stuff if that’s what she wants to do but you get four squishies you get a doughnut, a cake, a cupcake, and an ice cream cone in this cute little box and then let me know if you guys do this.

When you have a cute box or a cute folder when I was a kid and I still do this I will cut out a strip of it and laminate it and make it into a bookmark I don’t know why but I do so that is going to be a bookmark I know in our future but that I got from Amazon it was really inexpensive and I actually got this before Christmas but I think they still have it so I’ll link it for you. Another thing I got from Amazon, almost everything came from Amazon this year is this and again this came I got this before Christmas but I believe you can still get it from their website, it is the Squeezamals black-box mystery kit.

If you don’t know what a Squeezamal is, it is a squishy that is plush like a stuffed animal so it’s soft on the outside but there is still slow rising squishiness on the inside. So it’s basically a stuffed animal that is a slow rise squishy, this one’s really neat because you get six characters and it shows you kind of your possibilities here on the back but you don’t know who you’re going to get you just know that you’re going to get three of the three and a half-inch, three of the one and a half inch so you don’t know which ones.

So that is from Amazon. And then if you watched me what we’re giving what we gave her for Christmas post I would have, you would have seen these Crayola scribble scrubbies. I got her a small pack for her stocking it’s these little white kind of felty fuzzy little animals that you colored with markers and decorates kind of like the doodle bears if anybody remembers a doodle bear that you could draw on and wash it off. It’s the same concept, this one actually comes with a little bathtub which we really don’t have room for but anyway it’s got 12 pet figurines, 12 markers, and the bathtub.

So once you color on them you use the little brush and some water and it washes off and I really kind of didn’t think it was going to work but the one she got per her stocking it does work and she liked it so much she actually requested the bigger set and this is the biggest that I could find. It said it was an Amazon exclusive so I don’t know if it really is but it did come from Amazon so they probably still have it or you can look other places you know too but this one did come specifically from Amazon.

And the next thing and don’t ask me why this trial is is obsessed with onesies right now like one-piece pajama sets. I don’t know I don’t get it I got her one before Christmas she loves it and I can’t even keep it clean as she wears it I’m like you got to take this thing off so I can wash it. So she only does have the one and like every time we go somewhere like Kohl’s or somewhere, she’ll say I wonder if they have any onesies, I don’t really understand what the obsession is with this.

My only stipulation for her like the one that I bought her before that she knows about and then of course this one is to get the ones that do not have the feet like footed ones because I remember I don’t know if I had one as a kid but it seems like I did because I remember having something with feet and then you start outgrowing it and your toes start like curling up at the end so that’s kind of my only rule if she wants to have a onesie at least get the ones that don’t have feet.

Well, she’s really into my little pony thankful, thankfully again we’ve been through so many rounds with my little pony with between both girls. This one came from Amazon is a My Little Pony onesie it’s really long and I can’t show you all the ones but it’s got like clouds on the legs and then of course rainbow ash on the front and then when you put the hood on it’s got the little ears and the colorful mane so I think she’ll really like that.

And it’s funny because I’ve had this one for about a month and just to today she’s like I need another onesie and I was like, it’s almost your Christmas so I didn’t tell her that but I think she’ll really like that. Okay so those are her four gifts that she’s getting for her Christmas now I do have some other stuff I want to share with you guys that’s going to be kind of a mixture of homeschool rewards store items she may get one for Easter in her Easter basket just various reasons I like to have little things kind of held back for different rewards, different occasions, Christmas parties you know party favors things like that.

So if you guys watched my, I think it was my gift guide preview I did before Christmas I shared with you guys some squishies that I got for the girls from and they went nuts for those so I thought it would be really fun to get some more we need to really replenish our homeschool rewards store it’s been looking pretty bare lately and I know these are going to be some great things to add to it.

So I thought I would just share these in this post in case you are looking for some more gift ideas I thought it’d be fun to share. Okay so they’re all unwrapped now and like I said back in that post back in November I really like getting the girls squishies from because they are super inexpensive and they have such a huge variety of squishy so it just is an easy way to go the girls I can get on there and like add a bunch of stuff to the car and then every once in a while I’ll go and like buy certain ones that they wanted for different occasions.

So the first one and I personally think this one’s really weird but my youngest daughter loves this hedgehog and looks how big he is, he’s like huge. She got a giant squishy doughnut for Christmas and this is not quite as big as that but he’s so fat. But he is very squishy and slow rising she wanted him I don’t really know why but she likes this I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with this one because she likes it so much I feel like it needs to be a higher value gift so maybe it’ll go in her Easter basket, I don’t know but we do have a little Hedgehog.

Both girls also wanted one of the squishy s’ mores. So I may say these for their Easter baskets too just since there’s two of them, these are really so slow rising in squishy too so those are really cute I love those. And then there is a, what is this called, the jelly roll, so it’s really soft and fun to play with. And then we have a little waffle with peanut butter on ‘em it’s really cute. And we have some cherry pie that reminds me of the song and I’m going to be thinking that song all day.

And then we have this little deer cake than a couple of the different like cake animal style so that was one of the ones that one of the girls wanted. And then this little dumpling, it’s really really tiny not tiny but it’s small compared to the other ones and it’s really cute. And then a little bunny which my youngest daughter wanted. And then the last little guy is this little I guess it’s a hamster, so he’s really cute and chubby, I think my youngest daughter wanted that one too.

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