Great Christmas Gifts For Her Under $50 During This Festive Season

Now is the time of year where a lot of us have Christmas gifts on the mind I’ve always mildly stressed out until I have everyone’s gifts figured out and I’m an online shopper especially this time of the year you could not pay me to deal with the parking lots, the crowds, the long lines that are just not my style. I would rather shop in the comfort of my own home and Amazon for me is my go-to especially because of prime shipping I know it will get here in two days.

Sometimes the problem is Amazon almost has too much stuff on there and it is hard to narrow it down and find the good gift item. So I spent a ton of time looking through so many products to find things that I think are the perfect gift ideas for everyone on your list. I have a whole assortment of gifts for him and for her, I’m also doing a separate post with of all kids gift ideas from Amazon so that post will be up next week.

So all of these items except for two are under $50 price point that’s typically the budget that I have from my Christmas gifts. Alright, we have it so much to cover in this post so let’s just jump right into it. So I’m going to start off with my personal favorite gift idea item from Amazon it is this back and neck massager.

I’ve talked about this on my channel but I have to mention it again because it makes the perfect gift I’ve already given it to Ryan my dad and my stepdad they all love it and even though it’s called a neck massager you can use this thing on your entire body, I love to use it on my feet, my lower back, my legs, this thing is incredible. It is probably the single best thing I have ever purchased on Amazon that is how much I love this and I think it makes a great gift for literally anyone on your list.

The next gift idea is this electric wine opener. So we have one of these we always use it at our parties and everybody asks us about it so you basically could just put it on the top of any wine bottle you press a button and it will take the cork out.

So I’m giving this to my dad this year he’s a wine lover and this is the exact one that we had it’s the best rated one in Amazon and I think it makes a great gift for anyone in your family who likes wine. The best Christmas gift that I have ever received was five years ago from my mom it was a Breville electric tea maker.

Now this is a pricier item it’s over $200 which I know is a lot but a great and far more budget-friendly alternative is this tea maker it is an imperial tea maker and what you do is you put your loose leaf tea in here let it rip then you get your cup put it on the top and all of the tea will come out and we’ll strain it through the tea leaves so you have your tea ready to drink.

I’m an absolute tea fanatic and I feel like loosely tea is just so much better so giving someone that as a gift and then also with it you can get them a loose leaf tea sampler I found this one the packaging on it is so beautiful it comes with ten at different loose leaf tea flavors and it’s under $20. So packaging these two together I think it makes a great gift I’m giving these to my mom this year and I think she’s really going to love it.

Next is this a really clever all-in-one tool I’m giving this to Ryan because he is always looking for the right tool I can never find it. So this has 11 tools in one it’s compact and I just feel like men love gadgets and this is a really fun gadget that is useful and also makes a good gift. Now this is a good item that I personally would love to receive and this is for my stepmom I think she’ll love it, it is a painting kit.

They have a regular and a deluxe painting kit option both are under $50 comes with the frame, the canvas, color wheel, paintbrushes, paints, pretty much everything you need to get started with painting. I think this is perfect for the creatively inclined person in your life, my stepmom is artistic and she mentioned that she wanted to take up painting and even for me I’m not that artistic but I feel like it’s always good to have a creative outlet and for the new year I feel like a lot of people are looking for new hobbies to take on.

These next few gifts are all for my mom, first is this guy which is a beautiful wooden bath8 tray. It has the adjustable sides so it fits over the edge of your tub and it gives you a little table in your bath so you can have your drink there’s a stand here for a magazine or a book, there’s a special thing here to hold a wine glass and your candles or anything else that you like to have with you in the bath so this will just help elevate your bath take it to the next level.

And to package along with that you can get a nice bath pillow and some bath accessories. So I found this on Amazon it’s a set of six bath bomb it comes in this pretty tin with a bow on it and you open up and I think these are just packaged so beautifully, there are six different types and they have really cute names so one is stressed mom, yoga sunrise, energizing grapefruit, sinus relief, I think everyone out there loves comfort items and pampering themselves.

Next is a cool techy gift item that I got for my stepdad and it is the ring doorbell so it’s a little doorbell with a camera apparently it’s very easy to install and it attaches to an app on your phone so you can check the front camera see who is at your door see if there are any packages there and this is the other gift that’s over the $50 price point this was $99 but I think it makes for a great gift I frankly want one of these for myself in my own front door I’ll probably get one.

Next up is this water bottle that has a built-in infuser in the middle. So you can make your own flavored fruit waters pretty much every person I know including myself wants to drink more water so I think this is something that could be good for anybody. What I really like about this one, in particular, is that it’s dishwasher safe that it’s not always easy to find in a water bottle and it will make your life so much easier. It’s also BPA-free, 32 ounces which is a nice large size and leak-proof so you can throw it in your bag.

I think this is a great stocking stuffer gift item they’re called letters to they have a whole bunch of different ones this one’s called Letters To My Grandchild so I’m giving this to my dad so he can write letters that I’ll give to Carter in the future and it’s so cute the way this is set up. So if you open this up there’s a bunch of different envelopes with prompts on them for different letters that my dad can write in here so for example what I want you to know about me, my wishes for you.

Last is this little stocking stuffer that I think is good for any person on your list, it is a collapsible straw that comes in this adorable container, it’s so tiny I’ve done a whole post on this topic but in case you didn’t know plastic straws are one the worst things for the environment so this is a reusable collapsible straw. So how this works you open it up, pull the straw out just like that it pops together you can drink out of your drink.

It also comes with a little straw cleaner with it so yes this is a cute little gift item it’s also good for the environment so got to love that. I was editing and I realized I forgot to include this book A Sucky Love Story by Brittani Louise Taylor makes a really good stocking stuffer I’m buying two more copies for a couple of friends of mine. This is the craziest most unbelievable story and the book is a complete page-turner I read it in two days and yeah buy a copy for yourself, buy some for friends, it makes a good gift.

So those are my Amazon gift ideas for this year I did one of these posts last year if you want even more ideas I will leave that post link down below. And also once my children’s Amazon gift ideas post is up I will link it here. Stay safe and enjoy your holidays.

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