Great Mid Range Luxury Christmas Gift Guide For Her

In this post, we are going to discuss gift guide for her so it’s perfect if you’re looking for inspiration for the women in your life or if you just want to treat yourself. I’m calling this a mid-range luxury gift guide because everything I’m including here today I do consider luxurious but it’s not super crazy extravagant so I’m not including Chanel bags or anything like that.

My price points range from about the $40 mark up to about $400 so definitely still luxurious and even the small things that I’m including I do consider little pockets of luxury but not super crazy extravagant so I hope you guys enjoy this I will be leaving links to everything I featured down below.

So if you’re curious to know what I bought then I’ll leave the link to my blog post down below. So I hope you guys enjoy this and I’m going to go ahead and get started. My first pick is from Jo Malone and I’m a huge fan of Jo Malone in general but particularly for gifting because they put so much effort into their packaging and I do think packaging counts around this time of year who doesn’t want one of these bags on their tree I always think it’s so special to receive something from them.

And what I have inside they can be very expensive but this item isn’t actually too bad and it’s just a really nice little token I think anyone would love to have it. So they did these last year as well and they sold out pretty quickly they are still available I think so if you are interested I’d grab them sooner rather than later. And you get three items in here so you get a cologne, a body and hand wash, and body cream.

Obviously they’re only mini sizes and I am going to open up so you can see. And it’s a proper little Christmas cracker so it’s really really fun and festive. So it’s empty now it was quite tricky to get out but you basically get three little minis and they’re wrapped up in black tissue paper so it is really special and fancy. And this won’t break the bank at all it’s pretty reasonably priced for Jo Malone anyway.

So you get three little minis so you get the cologne, you get the body cream and you get a body wash so it’s a nice introduction to someone who doesn’t know Jo Malone or is familiar with them but it’s also just a really nice one for someone who is a huge fan of the brand. So they’re all in different fragrances, so this is blackberry and Bay, this is Wild Bluebell and Neroli and this is Mimosa, so really really gorgeous from Jo Malone.

Next up I have a poncho which might seem like a bit of a random one but this is a really nice poncho. So it’s this beautiful grey and baby pink one and it’s from Barbour and I didn’t even know Barbour did ponchos but apparently they do and it’s absolutely massive. So it is a proper poncho with the neckline there so you just kind of drape it over your shoulders your back and then it just kind of sits around so it’s really lovely they call it a winter tartan.

And it is 100% of wool so it is really soft. I think this is just the loveliest thing and just age-appropriate for anyone I think so you can definitely wear this in your 20s if you’re a fan of ponchos rather than with some cute over the knee boots some really dress them up. But you can also give this to your grandma your mum anyone really I think they would all love it it’s such a stunning color and just a really nice item that I don’t think many people necessarily buy themselves so a really lovely one from Barbour.

Next up are some beauty gift sets and these are all absolute standout items for me. If you use the kind of things that if you give them to someone on Christmas morning I think you’re going to get such an amazing reaction because they’re incredible. So the first one is this Clinique set and I’ve spoken before about my love for chubby sticks I think it’s such a great lip product.

So when I saw this I thought it was just a must-have it’s that’s incredible so it’s really long and you just open it up and you get all of these chubby sticks that only in the mini size but you get every kind of color imaginable. So you get your browns here it goes into darker pinks, light pinks and then some deep purples right here. And they’re absolutely incredible I mean it’s such an amazing tin it’s beautifully presented so that actual tin is lovely as well.

But how incredible for someone that you know is a chubby stick lover and there’s only $49 as well so really good value for money I think. I thought it was just wonderful and at the moment at Nordstrom they also are doing a free gift with purchase. I don’t know if it’s still this exact one it was last week but I don’t know if they’ve changed it but they’re definitely doing something similar.

Yes, so you guys it’s a really fun pouch and you get some amazing products inside. So you get another lip products, some powder and moisturizer, serum, mascara and then a chubby stick foundation and you can pick your shade from two different types I think so really good value if you want to keep this for yourself and give someone the set or if you just want to gift both, a really really nice option and just such an incredible gift.

Now for another amazing lip product gift set, I thought this one from Buxom was just amazing. It is a $59 cost with a $150 value so really great if you know someone that’s a fan of these or perhaps you think would like them. I only recently discovered them and I’ve been so impressed they remind me of the Dior lip maximizers they have that kind of similar tingly effect but I really like them.

And you just get so many different shades you get some dark ones like pinks, some bright pinks really something for everyone so an incredible gift set. Or again you could possibly split these up and give them a little gift bags or stocking stuffers just lots of possibilities but really good value for money and it has a lot of wow factor as well I think. Next up is a can or gift set and this one is from Diptyque.

And I’ve actually bought this several times over to give to different people because I thought it was such a great gift. The price point is really good as well I think it’s about ₤60 or $79 and it’s not super cheap obviously but I think it’s a nice price point for friends and colleagues and that sort of things so really really lovely.

They do do different ones as well so if you want to go a bit cheaper then they have a set of three mini candles and then if you want to go more expensive than they do a set which is double this so you get ten candles instead of five as you get in this one and I think that’s double the price so you do have a few different options.

This one has five candles as I mentioned and they’re all different fragrances so a really nice starter pack for someone that you know loves candles but hasn’t necessarily tried Diptyque or for just someone that you know is a big fan of the brand. I think it’s so beautiful the packaging is stunning it has all this gold foil and it always just does take always delivers in my opinion.

I can’t open it because this is actually going to be a gift for someone but it is really lovely and I will insert a picture of what the inside looks like as well. Next up I have two items from Chanel and the first one is this beautiful brooch, I bought this about two years ago from Heathrow and it is the loveliest piece it’s really versatile you can pin on [0:06:30.1] or anything.

I think this is the perfect item for any luxury level or fan of Chanel because it isn’t a day-to-day essential so so many people who even love Chanel bags won’t own this because you know it’s not like a card case or anything like that it’s definitely something a little bit special but because of that I think it would make a really good gift. You know it’s not something you’d necessarily buy yourself even though I honestly have but just a really lovely item.

They do range in price quite a bit so you can get them for about ₤270 and they go way up to ₤700, ₤800. This one I think cost about 370 but that was at Heathrow so they will cost a little bit more at a boutique but a really beautiful item, very versatile and I’m sure will delight any luxury lover.

Then I have a beauty Chanel item and I saw this and thought it was so beautiful it’s definitely on the pricey side so I think this is around the $95 mark but it is really lovely. So it comes in a glossy black Chanel box and inside is this lovely red pouch has a little zipper which is a snowflake. And then inside if I can grab them you have three lip glosses so you have a kind of peachy pink shimmery one you have a slightly dark pink and then you have a clear gloss as well.

And I don’t know anyone who would be obsessed about this, this is such a beautiful gift very luxurious and at $95 for a few lip glosses obviously it’s quite pricey but it’s such a nice little item I think, really lovely everything from the casing to the packaging just a beautiful from Chanel. And then one last beauty one that I wanted to share is this amazing gift set from Lancome that comes in this pretty enormous box.

It shows you what you get on the back so this is called the Parisian holiday case and it’s it’s not a gift with purchase but you have to buy something else in order to buy this. So this cost $59 which is amazing value of money and you do have to buy one other Lancome thing but you can buy literally anything so it can be a lipstick or a mascara so it will only set you back about $25 extra to get one of those things.

And inside you get this beautiful case. And inside you get all this makeup so you get two palettes, you get some eye makeup remover, you get a serum, a lip gloss, two lipsticks, mascara I don’t even know that is I think it’s some kind of booster for eyelashes, eyeliner, brushes just everything and I think it’s amazing value for money for $59.

And if it’s someone in your life is a makeup fan I know my mom’s a huge fan of Lancome makeup I think they would be delighted with this so an amazing gift really good value for money and definitely has the wow factor. Speaking of mums the next item I got both my mum and Dan’s mom because it is such a lovely piece I hope neither of them watch this video actually.

But it is this amazing cardigan from Barefoot Dreams and you guys may have heard of Barefoot Dreams they stock it in Nordstrom I’m not sure if they stock it anywhere else but it is the most amazing brand. They do these softest items and this cardigan I literally just want to roll up and sleep in it. It’s so lovely and so cozy I did try it on and it is just such a pretty piece.

You know it’s very slouchy but it is also evidently very luxurious so you could definitely wear this on so many different occasions and I thought it was really really pretty. I got one in gray and one in dark blue as well they do lots of really nice neutral colors I don’t know who is going to get which color yet but a really really lovely one which I think would be perfect for mums or anyone else.

And then of course I had to include a bag as well and even though I go on about this bag a lot I wanted to include it again, it is the Tory Burch Perry Tote and I wanted to specifically include it because this was actually my Christmas gift last year from Dan and it was such a good gift and I’d been loving it so much ever since. And you can get this on sale in the US I believe that all sold out in the UK as well.

They did go on sale but they went really quickly because it is such a popular bag. In the US you can still get selected colors at 30% off there so I’ll leave the links those below but such a perfect gift, I feel like it has a little bit of a dent there but I have gotten a ton of use out of this so for any working women in your life anyone that goes to college or school this is the perfect bag.

It’s very roomy as you can see it barely fits on the screen but just an ideal gift I think, not too crazy expensive but very good value for money and very good quality as well so love the Perry tote and the perfect gift as evidenced by my love for it. So we’re down to my last year gifts and the first one I thought would be perfect for a best friend or a drinking buddy of sorts and they are a pair of glasses.

You do get two in a set and they just say a liquid therapy on them which I thought was really funny. I’ve not heard the brand before and I don’t think I’m going to remember the brand off the top of my head but they do do a few different types of glasses, they do champagne glasses and tumblers all the really funny things on them. I thought this was really funny but also chic at the same time with the rose gold just a really lovely and yeah perfect for someone that you like to share a drink with especially it’s there as a pair of them.

We’re down to my last gift pic I think I saved the best for last because this is definitely my favorite even though it’s not the most expensive I think it’s the most fun, I think it’s most different so my pick is the slipper pure silk pillowcase. I saw these on Net-A-Porter a few months ago so I decided to give them a try even though they are a little bit extravagant for a pillowcase.

So they do retail for ₤60 each which is a lot of money for a pillowcase and you only get the pillowcase as well. So you don’t get the rest of the bedding and I’ve never really considered silk bedding before because it always seemed a bit creepy backlash me but I was intrigued about these because they tattered all kinds of good benefits so less hair breakage, less wrinkles on your face, it’s anti-aging all these and magical things so I was definitely intrigued.

So I decided to go for one and I have mine right here. I would like to say at this point that I don’t usually travel with my pillowcase but I knew I was doing this video so I did bring it with me but I’m not that much of a [0:12:29.0], I don’t usually travel with my own bedding. But this is mine and I got mine in the champagne or ivory color I think and they do come in a few different colors, they come in a nice pink color, black I want to say and a pure white a few different colors and that this is absolutely amazing.

I mean it feels it’s just like you’d expect a silk pillowcase to feel it feels that’s incredible. But I have been trying it for the past few weeks, I do think it makes such a difference, I definitely feel like my hair is less frazzled in the morning I don’t have any creased lines on my face and obviously it’s too early to tell if it’s actually anti-aging but I can fully believe it is.

So I thought this would be the perfect gift for pretty much any woman in your life whether it’s your mom, your grandma, a friend, anyone I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be pleased by this especially after they try out. So even if they don’t fully get it when they first receive it this is definitely something they will fall in love with so highly recommend this, I’ve been loving it and even if you just want to get it for a gift for yourself I think it’s well worth it.

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