Holiday Gift Guide – Prepare Yourself Not To Miss Anyone

So when the spirit of giving you guys know that I’m obsessed with holiday gift guides I’ve literally the past two years have just been giving you guys all of the gift recommendations in the world.

But today I thought I’d do something a little bit different because instead of just like doing a gift guide I feel like a lot of people do like what I’m asking for Christmas they do love what I got for Christmas posts and like I’ve just like growing out of that you know what I mean.

I don’t make a Christmas list, I don’t ask for anything for Christmas and then I get end up getting like a humidifier and I’m really stoked do you know what I mean. So I wanted to do a Christmas haul of stuff that I am giving so I made a pact with myself and me kind of briefly mentioned it like before I go home for the holidays I want all of my shopping to be done, I want to wrap to be done if possible and I just want to have everything ready to go so I don’t have to stress and can just enjoy time with my family. And so that like I don’t end up like forgetting anyone and just like I don’t know I thought that was going to happen last year and it didn’t.

So this year I’ve been doing all my shopping I’m not totally done but I definitely have like a really good a good enough amount of stuff to like talk you guys through some stuff give you guys some ideas for family and friends shopping and just kind of like give you some like unique gift ideas I guess because I mean I know I toot my own horn a lot but to toot I’m really good at gift to giving trust me.

Obviously, if you are related to me or friends with me you’re probably not watching this but if you are please click out now because I am going to be literally showing you actual gifts that I have purchased for my friends and family. So a big theme in this post is going to be like personalization it is my absolute favorite thing to do for gifts but then also there’s just like some other like random little stuff that I have to show you guys.  Oh my god, there’s literally no one in here relax.

So I’m just going to jump into like literally gifts that I’ve bought the first thing and keep in mind I have lots of good tips on like how to make things cute like I get lots of good wrapping like this is a sparkly bag I got from paper source and it’s just like if you don’t want to wrap something and you want to put something in a bag get a cute bag easy-peasy. So I know that I showed you guys these already in a vlog but just in case you don’t watch my vlogs here’s another tip, candles are always great I also have just like regular candles to gift people but for personalized candles, I went on the like I told you guys.

And I just got a bunch of different candles like this says the fuller home on it it’s really really cute, focus focus focus, very very cute. So that’s one of my favorite gifts that I got people ‘cause I love candles and then just the fact that they’re personalized is great because after you’re done with the candle you can either put it in the freezer put it in the washing machine scrape it out and you can use it as like a makeup brush holder, pencil holder, clicker holder like remote control holder. You can put on the bar cart anything so even though a candle seems simple, great gift.

So another thing that I love that I got for one for myself and one for my mom. So it’s Viktor and Rolf’s flower bomb and this is one of me and my mom’s my mom and I favorite fragrances I mean I even have like I brought up my actual bottle just to show you guys so this is like the normal bottle this is my second one I also have another one of their fragrances. But it’s absolutely one of my favorites my mom has been wearing this since like for as long as I can remember and so I remember when I moved out I was like oh my god I can get my own flower bomb now and like it just reminds me of my mom and it’s really cute.

So this is like the regular bottle this is the one that I already have then this is like what the regular box looks like and so this is like a great easy gift. But what I love what they’re doing right now for the holiday is the personalization so as you can see this one is sparkly and it was like a little tutu on it I’ll take it out and show you guys ‘cause this is the one that I got for myself for this post. What can I say if you’re at holiday shopping and you’re not buying one thing for yourself like for every two things you buy for other people I mean come on.

So it’s so cute I personalize this one for myself thanks to Viktor and Rolf as you can see it says LE on it it’s sparkly the sparkle bottles are a little bit extra but everything else is the same price. Then I also got these to add to other gifts because these all you can choose these online when you order your bottle. So the original Flowerbomb is only $5 extra with the glitter bottle which I just think is so fun for anyone that’s like super girly in your life and it’s super festive then these are also free so you have the bow, the tutu like I showed you guys and then look a little like flower.

I love making anything extra special and extra unique like I always go the extra mile so I absolutely love this ‘cause it is one of my favorite fragrances, my mom’s obsessed with it so I personalized the bottle for her as well and then I got these ‘cause I have an extra bottle and I’m going to do one of these for my one of my grab bag gifts. And the engraving is complimentary these are complimentary if you don’t know what flower bomb smells like and you want me to describe it, oh my god it’s so good. I mean obviously I feel like it smells like me and my mom it’s like warm and spicy which is like the absolute favorite I love warm stuff.

It’s like patchouli which is my absolute favorite especially for men obviously this is women but patchouli for guys too. It’s like patchouli jasmine patchouli orange blossom it’s just so good if you guys have never smelled this like you’re missing out and this bottle is just absolutely adorable. So my mom says as KP mine says LE so this is just an extra-special gift because like obviously perfume is a great gift in general but when you can kind of like making it extra special and different highly recommend. Moving on to some more stuff so like I said I love personalization so not only do I get things like this like an XL wine glass I think this is absolutely hysterical it’s real glass, it’s not expensive it’s like $14 from paper source.

I literally got one that’s right here, this is it like it’s literally like a real wine glass and it holds a full bottle of wine I got it for my birthday from Jess and I absolutely loved it so I love to give like funny silly gifts like this. The best part about gift giving is like seeing someone like be excited and smiles it’s like when they pull out the thing of perfume and if they see they have their initials on it they’re going to be like oh my god how did you put my initials on a perfume bottle. Then when they get like the wine glass they’re like oh my god like how do you know me so well this is hilarious where’d you find this like that’s what you’re going for.

Then on the personalization funny part, I got grandma this wine glass engraved kind of hard to see because it’s like shiny and then it’s like silver it says crumbs wine on it. I literally just googled like where to personalized wine and she has a glass of wine every single night it’s her favorite part of every single day and I was like oh my god I need to get her a wine glass that says crumbs wine which is her nickname we call her little crumb because my grandma is like so tiny. So I got her that and it was like $9 but it’s going to be like her favorite gift do you know what I mean.

Then I got to like the thought that’s also like personalized but in a way of just like thoughtfulness I got this for my little sister it is a write a letter to the White House kit and it literally comes with letter writing sheets, envelopes, White House briefing booklet, stickers, and a pin. And so it’s literally like prepackaged like obviously if you’re someone who’s very into just like being involved and standing up for your rights which my little sister very much is she’s like obsessed with that stuff which is very admirable because she’s only 16 I think it’s easy to forget that you can actually write letters to the White House.

A lot of times they respond too and so I thought this was just such like a fun little kit of like hey you’re really into standing up for your rights but have you ever written a letter to the White House let’s go so I got that for my little sister my mom was very excited about it she’s like that’s so cool where’d you find that that’s what we’re going for people. Also another favorite thing is obviously like gift sets I’m sorry I feel like a [00:07:39.3] I just threw this in for my mom it’s a great stocking stuffer it’s vital proteins collagen I’m obsessed with collagen you guys obviously know that and I love how it’s just like a holiday sampler box like it’s you can find so many great things around the holidays that just make gift giving a lot easier.

I love obviously jewelry for gifts I love personalized jewelry, I love getting stuff with people’s name on it with people’s initials on it really easy to like get something that’s not like crazy expensive but still is like personal. This one actually isn’t a great example of that I just literally got this for my little brother it’s just a gold chain ‘cause you know he’s like into that stuff now he’s like going through a phase I got it on sale and so I got him a gold chain which I think he’ll really like. I also got him just like an Adidas shirt and I set up to get some stuff for him too let’s see what else I got.

I got coasters from Fred Segal that are just cute like little home accessories. I love getting like pouches and just like fun like little things my mom just like loves pouches and so I found this one it says Bonjour and ciao and those are like two of her favorite languages French and Italian so I was like oh my gosh that’s perfect. Then I also got my mom loves hats like literally loves hats so I got her this hat from Anthropologie and it actually looks really cute on me so I’ll probably wear it when I go home. Also, my sweater is a new color of the XLE Aran sweater if you want to get any XLE for gifts please be my guest we have great sweaters. Nugget please go away.

Also, Liza if you’re watching this please stop I got Liza a really fun mug and it says Party Peru and it has little dogs on it from Anthropologie but literally that one and that one well that one and that one more so look exactly like Liza’s two dogs so I was like that’s hilarious. I have a feeling she got me something very similar ‘cause we both told each other that we got each other stuff from Anthropologie and I was like she totally got me a mug or something with a Frenchy on it so I love like animal dog-related pet gifts.

Also I do a lot of like gift card because it’s just easy for boys I feel like if you get boys a lot of different gift cards to their favorite places it’s just like whoa so many and then it’s like personalized ‘cause you can do like an Xbox one, [00:09:42.3] one, a Starbucks one it’s like everywhere they normally go and it’s just like still a cool gift because it’s like multiple gift cards not just like one gift card. My boyfriend’s calling, hello. Oh I got my mom like these is really funny they’re like blooming teas my mom loves tea so I got her just like these green teas and they turn into a flower from Anthropologie.

I don’t know I feel like that’s something that like moms and grandmas would be like whoa no way that’s so cool or even just something that likes Instagram ‘cause then they’ll take like a boomerang of it I don’t know this is how my mind works. I also got my mom these calm cards because my mom is just like sometimes she’s just going through a lot and she’s a very strong woman that has to deal with a lot of stuff and so I like to give her like little reminders of like ways to stay calm it’s like cards for serenity and just like things to like make you like grateful and stuff like that that’s why I like giving a lot of journals and just like little things like this because there’s stuff that you don’t just like normally go and like pick up for yourself.

Like if I saw these I’d never be like oh I’m going to like help myself and call my life and take the time but like when someone else gives gets it for you you kind of heard just like oh well like you know someone like took the time to buy this form you slick let me open it and look at it and then it can actually be something that’s really great in someone’s life. Like for instance the five minute journal I got that as a gift two years ago for my birthday and I would have never bought it for myself and it was one of my absolute favorite gifts I’ve given it so many times too it’s just such an amazing journal that’s so easy but so full of gratitude so I always give one of those to just random people like throughout the year.

I should actually get one of those for my little sister now that I think about it so this was helpful. Three other things really quick too that I’ve gotten. I got Cameron an iPad the new iPad Pro and you might think like oh my god that’s crazy but first of all I actually traded in my own iPad to be able to afford it so I was like this is really expensive for an iPad so I knew that like I didn’t want my iPad anymore and that I would end up getting one for myself anyway so I was like why not just trade mine in so I got like $400 off pro tip trading your old stuff for new stuff so I got Cameron an iPad and it’s just because he works so much and his laptop is really really old and he’s always like reading scripts and emails on his little phone and I’m just like oh my god that’s so bad for your eyes and I was like you look silly it’s probably a lot harder to get all your work done.

So anyone that it’s a workaholic or someone that like is a student I highly recommend if you can afford it an iPad super great gift and then for all guys in my family last year I got earpods so if there’s anyone in your life that doesn’t have earpods and that’s also something you’re willing to splurge on highly recommend that for a gift as well because earpods are so necessary.

Also got tons of summer Friday’s jetlag masks I think it’s an amazing gift for literally anyone in your life I even got the overtime mask. I got this one for my little sister ‘cause she always like looks that she needs to exfoliate that’s what happens when you have a sister you get to be like hey you need to exfoliate Merry Christmas. And then this is just literally such an incredible mask I’m absolutely obsessed with it so I just feel like if you don’t already own it you need it and so I literally just got a ton of these for people.

Then I got like fun little things also like I was saying like cute little bags I love just like packaging and like Christmas wrapping and stuff like that and I love getting just like little on things where it’s like I got this Hotty Toddy cocktail syrup and then I pair it with like a cork circle wine thing and then just like a little thing amigos and like a wine opener. And so another great thing you can do just find a really really cute bag and let go to like a fun store like paper source or like if you’re in LA burrow is the best.

You can curate a bag yourself so instead of having to buy the gift sets like the one that from vital proteins that I showed you like you can like get the collagen and then you can get a really cute mug and then you can get a whisker and then like a really cute candle and then you put it together in the bag and then it’s like this like personalized meaningful cute little care package think of it as a good care package.

You can just curate a really awesome gift that feels like so much more thoughtful and personalized so I really like doing that as well as like kind of going with themes for people either it’s like wine personalized or iPad, work proud of you. My little sister gave me permission to blow up her spot by the way. So I got my sister like this little like taco shirt and then this says “the heart wants what the heart wants” on this shirt and then I got her these really cute like they literally look like tailored like nice dress pants you can see the seam and everything but they’re literally thick cotton stretchy.

As my sister likes don’t like feminine clothes and I was like these are perfect they’re like structured they’re tailored but they’re caught in it because it’s really cold in Chicago. I just like to like really just like think of the person and like get them something accordingly it’s not always about like spending the most money like literally, my grandma’s present was $9 and like the great thing about the Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb is like the customization is free so it’s like you’re already getting this perfume-like why not like take it to the next level put some glitter on it, put a tutu on it, put their initials on it just like anything you can make even extra special.

Even if it’s just in the card or the wrapping or the curation of it I know that this is like a lot of stuff right now but like I feel like I’m almost there. I don’t have anything for my brother Hudson yet ‘cause he’s really hard to shop for but I have a feeling like it’s just going to come to me and it’s probably going to be centered around like art and stuff like that like I love getting like the moleskin journals. But if you get them at the moleskin store you can get them stamped with people’s initials so like I’ll probably do that for my little brother and my little sister just like different stuff that’s like just personable like I’m even going to try and get all my 7 best friends from home like these little earrings that are just like a gold seven.

I just love doing like little meaningful thoughtful things for people during the holidays and just wrapping them super cute and like just really telling the story with the gift instead of just being like here’s a gift card and if you’re going to do the gift cards be like okay here are your favorite things in gift card form in the shape of a heart like that’s fun you know what I mean. So yeah that’s everything that I have right now for my fit friends and family I don’t know if it seems like a lot or not enough so please don’t judge me either way.

I just wanted to like show you guys stuff that I’m like literally giving for like inspiration for stuff maybe you want or maybe stuff that you can give and kind of just do a little gift-giving haul. So I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope you guys are enjoying all of the Christmas centered posts on my channel, I’ll be vlogging slash doing posts in this little corner all the way up until I go home for the holidays so make sure you leave a comment down below, what else you want to see around this time of year because it’s my most favorite and I love making posts during the holidays.

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