Intimate And Exiting Gift For Your GirlFriend

Today I’m doing my first-holiday gift guide and I cannot believe like Thanksgiving is right around the corner Christmas is right around the corner so I figured it’s time to get a little jump start on my Christmas posts.

First up every girl needs a good bra and I could swear by this bra I absolutely love it wearing it now they last such a long time and it is the Upbra. What’s so different about it is this bra is just so diverse. Like this name says it helps push you up pull you together and the thing with this is the straps are removable and you could you know switch them out and put them many different ways whether you’re wearing a one-shouldered top you want it to be strapless you could take them off if you need a criss-cross you could do that.

I personally think it gives you a little extra lift just wearing the bra by itself compared to like some of the other bras I have. But basically this bra has two little hooks on the underside so you could take them and stretch them to different little intervals there are different little hooks on the bottom of the bra and you just hook them in depending on how like pushed up you want your chest to be.

So you could do a little bit you could do a lot and you could kind of just play around with it whatever you want. So I’m going to show you here how it looks on me both before which I think looks really good to start with or if you want to start adding in like a couple of little notches you get like more and more lift as you go. And another thing is the push up function works great for anything strapless as well so you do not have to have the straps to make it like a push-up bra and it also just really gives you that extra oomph that I would never have without it and any kind of strapless top so this looks amazing for like formal events or even like casual day-to-day stuff it’s like instant boob job.

So if you are interested I do have a $10 off code for you and I’m going to leave a link to it in the description box. I’m going to link as much stuff that I mentioned in this post as I can so if you’re interested you could head to the box so you could head to the description box to check it out. This next one is a really cute sentimental idea for your girlfriend and it’s a Q&A book. And basically every day it has a question and you could both fill it out together. This is something really means you could get to your girlfriend and promise her that you will do it every day with her.

Girls love that sentimental type of stuff I know it might not be your favorite thing to do to fill it out every day but I can guarantee it’ll make her day. If any women in your life like to cook or like super organization stuff they will love this next one, it’s the Bin 8 multifunctional kitchen tool and I’m going to read off to you what it does because I can’t even remember like all the different functions that this little gadget has. It could be a funnel, a citrus juicer, a spice grater, a masher for eggs or potatoes, a cheese grater, a jar opener, an egg separator, and a measuring cup. This next one is really funny I love my sister to death but if you have a sister you know that sometimes they get on your last nerve and this coffee cup is so funny I actually really might get this for my sister because she loves coffee.

And it is the World’s Okayest Sister. This next idea I think it’s really really important for any woman to have in their life. It makes me really sad that you have to be worried and fully aware of your surroundings every single time you go out especially as a woman but it could happen to anybody so I think this next one is a really great idea to protect the people you love in your life. So before I turn 21 and now I’m able to carry my concealed weapon basically a stun gun is a great thing to have and I like this one it’s pink but the reason I like this is you charge it and it’s built-in all you have to do is slide up the little plug and you just plug it in that way you don’t need a cord or anything like that.

And it also serves as a flashlight which is great to have if you’re out at night by yourself you could use it as a flashlight but still have it on your hand in case you need it. The battery is almost dead. If a woman in your life loves like essential oils and aroma and stuff like that this kit is amazing this is from Aveda and I love their packaging it’s all like eco-friendly. But basically it is a kit of body sprays and each one’s a different set and they all do like different things. My mom is like super into this stuff but it definitely has like that natural smell so it is for the person who likes that type of thing.

This next thing is something I personally want and is on my list this year and it is this AirSense air monitor and air purifier and I have been wanting something like this for so long my allergies are so bad so I feel like some kind of like purifier or humidifier would work great. This one just looks really cool but there are tons on the market you can find like a million branch just on Amazon. This next one is really funny but you’ll see why it’s so useful if you’ve been on a cruise before and this is something I’m actually giving to someone in my family this year for Christmas and it is these Cruise Flasks.

So basically it’s like this like plastic material I don’t know exactly what it’s made out of you could do some more reading up on it. But as you go on a cruise ship or if you’re going out to like a concert or something they can’t be detected through like metal detectors or anything like that when they search for alcohol so unless they actually find it on you you’re good to go. This next idea is a Terrarium and if anybody in your like loves plants this would be perfect and I think my sister is like obsessed with planning stuff and having plants and flowers and so she’s moving into a dorm so I thought this one would be really cute to give to her.

There are lots of different designs out there some come with plants some do not so you just got to check but I did see some really cheap cute ones at Lowe’s the other day if you’re interested. This is another cooking tool that I just thought was really cute and it’s called the OCD cutting board, literally what it’s actually called and I think it’s so funny and it’s perfect to be like exact measuring as you’re chopping your whatever you’re chopping. I have a few ideas for the crafty people in your life so you could do an adult coloring book and I think a good pairing with this it would be like a really nice set of markers like fine point markers and fun and really nice just like colored pencils.

They do sell them just about everywhere right now I know Target has a bunch, Walmart has a bunch, Amazon has a bunch so they’re pretty much everywhere. And going off the same lines this is something I’ve personally been loving lately my sister and I do these all the time so if you have someone who loves art in your family or just a friend or whoever I think this would be great. I’ve gotten some off Amazon and I gotten them from craft stores that’s where you have to find these. But they are Paint by Numbers I shared this one on my Instagram this was one that I just finished but it’s literally like the little kids paint my numbers to a grown-up size.

So this is one I finished not that long ago but I think it looks really legit and you could frame it if you want and it’s just really fun to do so I enjoyed this I’m already working on my other one so I think this would make a great gift and they’re super affordable they’re like under 20 bucks. One of my personal favorite gifts to receive is games or puzzles. If someone in your life loves that I would recommend Cards Against Humanity super funny. This is a great like party drinking game when you have people over similar to apples to apples I’m sure what a lot of you guys know what this is.

But basically there’s so many games out there and some other ones that I like I love skip-bo Andy and I play that all the time. For word games, I love boggle and bananagrams but there are so many awesome games out there and I personally I have loved board games my entire life board card games anything I love it all. Now a few ideas for all the makeup lovers out there I think palettes are the perfect gift as opposed to just like eyeliner or a mascara. I think palettes are more inclusive a little nicer so what I’ve been loving but is on the pricey side is a Natasha Denona palette it’s just really pretty really pretty shades like this it’s been going around YouTube like crazy I love it.

If you go to Sephora and just find a neutral toned eyeshadow palette I think they will love it, they have so many to choose from so I really don’t think you could go wrong. If you don’t want to go with eyeshadows another idea I have is the Hourglass trio. I do not have this I have one of them and I love this highlight but I love the concept it’s a little nicer than like I said just doing one product so I think for a nice gift this would be really great and girls love them some highlights if they’re into makeup so I think this would be really pretty.

Now if they’re super fit and really into their dog I think this one is so cool it’s basically like a Fitbit for your dog and it’s called a Fit Bark and you basically connect it to your app you hook it on their collar and it works like a Fitbit so you could see how active your dog is being which is kind of cool. I have a Fitbit for myself which is another idea but I just think adding it to your pet if they already have a Fitbit is just really funny but also cool and it’s great for your pet too. Last but not least the best advice I could give is ask whoever it is what they want.

What I usually do like for my boyfriend, my mom, my sister, any girl in my life, anybody in my life is I asked them what they want. In that way you know you’re getting them something they love so what I like to do is get them one thing they kind of know they’re getting like maybe a big gift and then maybe a couple little extra things that they could open that they don’t know what they’re getting just a little smaller and fun and thoughtful. So that is it I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

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