Last Minute Christmas [Holiday] Gift Guide

Today I’m bringing you guys as you can tell a very last-minute holiday gift guide. Thank you guys so much for the feedback you gave me about this post and how much you normally spend on presents. So I decided that I was going to show you guys some gift ideas under $20 under $40 and under $60.

I think this is a very comprehensive gift guide for your girlfriends, your sisters, your family members or a couple of things in here that work for guys that I think are very creative but definitely heavy on the like female gift side.

Let’s get going with the under $20 most of these are like even under $10 so they kind of just pair together nicely so you can kind of really customize how much you’re wanting to spend on a person. First of all, this is something that I’ve really been able to think about for my friends for the past couple of years. Ever since everyone kind of turned 21 or is actually not even 21s that’s when we’re all like moved out and moved into like our first houses and apartments and everything and like everyone kind of got a bar cart because that’s kind of like a trendy thing to get for like your millennial a home I guess ‘cause I really loved getting creative with like giving barware or just let me show you.

I’m also going to have all these stuff links below. A really creative thing to do is get a wine stopper that’s either personalized to your friend with like a first initial. For example, you guys can see we have a C and the K here. Also, friends who are friends with me or family literally leave the post right now, please. I got these in Nordstrom for $8, which I think is a great deal.

I believe they are still on sale I’m not sure how many letters they have left if you live with a bunch of roommates and you’re wanting to get everyone something that’s really little they feel like you’re not close with everyone you know what I mean, but you still want to like give them a little token gift, this is great because it’s so cheap. Also, if you want to sort of increase the price of like the bundle if you will like to be my whole present around like drinking. Another thing you do is get a really cute wine glass that is personal to them or you could even just get like a little Christmassy one.

So I ordered this at Macy’s this was $8 for a set of two of these really really cute Christmasy wine glasses, yeah I think that and a wine stopper would be cute. If you don’t want to get a letter one or if this is like a generic present maybe you’re doing like a Secret Santa or white elephant or something. I got at Macy’s as well. But each of these wine stoppers were $6 a snowman a little Christmas tree wine stopper a cute thing that’s really easy that you could even do is give one of these and give a bottle of wine and of course with wine, that’s completely up to you how much you want to spend on that.

Another thing I’m going to do with barware is just a cute little cocktail shaker and go to TJ Maxx and get one for like eight to ten fifteen dollars so yeah this is all on the under $20 category since everything is under that but if you wanted to, of course, build up into a higher price here or spend more on someone you can just do a little bundle. Next up, this is completely not my idea I am crediting right now fully her saw this in her gift guide last year but it has been so useful to me in the past year.

So I thought I would include this in the post and that is a cute little like facemask binder set. So basically how you assemble this is you order these little mini binders from wherever I ordered a bunch at Target they are super cheap. And then you will get the mini page to buyers like these little plastic or page protectors I guess that you put things in you know that you know pages I guess.

And then you put however many little sleeves in here as you want and you put a face mask in each one. You can get face masks super cheap if you buy a bundle and I just think these are like a really creative way like most people are never going to think of this and I’ve never would have for Claudia. Next up is my room smells so good right now I highly recommend for a really affordable present for someone that they are really going to like is getting them like a Lush bath bomb or something of that sort.

So I have lots of options I’m going to show you guys this is a bath bomb right here that was $7. Lush is a great option because again they have lots of items of different prices, you can spend whatever you’re wanting to spend on people. Another one I thought that was $8 is this naughty elf bubble bar. So I think if I understand it I actually never had a bubble bar before but I’ve been wanting to try them so I got this one. I think you like break all part of it and like just put it in the water or like hold it under the water but they’re like bubbles up so these two together would equal 15 pricier option, but that you do get more with this one is $10 so it’s actually kind of a better deal is this Santa bath bomb that I’m not taking out on the plastic because it’s going to get everywhere.

But if you can tell it’s like two bath bombs and lastly from Lush for this category I got this little exfoliating bar. So you just get this wet and exfoliate with it and continue to reuse. I want to say that was $6. Yeah, those are just great for mixing and matching or another thing that I really love pardon that this is not a full one is just a little Glossier lip balm because I feel like Glossier is like another trendy just like exciting brand of receiver. Like if you gave me like an EOS lip balm I mean I would use it of course but I feel like Glossier is just like I don’t know a consumer perception is really high of Glossier right now ‘cause it’s just kind of like a trendy thing.

So you could even do it like a bath bomb on one of these and that would be a really exciting cute present or like another Glossier products they have a really great body wash that everyone who comes over and uses it in my shower is obsessed with. And then lastly in our under $20 category is from Artifact Uprising. I love these little candle set candles. I love this little calendar sets that you just log on it’s so easy to do it seems more complicated than it is.

Basically you can just pull from your friends’ Instagrams you go through and like on your desktop just screenshot whatever photos you’re wanting and you add those in note self or note to you. It will tell you that they’re not a good enough resolution but I have always been satisfied with how it turns out just from a screenshot. So it comes with a little card for every month on like a very thick like matte paper. You can choose how you want the design to be so like I just like these like block letters that are like short but they have like little script ones that say like the full month or like just different fonts.

So this is just a super cute thing if you have a friend that has like a bulletin board or just like a little like whatever something to clip this on or just set this on their desk. Last year I got my mom and my grandma one of these and for each month it was like pictures of me and my sisters or like pictures of our family and yeah, love that idea. So that’s it for under $20 next moving on to under 40. First up I’m going to start with something that could definitely be for anyone in your life but that for me personally I think of this is more a guy’s thing like my dad is really into Yeti brand everything if you’re unfamiliar with that.

I don’t know if that’s more or just like a southern thing or if it’s everywhere but people love these stuff because they keep your drinks cold for like I don’t know like literally today that’s crazy. I recently discovered that on the Yeti website you can customize collegiate sport ones. Oh and they have shorter ones that like you put a cannon and like screw the top on so so all this to say you can go on there and pull up like click on your university or like some sports team your parents like and you can get the UNC logo like on here and you have like different options to choose from for each school and stuff like that.

So when you do it that way it comes out to be $40 and you’re going to want to hop on them because it actually takes a minute for it to like process and gets produced. Next up I’ve curated a bit of a like girls night in cute Christmas present. So starting out a little mug. I feel like it’s a very basic present that’s always good and like an easy go-to for anyone but I feel like it gets really creative and more personal when you do it in a set like this. So this is a super cute mug that was $5, it says bottoms up it’s from Target. And then again pardon, this is open this is a reality in use box of tea but I think it’d be really cute to pair a tea with this like you can get these at Trader Joe’s for like four or five six dollars.

My favorite tea right now is the Moroccan mint tea from Trader Joe’s so be cute to have these two together you’re at about $10 also toss in a little candle Target has amazing Christmas candles the little minis are $5 you can get a bear one for ten which is more than actually more than twice the size of this so that one is a better value in terms of like price per ounce or whatever. A cute little candle now you’re at 15 and then next I would throw in a book that your friend would like. [00:08:08.9] when I picked up off my bookshelf that I actually haven’t read yet is I stick with it a scientifically proven process for changing your life for good.

So this will be good for like I have a lot of friends who are really into self-help books. Altogether this would be a cute little gift set for a girls night in toss in a bath bomb if you want and yeah, I just thought that was cute. Also [00:08:24.3] has been sitting in my lap the whole time but if you want to spice up your gifts a little it’s always cute to put them in a stocking. Next in the under 40 categories I’m going to breeze through this since I’ve already talked about it but on Artifact Uprising those candle, those calendars for 25 dollars you can get it with this like wood back thing.

So they slip under here and then it’s actually a magnet but you can like prop this up somewhere or like put it in the fridge so depending on like who you’re giving it so you can decide if you want you to spend a little more and go in with the little bag. They also have ones that are like easels that you can set up. Next another little themed gift set you can get for your fitness friend or someone who’s getting into working out or who works out at home and like doesn’t have a gym membership I mean, it’s really cute to get them like a little resistance band set.

I’ll have one linked below that I really like this is not like you this is an assortment of like mixing and matching from different ones, but they have super cute sets of five and really nice colors to go together. So I think as a little resistance band set and then a little like workout towel set these like microfiber whatever it tells it when I work out I’m going to use this investment Caroline actually gave these to me a couple of years ago along with this like workout tank.

So if you’re wanting to spend even more than just like a set of those couple of things is you could get a sports bra. I really actually like if you’re not wanting to spend a ton going to like a TJ Maxx and picking up like a sports bar, or a pair of leggings if you know their size you can get stuff super cheap at places like that. Or even a water bottle, water bottles are good too. Next, this is $23 so it is just right over the edge into this category. It’s something I love and I’ve talked about many times in blogs is this five-minute journal. If you are unfamiliar with it, basically every day, it gives you a motivational or inspiring quote at the top just something that’s a little bit thought-provoking or encouraging.

Then there’s the morning portion and the nighttime portion. So in the morning it says “I am grateful for it” and you list three things and then just that’s what makes it a great and you list three things and then it says “daily affirmations I am dot dot dot” and then you have a couple of lines there. And then at night you pull this back out and it says “three amazing things that happen today and then how could I made today even better?” so just a little moment for reflection and self-improvement.

And I Truly noticed I’ve had this for about a year when I am consistent about this or even when I just do it for a day I start off my days so much better it was like a plan for the day with a positive attitude like feeling good about myself and then at night you like again, wrap it up feeling thankful for the things that happened that day that we’re good even if the things weren’t great. So this is a super cute gift $25 toss a mug in there if you want something else also a little Lush thing. They have actually really great gift sets. I’m a really big Lush fan so this is a $30 gift set.

And in here you get quite a lot of products and there are some bath bombs and like bubble bar things in here there are four products total. If you were buying these individually you would be spending more than the value of this so definitely check out their gift sets, you can kind of hit any price tear with this and they come wrapped super cute which is just exciting I’ll leave a link below so you can see what’s in there I am using this as a gift so I’m not opening it right now.

We are on to the under $60 category. First up Justin has just on that note. This was $42, it’s Lush again this is a bath bomb set. So in here, we have these five bath bombs and again a really good deal if anyone is a bath bomb lover my sister really is. You’re not getting this Meredith? I’m sure you watch the post all the way through. Anyway, despite my telling everyone to leave but she’s not getting this ‘cause I can’t transfer this home but it would be a really good idea for her. Next up for $59, so just barely in this price range something that I love and that I feel like all of my girlfriends would get really excited about it’s a Glamglow face mask. Right here I have my favorite three first is the clearing treatment one, next is the firming treatment one and then lastly is the hydrating one I actually find myself using this one the most.

You like to put it on and let it dry and then wash it off like you do with these other mud masks but you like put it on and leave it and it just like soaks into your skin. Here’s what they look like when they’re not in case they’re a little cutie sole some and some may or may not be over in an Instagram giveaway, so I would check that out. Again I have a friend that’s really in a Glamglow so I think these are really like a good present that a lot of people don’t splurge on for themselves. All right we have three more things first up if you have someone who’s into makeup I am a big fan of the Becca Be a Light palette.

I feel like a while ago The Naked palette was really like the palette to get but right now I am loving this one ignore how I stabbed my fingernail into this one. So it looks like up close this is a powder you put everywhere on your face, we have a bronzer of blush and then this is their blurring powder. I am obsessed with how just like smooth and airbrushed and matte this makes your face, it’s great, it’s so great just like touch-up powder. This is just a cool palette it’s a really fun like face and highlighting one that I think a makeup lover would like.

Next up we’re talking about this briefly because this one could be disputed. Originally priced these Fuji Instax cameras are above $59 so they’re or above the 60s so above our price threshold. However, the key is look at Urban Outfitters for these because they were having I don’t remember which day of like Black Friday Week or month or whatever that these are on sale, but they do a lot of sales, they usually include their camera equipment in those or at least these were on sale on one day I remember when and on that day, I think I got a couple of these for like $55 each. So either scout out deals on these or be if you’re just want to spend more in general, good option.

And lastly, for this entire post, I have a couple of props for this. Generally speaking, If you have a friend who travels a lot or you know they’re planning an upcoming travel trip I really recommend getting them a flight gift card I would be thrilled. But a way to spice that up like let’s say you’re getting them even just like a 40 or $50 flight gift card I’m not saying go out and buy them a flight. But I think it’d be cute to do like a $50 flight gift card and then something that like symbolizes traveled so that you’re not just opening a gift card alone but like you have something that like shows you put a lot of thought into it you weren’t just like doing a cop-out as like a gift card present, even though totally cool.

No disrespect, we all love gift cards it’s like free money. But you seem like you really put in thought into this I have this super cute little travel pouch again you can pick up any kind of random thing like this at TJ Maxx and like you could have this even you could put in like spend you know 3 more dollars and get like a travel-sized shampoo and a travel sized conditioner or even like a little eye mask for the plane.

Yeah, that’s that so I thought that was a really cool idea. That’s it for this post.

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