Luxury Gift Ideas For Her This Christmas

Today I’m back with another gift guide in my Holiday gift guide series and today is going to be all about luxury gifts for her at more reasonable splurge items and some bigger splurge items so I have a nice variety of all different price ranges, so let’s get right into it. I also want to quickly add that if you want to check out any of my other gift guides, I did gifts under 50 for her, I even did gifts under 25 for her and then I’ll also be doing a men’s gift guide soon and stocking stuffers.

So like this post, if you’re enjoying all the holiday gift guides. So the first gift idea is a mini wallet or card case and I found different ones and I’m kind of deciding on what I want to give to one of the people that I have on my list to give for Christmas. My first pick is this Kate Spade, this is like a mini wallet it’s a clear spot for like a driver’s license. They fit 6 cards, some cash, there [00:01:03.4] even a little queen section so it’s a nice nice wallet for the price point. And the bow is so cute so adorable and so darling and on the back, it also has the Kate Spade emblem as well.

So this is from Tory Burch and I have it in this plush color. It could hold to 5 cards and then there’s a little slot for like cash or a chain in this zippered section but it’s a [00:01:26.4] pattern so it has that little bit of like a Chanel vibe to it and quality of it it feels so nice so I definitely think you can’t go wrong with either these. If you wanted to splurge even a little bit more of another little wallet like cardholder and it’s from Gucci and I think it’s like the ultimate luxury, it’s actually on my wishlist.

Like if someone gives that to me I would be thrilled. I think that’s also another option when it comes to entire of other colors so I will have a picture of it ‘cause I don’t obviously have it and I wish I did though. But I think it’s a great gift idea I mean you just can’t go wrong with Gucci. Up next is like giving the gift of organization and that it a planner.

I highly recommend the Erin Condren life planners. They are so nicely made, I mean they’re customizable. So on mine I have Karen and then Lace and Lashes you just personalize it, you could do first and last name or whatever you want to put on there you could totally do that. They even have like you could do pictures of like family or friends it’s so nice to have a planner that you love because that person then will want to actually write in it and use it so I think this is such a great option if you’re looking for a planner. And by the way, I will have everything that I talked about listed in a blog post down below.

Up Next for any beauty lover I highly recommend getting them a Clarisonic I have this one and I’ve had it for so many years. I’ve had this one I got my first one in high school and then I got this like the plus version in college so I’ve had this for so many years and it still going strong. And they even came out with the most recent one and it’s even better than the many other past versions so I’ll have that one later you guys because that’s the newest one and it’s just amazing they’re like cleaning your skin, I absolutely love it and when I don’t use it I could tell a difference. I even stop using this for quite some time and when I got back into using this I mean I was like why did I stop using this.

And I just definitely recommend the Clarisonic and even if they have like an older version you can’t go wrong with the new one. So up next is a super cozy gift and that is my barefoot dream cardigan. Now I love the barefoot dreams brand like you can’t go wrong With anything from there as a gift for someone they just make the coziest of materials for blankets and cardigans and robes and just so many they even have pajamas now and a whole lot of other things like socks. Have a check it out but I highly recommend this cardigan right here.

It’s hell like a robe but we don’t have the tie but it’s just so nice and just cozy to wear in the morning or at night when it’s chilly and just getting ready for bed it’s just so nice and it feels so looks luxurious but it’s not extremely expensive. Up Next I have a gorgeous handbag that I think pretty much any woman would be excited to receive and that is this Kate Spade handbag. Up as a gift for someone but now I’m more like if I want to keep this for myself but I don’t know we’re going to see. But I got this bad in this gorgeous light blush color but it comes in a ton of other colors, this is one of their best-selling bags.

I have a bag very similar to this from many years ago they updated to this version here but I’ve used that one so much and I still have it and love it. And I wanted to pick up the newest version and it has two pockets on each side and a full zip section in the center at full-on shoulder straps that it here. So it’s a satchel style bag you wear on their shoulder cross-body or just on the crock of their armor just hand-carry it. So there’s like four different ways to wear this watch is awesome.

Also if you wanted to get the matching handbag to this little wallet here the matching cross body and like regular size handbag so if you wanted to do like a matching wallet and bag that will be such a nice like ultimate luxury gift for someone. Up Next for another beauty gift be up there in my top picks for this post ‘cause it is what I use to curl my hair every single day and it is my T3 hot tools. I highly recommend this is one of the [00:05:35.5] set I’m going to share with you guys and this is the exact curling one that I use pretty much every single day I have one other clamp-on like I show you guys it’s a little less expensive depending on what your budget is.

Girlfriend or your wife whoever you’re watching this post for if they curl their hair they be so excited to get this curling set. The packaging alone is is just absolutely gorgeous but the thing I love about this set which is why it’s one of my top picks is that if you get trio set so this all three pieces you get in one but what you do is you just use this little thing here at the bottom of the barrel and you could switch out the barrel. So you could say baby do some loose hustled waves one day.

And then you have that on there where say you wanted to do some loose waves put the biggest barrel on and then you have it on interchangeable you could use all three of these barrels on this one attachment here. And you have so many different looks in one and they also even sale like the clamp curling iron attachments that you could put on here as well which I do have but it’s not in this set. But you basically get this base and then you get the attachment all for one like bundle price. And if your budget is a little smaller I would definitely recommend this clamp curling iron because it’s a lot less expensive than then the other set I shared but I don’t use this one as often The other one is more of my go to.

But this one is still nice it’s amazing quality this is the 1.25 inch and this will give them a little bit looser of a curl. With the 1 inch, it will give them a little bit tighter of a curl. Up Next is just like a great universal gift design which is for the women in your life but could be for anybody and they are the Apple AirPods. These are air ‘cause they are wireless headphones so they’re just like easy no wires to worry about. I think this is like a nice luxury gift if that person they work out or they travel, these will be sure to be in handy.

The next item is going to be the most expensive of all the things I’m going to share with you today. I think you said you would just be absolutely incredible if it is within your budget and I highly recommend if someone is into designer bags or if there’s going to be there for as designer bags and you have budget for it I would do this Gucci bag. I love this bag because it is so versatile you could kind of use it as an everyday bag I mean it will fit all the essentials. I have it where it just because I want to pop up and color my wardrobe but if you want to be on the saver’s item and you don’t know a color they would like I would just do a nude troll like the beige color or black.

Or if you want to do a pop of color they have pink I know on this [00:08:16.6] if you have other color options they even have it in velvet so I’ll link all the options below and I’ll link the size. This size is the best size to get because it will fit the most amount and I think it’s gorgeous though I mean it has a shoulder strap so they could wear it cross-body or on their shoulder. Next is a gift that I think it would be nice to give to someone because they probably wouldn’t want to splurge on it for themselves and that is the slip pure silk pillowcase.

I know this sounds like why would you spend that much money on a pillowcase but there are actually so many benefits for using this pillowcase. It’s actually anti-aging it’s anti sleep crease and anti-bed head so it has a lot of beauty benefits to this. The silk material on it doesn’t absorb all your skincare products which in return will be a lot better for your skin it will keep those products on your face and not into your pillowcase. Also, it just helps your hair I’ve heard about if you have like hair breakage or hair falling out it just leaves on a silk pillowcase.

And as people age their skin loses elasticity in it so as you sleep on you know of regular cotton or whatever fabric that’s not silk you create creases into your skin which you don’t want. So I recommend this silk pillowcase just for any age to be great for just anyone. They have so many different colors I have it in the pink, I just got the box I’ve been using it for a while but I want to keep the box because I actually have this in mind, look at this it might regret down the line if I do a gift guide post so I kept the box so I could show it. But it’s amazing and he even make like a little sleep mask too if you want to do like a little set. But this alone anyway is such a great gift. Up Next I have a skin care set it’s by Fresh.

This is in $87 value but it’s actually only $60 so it’s on the lesser of all by a luxury items. You get five pieces in the set which is awesome. Get the Fresh Soy Face cleanser at the Lotus Youth Preserve Face cream and the Lotus Youth preserve rescue mask. I’ve use the rescue mask and it’s amazing the sugar advancer of lip balm which is like one of their number one sellers and you get a fresh vitamin nectar antioxidant glow water. But I just think this is such a nice skin care treat for someone. You could try to try out all their fresh products in it and it even has the mask which you get it’s such a nice pampering skincare items.

So I think this packaging is so cute it has all on it so it’s so festive for the holiday it even has a tag on it that says to and from and a little handle. Up Next is something that I’m actually wearing it is this crystal necklace from Miranda Frye and Jewelry. I wear this constantly all the time. It looks designer and it looks like it should be hundreds and hundreds of dollars. This is obviously not real diamond but it looks like it and it sparkles so nicely in the light. And it’s just one of those pieces that you can’t go wrong with when you get the woman in your life some jewelry it’s just so classic it will go with everything and it’s such a nice piece and it’s at a really nice price point.

I do have a 10% off coupon code if you want to check it out as well along with free shipping so I’ll have that link down below. And I’m super excited because I’m going to be doing a little giveaway here one of you will win this Stephanie necklace right here so I’m going to give it away to one of you guys not this one you’ll get a brand new one. So to enter the giveaway all you have to do is like this post give it a thumbs up and then you’re going to make sure you subscribe to my channel and then you’re going to comment down below one item on your holiday wish list.

And if you want some bonus entries, you’re going to go to this photo on my Instagram feed and then give it a like make sure you’re following both myself at Miranda Frye Jewelry. Handles of them will be in the description of the Instagram photo. And then in the comments section you’re just going to tag two friends in there. So this will be open for one week after giveaway winner listed in the description box of this post so definitely check back. Up next I have another super cozy gift and this is like a really nice home decor piece and it is this Blush cable knit throw with a sherpa lining. This comes in so many different colors but I picked up the blush one for myself and it is just so gorgeous.

I put it on my bed sometimes I’ll just put it on the couch and it just looks so gorgeous and it’s so cozy it will definitely keep you super warm and it is a nice size. Up next speaking of cozy I definitely recommend giving someone UGG slippers moccasins. I got these last year and I wore them so much I just think they’re amazing definitely keep you very warm. Up next is a convertible handbag to like a backpack and this is by Henri Bendel it is their convertible backpacks.

So I just see have it as a back here but you could fix the straps to be like a shoulder strap and wear it as a regular handbag so it’s so versatile. I like to suggest some times when I’m traveling even like when I go to New York City this will be out like in the rain or if it’s snowing you don’t have to worry about it at your really good handbag. And this will likely last all the way through the [00:13:25.0] nylon material of it and be like sappy on the leather it’s just like so adorable and so nice. And this comes in and so many other colors so you could do neutrals or nice like the pop up color I have like this like Palm color.

Up next is a pair of Sunnies, these are Ray ban’s. Ray Ban’s are awesome because they are nice price points for sunglasses for like a luxury pair of sunglasses and they’re just like that everyday sunglasses. They’re so a lot of different faces shapes and this comes in so many different colors I have them in pink and blue but if you want to do something little bit more of, I think they have a black rims and on black I think that will be just a nice practical color of someone if you’re not sure what they’re at then. But if you want to do a pop up pink too if you know they like pink that would be super cute so. And the last gift idea I’m going to share with you guys is this Gucci belt.

I wear this so much I get so much use out of it and I highly recommend getting it for someone that you’re really close to. If you’re curious about sizing I usually wear size 25 in most brands of denim. So this is the size 85 and I definitely should have gotten the 80 I do have a white belt in the 80s size and it fits so much better. So if you know that person wear the size 25 in jeans then I would do the size 80 so that’s like a good gauge on like what size to get.

You could always refer they have a sizing guide as well on their website but I will link this exact belt and this color it comes in so many different colors and they’re really into designer items I think the Gucci belt you just can’t go wrong I just wear this so much and I think they would absolutely love it. So that is it for my holiday luxury gift guide I hope you enjoyed it.

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