Perfect Christmas Gifts Every Girl Wants In 2020

It’s that time of the year Christmas shopping right what should I get everybody? Oh, maybe my mom will want perfume? No, she got one of those last year. I have no idea! Don’t be this girl this Christmas. Instead, let me help you find the perfect gift. You guys the Christmas time is here I’m so excited my room is decked out I’m ready for the Christmas time you guys, I’m like let’s freaking go like you see this I’m ready.

So in today’s post I’m going to be helping you guys out with Christmas gift ideas because if you’re anything like me you tend to go on Christmas Eve running around being like oh my gosh I didn’t even get anybody anything and I’m trying to help you prevent that so this is going to be Christmas gift ideas.

So I’m going to share that with you guys in a little bit and talk about some amazing products you can get from Amazon for the holidays as well as a bunch others so let’s just run into this hopefully you guys enjoy it. Okay, I’m going to just start off share with you guys a bunch of products you can get some of them are a little bit more pricey some of them are on the cheaper side just depends on your budget, your coin, I don’t know how many coins you got but hopefully this will still help you guys out.

Gift idea number one. If you’re a coffee lover like me then receiving a gift like this would absolutely just make you just leap for joy if someone gave me like a coffee mug and some coffee and like a French press I would freak out. These are honestly not that expensive so if you know someone who’s a coffee lover do something like this because they will forever love you well hopefully. My next gift idea is a Smart watch. And I know I know I know you’ve probably think I’m crazy but no you can find Smart watches very affordable on Amazon.

My dad literally bought everyone in my family besides me, thanks dad if you’re watching this. But every one of my family in Smart watches because they’re super affordable. So if you think you’re going to break the bank buy a Smart watch I promise you you’re not, check out Amazon I recommend getting a smart watch I wear mine every single day love it let it breathe it, this is a great option. Okay, these next gifts are for all you beauty lovers out there.

So you can get a bunch of beauty stocking stuffers from Amazon I’m going to show you guys really quickly a couple of those because they have some great options so if you’re a beauty junkie like me I mean I love me some makeup I love me some little goodies then check out these next products. Okay, so as far as stockings if I received these in my stocking I would be forever grateful so these are the peach slices face masks, everybody loves face masks I mean hopefully. And so these are just really simple just to stuff in a stocking or just throw into a little gift basket and they’re really affordable and these are just great quality so this is just a great beauty option for you.

Another thing you can add in there are like lashes these are the Ardell magnetic lashes easy to apply no lash glue needed so that’s super simple. You can just toss it in there really quickly. Elf Cosmetics also has a bunch of holiday kits that you can throw in there as well or even just send as individual gifts and you can also get them something from the Kendall and Kylie collection this is awesome because this is great for traveling it’s a nice toiletry bag and this is just a cute little bag on the goats like a furry backpack which I think is absolutely adorable.

So speaking of beauty I want to share with you guys the campaign that Amazon is doing. Amazon will not digitally enhance or alter any of the person’s shape, size, proportion, skin color, eye color, or enhance or alter any lines or wrinkles or any other individual characteristics.

Often we see a lot of you know altered images on social media and it can cause us to be comparing ourselves to unobtainable unrealistic images so I think that this is amazing that they’re doing this because I think this has been necessary for a good while because we’re in the store being like how do I get my skin like that and from here or not like we don’t have to look at that and know that we’re comparing ourselves to retouch photos so I just get a major props to Amazon for doing that and that’s why I’m really happy to be with them in this campaign.

So don’t forget to follow Amazon it’ll be down below and I just again want to say thank you to Amazon for doing this campaign. Now on to similar products you guys can get this Christmas. The next gift I recommend is a waterproof speaker, this is the one I have right here this is from the shower made this is my ride-or-die I love you know in the shower just jamming out. It’s awesome you can make phone calls from it, push some buttons it’s great I definitely recommend this as a gift.

The next gift is a phone case who doesn’t love phone cases so so if you know the size of their phone, the making, the model and all that then I would recommend getting someone a phone case because these are really easy they’re not too expensive and I just think they’re cute. My next gift idea is giving someone some books and a journal so if you know someone likes to read and you know they might like this certain topic of a book I’ll recommend it. Currently, these are the two books that I’m reading right now and I think having a journal to go along with the book that the reading is beneficial because you can take notes, write your thoughts down and all that so this is a great gift idea as well.

My next idea is water bottles specifically insulated water bottles. They’re not that expensive these are good stocking stuffers everyone needs to drink water and I think these are just a nice simple little gift that you can just throw in there. These next couple items I’m going to just bust out and we’re just going to fly through these ideas. Movie pass, that way so we can watch unlimited movies. A massage or facial if you know someone needs one of these you can find some great deals on Groupon.

Class pass if you want if someone wants to start working out more this is awesome you can buy them some classes to go work out maybe you can even join them. A DNA kit maybe they’re trying to figure out who the heck they are helping them do that. Tickets to their favorite show, a bottle of wine maybe a DIY snack and also a handwritten note. Maybe you can rent them a puppy or a kitten for a day, are they animal obsessed, bring puppies to them and kittens to them because that’s actually a legit thing where you can like literally rent puppies and kittens for a day. YouTuber merch. Are they obsessed with YouTubers? Buy them their merch.

A blender for smoothies I think this would be such a good idea because I love smoothies I mean I think everybody loves smoothies and you can do so many different things and recipes with a smoothie maker. So a portable printer like this you can print out little images wherever you are from your iPhone I think that’s so cool. PJs and socks, who doesn’t love that? A Spotify subscription, a cheese straightener because I love mine they work so well and it’s just a good gift. A postmates Gift Card, a DIY healthy version of their favorite food. Maybe they love chocolate chip cookies bring them a batch but make it the healthier version.

There are always healthier alternatives online that you guys can check out. And last but not least a workout kit maybe you can buy them a rug with some weights as well as like a foam roller or a water bottle just buy them a little workout kit if they’re trying to get you to know into fitness or even if you want to do it with them I think that’s a great idea I would personally love that if I got that.

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