Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Mom, Sister, Wife Or Significant Others

Today I will be sharing with you a few ideas when it comes to giving to a woman or to you know let’s say your mom, your sister, your significant other. A lot of times we have trouble kind of thinking what to give them for Christmas so I will be sharing with you some very inexpensive things that you can definitely use to give them out in some higher-end items.

So just so you know this post is not sponsored in any way or form I did purchase everything with my own money and I just want to go ahead and share with you, you know some ideas so let’s go ahead and begin.

One of the things that you can’t rarely go wrong with is giving out some facial masks. These ones I purchased at the Dollar Tree and they are collagen masks, you will get two of these masks per pack so this would be a nice cheap but useful gift that you can definitely give out.

So this is one idea and again recently I not recently I go to the Dollar Tree quite a lot and you know they do get new things here and there, another thing that I did find was lashes. These lashes they come in this packaging it looks like this and they do have a different one and they’re only a dollar. So if your wife or if your wife or your girlfriend or your mom or sister they wear lashes well this is a good way to go, one dollar you can’t go wrong and yeah this is a pretty good buy.

Now for the following items, I did purchase, I bought them at Sephora in Ulta I will link everything in the description box and I will put the prices for each item somewhere on the screen. We’re going to go ahead and start with this beautiful box it is from NARS and here when you open it up it comes with it’s already packed for you it’s already wrapped for you and it’s very cute you have a black type of paper and inside you’re going to get two minis okay.

You’re going to get I got the how do you call this one the orgasm blush and also I got it comes with a lippy, there are minis but again it is very very nice I’m going to go ahead and show you how this looks. This is the lipstick and again the blush looks like that it’s like a little combination. I thought the presentation was cute just to you know to give it out so this is NARS.

You know during Christmas you usually get pretty good deals I went ahead and got this cream and this is the one I used to moisturize my face. For the price of one item, I went ahead and got the item that I wanted and I went and got the lip therapy. You know when it’s winter during those days I get super dry my skin and my lips so this is a great gift for men or women I think anyway so yeah, that’s a second up well that’s another option.

And this one I found at Ulta and the price is going to be on the screen. Honestly, I haven’t tried them but I’m going to go ahead and open them up with you comes with 12 lip shades for special effects. So it comes with I don’t know it comes like this so I’m going to open them up. Woohoo look at what they are all sparkly I think these are lip toppers and oh look at this. So I’m going to go ahead and swatch them for you just so you know what you’re getting.

I’m going to go ahead and start with this one it’s called enchanting and I’m going to go ahead and do it, oh look at that so sparkly. This one is called mesmerized fortune-teller. Oh, that’s pretty. Alchemy charm jinx and yeah that’s what they look like. For these ones these are darker, this one is called bewitch. Oh, this one’s have color mind-reader be willing seems abracadabra and hypnotize. So this is what you’ll be getting, these are well they’re all shimmery colors but these are the lip toppers I’m thinking and these are the liquid lipstick.

You know it is a lot of lipsticks so you can actually if you have I don’t know five sisters you can do two and two and two, wrap them up very nice and there you go with one pack you can cover all. And in the last item that I have that it is my absolute favorite, it is the most expensive gift that I’m showing you today, I do have a review on this item right here. It has been such a good product I’m so happy that I bought it and it practically cleans your pores.

So this is a great gift for anybody men or women and it looks like this, I will be linking this here to check yourself and if you are interested in watching the post and then make up your mind but yeah this is a great gift for anybody. Okay, my friends that is it for today I hope that you like this post and I’ll see you on my next one.

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