Top 10 Gifts For A Girl This Christmas

Hey, guys so today I’m going to be doing a highly requested post for this time of year and this is going to be my top 10 gifts for her so a top 10 gifts for a girl. And these are all things that I think would make great gifts or gifts that I have received myself. There are some more splurging items and then there are cheaper things but I love all of these things and I think that they would make great gifts. If you are struggling to think of what you want to give other people or you can’t think of what you want to ask for from other people this is just a nice little gift guide.

And so everything that I’m going to show you guys is going to be on my Luvocracy website, this is just the app for the iPhone and I talked about it in a past post but basically it’s like Pinterest but you can shop right on there and they find the lowest price for you of that item online. So if you’re a big online shopper definitely check it out it’s a great website I’ll put my link below. But all the things and the prices will be on that website and I also have a few other collections like stocking stuffer ideas and boyfriend gift ideas so if you want to check that out then check that out. I’m going to stop rambling and just get into the goodies because that’s what this post is about.

So these are not in any particular order so I’m just going to get started and the first product is going to be one of my favorite accessories ever and I actually bought this last year as a gift to myself and this is my Michael Kors watch you guys, you have seen me wear this in quite a few posts and every time I wear it I get compliments and people ask me where I got it. And this is the Michael Kors parker glitz watch this one I think it’s just so pretty it has the crystals around the face and this is the two-toned one. So it’s silver and gold so it really just goes with anything if you’re wearing something silver, jewelry-wise or gold it’s going to match and I wear this so much and it’s definitely worth the money.

So I love watches and this is definitely my favorite one and I think it would make a great gift. Next is a perfume and you could really do any perfume or perfume gift set but this is the one from Express and I really like this one this is actually the second bottle I just went through my first so I just repurchased one. And so this is Express glam so the packaging looks like this and they have gift sets as well on that come with the lotion or you can just buy it by itself. But this is what the bottle looks like it’s really just like glamorous and classic looking and the scent is so pretty I’m not sure if it says the notes of the fragrance, no of course not.

But it’s a very like a nice sweet yet fresh yet musky smell I don’t know I’m really bad at describing scents but if you’re interested just check out your nearest Express store and get a sample of it so I really really like that I think perfume is always a good gift because who doesn’t like to smell good right. So sticking with um smelling great is my next gift and I don’t think anyone would be unhappy with receiving these. So they are candles and these are the candles from Bath & Body Works and they are definitely my favorite candles.

They usually have them on sale for two for 20 for the three wick ones and I mean who doesn’t want their house to smell good. There’s I know someone’s going to come and be like I don’t like candles okay fine this doesn’t apply to you but candles are always a great gift. These are three that I love right now this is winter, candy, apple and I know I’m smelling them because you can’t but this one also comes in like a body lotion and that’s when I first became obsessed with the smell so that’s winter, candy, apple. Also, this one is fresh balsam which is like the type of tree and that’s just like a really nice like outdoorsy kind of smell if you’re into that, it looks like that.

And then this last one I love this one it’s so like unique smell this is sparkling icicles and it’s just kind of smells like a cologne mixed with like clean like linens I don’t know how to describe it dessert thing, oh I’ll tell you right now it features a citrus bouquet Bergamo and a touch of holiday moss, well that doesn’t really tell you anything. But I promise smells really good it smells like a sexy man who’s nice and clean. So that’s the smelling good candles or perfume you can’t go wrong or cologne if you’re talking about a guy but this is all about the ladies.

Next is my favorite set of hair extensions and I know a lot of people always ask me what extensions I wear and I wear SKR extension. I wear extensions a product 95% of my posts I’m not wearing them right now ‘cause I wanted to show you them in my hand but these are the extensions from SKR and I these aren’t all of them these are just like four of the wrest. But I have a full review on these if you want to check them out but they are the really great quality I absolutely love them, I know a lot of people talk about the Bellami hair extensions which I have tried but I just like these better. It’s the clips the comfortability the quality is just I just prefer those.

These are my SKR hair extensions any girl even if you already have long hair like it just makes that your hair looks so like more voluminous and voluptuous and just nice and full like who doesn’t want that glamorous hair look. Especially if you’re watching like my posts you’re probably into nice big sexy hair so I think hair extensions are a great gift idea. And then next we have a makeup gift set and this is like the best gift ever like when I got this I was like oh my god I think this is the best idea I’ve ever seen. So this is from Tarte and this is the gorgeous getaways gifts set and so basically what will you have up here are four different looks that you can do.

Like this one is a more neutral look this one has greens this one’s more purple this one has some blues and each one has four eyeshadows and then blush. And the quality of these are just really amazing they’re so pigmented and I love Tarte eyeshadows so that’s great a fine dandy that they have all these four little ones. So underneath there’s a little drawer and has a three lip colors gorgeous lip colors and then it has this. And when I first saw this I just thought oh it’s probably like a mirror or something but if you open it up you can see that it has a mirror right and then I was like what does this mean I thought it was like a gift card or something.

Well it says “lift ribbon swap palettes and go anywhere” so what that means is these are these things comes out and so you can just put it right into this little compact so you bring it with you anywhere and you can swap them out I just think that’s the neatest idea ever I wish I came up with that then I would probably be rich and probably wouldn’t be making YouTube posts, just kidding. And it will go with so many different eye colors because all of the eyeshadow options that you have in there so I think it’s just like a great cute little gift idea. I mean what girl wouldn’t want this on Christmas Day right.

Also another holiday palette, well it’s not a holiday palette this is available year-round so it’s not a limited edition or anything but I just got this before I went to Key West and I am obsessed with this. The naked palettes bye-bye, like who are you? It’s out of the picture this has totally replaced it I’m obsessed with this I’m a little late on picking this up but this is the Lorac Pro Palette and the colors are just gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous neutrals. The best pigmentation so easy to blend and I love that there are so many mattes and then they have this shimmer.

This is an absolutely perfect gift for if you have a girlfriend or a sister or mom who loves doing their makeup and loves neutral colors this is what you need to get her or give yourself, love love love this. Sticking with beauty items this is a hair toolset and I think this is a great idea just because it gives you so many options and this is the Bellami 6 in 1 complete curler set. I love clipless wands I think they give you the best look on your hair you don’t have to worry about like the clamp lines in your hair and it’s just so easy and I love the results of these and I have tried every single one of these and you know before they were available as like a three-set or a four-set or just individually but now you can get them all in one so like how convenient is that.

And it comes with the handle which you put all them on has the tapered one which is 19 millimeters to 18 millimeters the largest one which is the 32 millimeter that’s what I use most when you see my hair curled that’s what I use to get it. Also, they have the 25 millimeters the 18 to 25 so a little bit bigger of a tapered one then they have the 19 millimeters the pearl wand which looks like a freaky sex toy and then a glove. So it’s really just the perfect gift if you have someone who loves doing their hair and why not get the extensions and the curling set right great, I’m like a little salesperson.

Next is something that I just recently got and I don’t know if you guys are like big QVC Watchers but I am like all about QVC and I saw this late at night one night and one of my girlfriends and I were talking about getting it and then that like the next day it was on QVC and I was like oh my god like this is God telling me I need to get it. So this is not a beauty item but it’s amazing and a little bit heavy, the vitamix 6000 oh my god it’s heavy. But here it is and it’s in my favorite color comes in a bunch of different colors but obviously I got the turquoise one.

But this is a blender that is like a 12 in 1 so it’s supposed to replace like twelve different kitchen appliances which I think is why it is so expensive and it’s like what they use in restaurants but now they have a one for your home and this is just the most amazing thing ever like if you like to make smoothies or if you like to make soups or if you’re just into like cooking and like trying out new recipes you need one of these or like you know someone who does like your mom like I’m thinking about getting one of these for my mom, hi mom if you’re watching.

But it’s just like the best kitchen appliance ever and like it can make ice cream in here and it makes it cold and it makes hot soups like it just says so many things you can make your own peanut butter you can do just like whatever you want and I just love I just got it but I’m already obsessed with it so I think this is a really great gift it’s more on the expensive side but you know I think it’s worth. Next, I have two clothing items and it’s hard to buy clothes for people but there are some things I think are like flattering on most people so one is this sweater, it just came off the hanger and it is from Lulu’s and it’s just oh my god stay on their girl.

The sweater is from Lulu’s and it’s just a big comfy cozy sweater it’s just something that you can wear it out like you don’t have to wear a jacket over. It’s so nice and cozy and it’s just like a really traditional looking like a winter sweater and I know some people are probably thinking as that looks like an old woman’s sweater but I like it so whatever but it’s just so warm and cozy and I just I’m a big fan of sweaters so that’s from Lulu. The other thing is from [00:12:14.0] I think that’s how you say it it’s just like an online shopping boutique which I’ve recently become really obsessed with.

And this is just a cute like how cute is this skirt it feels like so 90s like I remember my mom dressing me up in a bodysuit that was this exact same color material but I think I love that how 90 stuff is coming back. So this is just a cute little high-waisted skirt that’s just, I don’t know adorable for like a holiday party or like a New Year’s party I think this would look adorable with black tights underneath it would look so cute. Oh, just some clothing items just another idea and last but not least is I’m going to have to flip this around and show you guys but it is my vanity mirror and if you’ve seen my old vanity room tour I need to do an updated one.

This is the mirror that I use to do my makeup every single day and not only is it practical it has good lighting but it’s also so pretty to look at so I’m going to flip the camera around so you guys can see it but this is the star starlit tabletop mirror and I have in black also comes in white and silver and they also have like more stand up ones if you want something not so wide but I’ll just show you and you’ll see what I mean. This is don’t bind my pants. This is the mirror I should turn this around like this. This is the mirror it is so pretty if you can see it says “vanity girl” right there and don’t mind my dirty desk but it is the perfect thing ever.

I got this for Christmas two years ago and my parents got it for me and are the best gift I ever got like it’s just an amazing gift. So yeah that’s it those are my top 10 gift items for her so I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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