Top 10 Gifts For The Women In Your Life This Year

Hey, guys welcome back to the second of my Christmas gift guides in the past two weeks. And today I’m going to be talking about the good stuff. This is the gift guide for her I’m going to show you my top I think it was 10, top 10 gifts for the women in your life this year. Some of, I mean it doesn’t have to be women, I’ve got a women’s one and a men’s one but there are a few things in both of them that could be in neither of them and you can like what you want.

However, to make it easy this is a girl’s Christmas gift guide. I love every single thing in this post so much.  Anyway, without further ado I’m going to talk to you about my favorite girl’s gifts this year.

First of all I’m going to start by talking about the right homely cozy gifts that are a little bit more on the budget side of things. Bear in mind everything in this post is over $40, if you want budget gifts then wait for my stocking for the gift guide which is all under $40 but these gifts go from $40 all the way up to a thousand and over a thousand pounds. So yeah some of them will be different budgets but you know we can all dream we can all dream especially the last one it’s my dream gift, anyway.

So the first thing, pajamas, it would not be Christmas without some really festive cozy pajamas and I’ve chosen these ones this year. Now these are from a brand called Chelsea Peers which I’ve seen loads of different websites stock but I’ve never actually touched any of their stuff before.

I actually ordered these as a Christmas gift for a friend not for this gift guide via ASOS and they were on sale I think they were only about ₤40 but these were reduced to 28 and I think that’s still in sale on ASOS if not they have their own website and have these pajamas on the website.

Dear God they are so soft they’re like the softest pajamas I’ve ever felt in my entire life, they are so cozy I love the print it’s navy with stars. I also love the fact that these are like festive Christmasy pajamas kind of because they’ve got the stars but they’re not like just Christmas pajamas because I personally get frustrated with that because when it’s like after Christmas and before Christmas everyone’s like really you’re in Christmas pajamas in July but yeah these you could wear all year round.

It’s just yeah I love these and why I should ordered some for myself if they still have my size, so gorgeous. And then I also have some slippers to show you which I think would be an amazing gift, these are from Emu Australia. I’ve spoken previously about the UGG slippers which are a similar kind of thing like a sheepskin shearling slippers. They last for years and they are so comfortable and so warm if you live in a cold house like I do, I wear mine like every single day.

These are the new style this year from Emu. I’ve seen the ones before that are just plain but these have this amazing like textured grosgrain ribbon kind of Gucci esque super comfy I just think they’re gorgeous they’re ₤49. I got these white anthropology but I’m pretty sure you can buy them directly from Emu. So I think it’s a good price point as well because these type of slippers can go way up to like 90, a ₤100.

So I just think this would be such a nice gift for somebody who’s like a real homebody or has cold feet or a cold house like me. I have both and yeah actually they’re gorgeous so they are Emu slippers carrying on the cozy theme. I have a candle, I know I included a couple of candles in my beauty gift guide or one yeah no there were two candles in there but they’re not strictly like a beauty thing so I wanted to include another candle because this is a little bit more luxe and I’m obsessed with it.

This is from a brand called Overose which I haven’t actually tried any of their stuff before but I saw these candles in [0:04:26.4] and I was like I need one of these in my life. This is in the scent and thorium which is gorgeous. You might have seen this brand on Instagram they have a very like insta-friendly branding in generally as you can tell very similarly like branded to Byredo, I’m not actually sure if they’re related to Byredo and if they’re not it’s quite naughty ‘cause they are super similar, the candles are super similar.

But they’re like classic candles are like millennial pink with the actual wax being pink as well I don’t know if you guys have seen them. This one is a little bit different though this is one of the holographic editions and, oh my god it smells so good, it actually smells very very similar. I’m going to get it out to show you, it smells very very similar to a fragrance I used to have when I was a teenager and it was a Christian Lacroix fragrance that I found at TK Maxx.

It smells so good and I’ve never found again it must have been discontinued, this smells really similar to it. Look at it, oh my god, it’s so beautiful, it smells divine like absolutely divine. This is on my Christmas wish list this year I’m not keeping this one ‘cause it’s going in the giveaway but I want it, I want it so bad. They are ₤52 so they’re expensive like up there with the Jo Malone’s of the world.

But if you know someone who would like this I think you know if you know you know you know what I mean like I think people would see this be like Flo would like that because I love holographic and candles and everything and everything about this candle. It’s perfect, it is a perfect candle, okay I’m going to stop talking about the candle now and I’m going to start talking about gin because that’s one of my other favorite things.

Anyway, this is the curiosity collection from Warren Edwards this is my favorite gin, they do amazing delicious gins, these actually two are my favorite ones, the rhubarb one and the honeybee as well as the original and the elderflower so you get like a mini bottle of each, it’s ₤20.

If you are doing like a luck stocking this would be an awesome stocking filler as well or just a present for your girlfriend who likes gin, yeah super nice, this is my favorite gin I love it so I think that’s a really good gift. Keeping on the cozy theme but going a little bit more outdoors I wanted to include some thermals in this video because I know a lot of people like to go skiing this time of year or it’s just cold this time of year and they like to wear thermals under their clothes like me when it’s cold.

But I wanted to include my favorite thermal brand which is Sweaty Betty, they are better known for sportswear but their under layers and their base layers are amazing. This isn’t actually the set but I originally wanted to include because I ordered it and it has not arrived in time but this is me last-minute adding things in. But they do a set with stars all over I’m going to insert a picture so you guys can see, it’s very me.

This is the other set that they do that I managed to get my hands on in time which is so nice. I just love what they do with base layers because I feel like base layers in general are expensive so just to give you an idea of Sweaty Betty tops and bottoms are about ₤65 each, they’re not cheap.

But if you buy good quality base layers, I’ve had some in the past from North Face from brands like that they last for years and years and years so if you go skiing every year or if you wear thermals underneath your clothes in the winter it’s worth it like they’re a good investment they do keep you warm.

However, no one else does the designs like Sweaty Betty and they’re really similarly priced it’s not like they’re crazy that loads more expensive than the good ones but they just have really cute designs they’re not just like plain black I just think that’s so cool. I absolutely love this design as well as I got to like the black and white houndstooth the polo neck is making a little bit difficult for me to show you that we got.

It’s got the black and white houndstooth and then it’s got red and white like stripes across it I think they’re really cool graphic style that’s the top and then the bottoms look like this and it’s super they’re both made out of the most incredibly soft material and especially bottoms they’re like really thick like they’re like they’re cozy on the inside and they’re like super thick. So nice and I’ll insert the picture of the star ones because the star ones are amazing.

So anyway if you know anyone who’s going skiing or just gets really really cold this time of the year, these would be a good gift for them I think. So next up we’re moving into the more premium end of things and it might be a controversial choice. However, it’s one thing this year for me is a no-brainer for this gift guide and it is drumroll wait for it it’s heavy. It is the Dyson air wrap.

This is actually my one but I am going to be giving one away as well in my Instagram giveaway. If you guys have not seen this, have you been living under a rock it’s basically Dyson’s new hair styling tool it it’s kind of like ado-everything hair tools. It has a hairdryer, it has two sets of curlers and it has a brush, you can also get one that has like a big round brush in it as well for like volumizing.

But this has had a lot of hit and miss reviews like some people love it some people think it’s a complete waste of money. It’s super expensive it’s ₤399 crazy crazy crazy but it’s Dyson, we all know Dyson is expensive. So why have I included it in this video because it’s brilliant and I love it, I bought this one myself. If you want to see a full review of this let me know because I don’t know whether to do one or whether I’m too late to the bandwagon.

However, a little bit of a backstory, I first saw these when Dyson like did all the first, first and I was like oh my god that technology is mental I need to try it. Then I started seeing all the reviews and I feel like there are a lot of negative reviews out there and I was kind of like maybe I just don’t need it I’m not too bothered like I’m happy with my curling tongs, I’ve kind of like got a good thing going on with my hair styling.

And then I tried my friend’s one who bought one and it is extraordinary. Yes you have to learn how to use it I think that’s Christmas and I have a lot of the reviews I’ve seen on YouTube. A lot of them are first impressions and they say like oh this is a first impression I definitely to practice. But even the people who are saying they know how to use it and always like doing a demo, they aren’t using it right.

Like a lot of the people doing demos on YouTube are still not using this right and haven’t properly read the instructions and watch the videos or they can’t have done because they’re doing it completely wrong. So I think it’s had some negative reviews potentially like unfairly yes it’s expensive I’m not going to argue with that a lot of people would not spend ₤400 on a hairstyling tool.

But the way I look at it, I’ve done my hair with it today and then the last probably three videos that you’ve seen I’ve done my hair with it. It enables me to style my hair like I’ve had a salon blow-dry which I cannot do at home except with hot rollers, I hate hot rollers they take so long I always burn my fingers they just the curls don’t last with hot rollers on me either like I’m just not good at it.

If you love hot rollers then stick with that because they’re a lot cheaper but I mean as a gift as well this is like the ultimate for any hair lover. Also another disclaimer I have quite a lot of hairdresser friends and all of the hairdresser friends I’ve shown this to think it’s the best thing ever like literally the best thing ever.

I think it’s the best thing ever and if you want to see a full review I’ll do another video but I genuinely think you probably know if a person in your life like your wife or your girlfriend wants this for Christmas they’ll probably have told you already but it is like the ultimate beauty gift this year and it’s not in the beauty gift guide because I felt like it belonged better in this gift guide.

However, I do have one to give away over on Instagram if you want to win one and don’t want to pay 400 quid for it ‘cause they are pricey if you want to see a full review let me know. Moving on to jewelry, I have two jewelry things to show you in this gift guide today. The first one is something I discovered again on anthropology actually this is a ring carving kit from a company called the Workbench.

Now I thought this was such an amazing idea and it’s quite weird like when you open up they’re like really what is this and to be fair it is ₤120 so if you didn’t really understand like what they’re going to do for you then this looks like a crazy expensive present. But it’s really awesome I think it would be such a good present for someone who’s a little bit more creative or for your other half if you want to do something really cool.

If you’re getting married for example and want to like make your own rings or if you just like making jewelry in general super cool. So in here, you get this tiny little box but you get these wax molds of rings you get one that’s like circular I think to practice on but you could just practice on either or and send either or one back to them.

And then you get one that’s a bit more like a signet ring shaped like a square on the top, you get a razor blade, you get a ring sizer or a pencil all sorts of bits and bobs in here you get a thing so you don’t cut your finger. And then you get a prepaid envelope to send them your mold.

So essentially what you do is carve out your own ring and there are loads of examples actually on their Instagram I’d recommend going to check out their Instagram which is the Workbench LDN to see like some inspiration because it is actually really cool and this kit doesn’t really do a justice in terms of seeing this.

But you basically carve out your own ring, you send it off to them and then they cast it in silver or gold or rose gold plated or Vermeil so it’s like thicker than plating. So yeah really really gorgeous present, I think these vary from about 110 to 130 pounds depending on the finish of the ring you get. This one is gold but it’s just such a cool present and something that I haven’t really seen before.

So if you want something a little bit more unique or creative then I think that’s a really good option. If you want to go for the just straight out buy some jewelry and if the person you’re buying for is not so into their kind of arts and crafts then I do have a jewelry suggestion for you this year and it is from of course my faves Monica Vinader. I’ve left in the bag because I wanted to show you their Christmas packaging how gorgeous is this.

Monica Vinader packaging is normally like a deep burgundy color but for Christmas they’ve turned it all like a pearlized champagne, gorgeous, this would look beautiful under the Christmas tree. And you might have seen the item that I’m about to show you if you follow me on Instagram I work with Monica Vinader quite a lot but I genuinely wear her jewelry like most of the jewelry I wear, a ton of bracelets and mostly jewelry I’m wearing in terms of bracelets like it’s from Monica Vinader.

If you see pictures or videos of me wearing jewelry I’m most likely going to be wearing some Monica Vinader jewelry or a lot of it I love to stack it. Anyway, she has just released these gorgeous chainrings, they are part of the friendship collection so I feel like the brand as a brand Monica Vinader got really famous maybe like 10 years ago for her friendship bracelets and that was how I first kind of came across the brand anyway.

And then she’s obviously kind of you to know done loads and loads of stuff since then as well but she’s come back to the kind of friendship concepts and made friendship rings which I think are so awesome. The other thing that’s amazing about these is that they’re adjustable so not only do you not have to know the ring size of the person you’re buying for but it also means that you can wear them on different fingers.

So if some days you might choose to wear it on your index finger which will be bigger than your ring finger and you can literally just it’s got like the little pull so you can just adjust it as so. Anyway, I love these because they’re so dainty I’m going to include a close-up because you won’t really be able to see from this far away. But this is the Fiji bar the Fiji diamond bar ring and it is so stunning it comes on this really dainty rose gold chain, you can also get them in silver and gold I believe.

And then it’s got these gorgeous pave diamonds on the front this is such a gorgeous gift, it is a little bit more of a luxury gift, obviously. But I just think if you’re looking for something classic, dainty jewelry is so in right now and layering jewelry is definitely like the look that a lot of people want to go for so I think you can’t really go wrong with this.

They also do a little heart to one of these, they do an evil eye and they also do like a button like a little circle but for me the bar is the most kind of classic. I also really like stacking up so I’ve got one of the Cartier Trinity rings which was a ten-year anniversary gift from Mike and this looks beautiful stacked up against that like I really really like wearing it like that, if you guys can see so I think that’s an amazing gift.

Also an honorary mention to another item that Monica Vinader have just launched this year it’s the Alta Bracelet, if you like more kind of chunky jewelry this might be a bit more up your street but this is really cool it’s on like a square link chain and all of the links where every other link at least is like on a catch so you can put charms on it. As you can see on mine I’ve got like a little R charm and then a little tag that says river on it as well.

I think that’s a really nice present these are a little bit more expensive but if you have the budget to buy an expensive gift for some [0:18:14.7] that you know that they like more kind of chunky jewelry, the altar bracelet is really nice as well, definitely go and check that out. In terms of the giveaway as well, I’m also going to be giving away in the next week, two of these diamond rings, as well as a ₤500 Monica Vinader shopping voucher for their website so keep your eyes on my Instagram for that because it’s a big one.

So we are approaching the end of the video and I’m creeping my way very slowly towards the most premium gifts and I have to say I’m a handbag girl I really am. Every year most years there will be a handbag on my Christmas wish list because they’re just it’s just what I like. This year, however, there are two that have caught my eye that I think would make the most beautiful Christmas gift.

And the first one is a little bit more budget-friendly, it’s still expensive there’s no beating around the bush but it is from Solaro and it is the most festive little clutch bag. This is what it looks like I think this is just beyond stunning, it is the most beautiful teal velvet and you can actually get this, they’re stocking at the moment I got this one from Matches but they also stock it on Net-A-Porter and I’m sure they sell it kind of in some other stores as well.

This is such a gorgeous gift I think for the festive period I mean any time of year it’s beautiful but for winter I just think velvet is the most beautiful fabric and I think you just really like couldn’t go wrong with getting this for Christmas. It retails for ₤390 so like I said still pricey but it’s cheaper than having like a full whack design a handbag on your Christmas wish list, if you know what I mean.

I think this is gorgeous I’m going to be giving this away as well sad times really want to keep it but just yeah the perfect Christmas party bag in my opinion. And then last but not least there are going to be no surprises when it comes to this one because my top kind of luxury Christmas gift this year is from Chloe and I feel like this bag is getting so much air time at the moment.

I think this year next to like the Dior saddlebag relaunch this has been for me the most kind of appealing new design handbag that I’ve seen, it’s definitely kind of on my Christmas wish list and if you haven’t guessed already what it is if you don’t already follow lots of fashion bloggers on Instagram and have seen them all wearing this bag it is the Chloe Tess.

And if I can just pull the little skinny strap off and show you guys what this looks like I just think this bag is absolutely stunning. It’s a kind of rounded shape saddlebag but it has the really gorgeous mix of leather so it has the smooth leather and the suede as well and it has the skinny short strap and this is what I love about Chloe bags they’re very kind of layerable in terms of like the way you wear them there’s always like a strap hanging down or something really casual and like lovely I just I love they’re designed.

So the longer strap is actually much chunkier and then the short strap is more lightweight which is quite unusual for a bag actually. Normally if they have the two straps the short one is the chunky one and the long one is the skinny one but yeah I just think this bag is stunning, it has a real kind of classic Chloe look to it but it’s also very very solid looking and very structured whereas some of the other designs like the Fae are a little bit more a little bit softer.

I really love this, for me I think this is the the-bag of this season like I think it’s the bag that a lot of people would want this year. I personally for this video and for the giveaway ‘cause I’m going to be giving away this bag as much that pains me I have it in my hands and I’m going to give it away. I personally would have chosen the burnt brown color which is like a deep burgundy kind of toned brown, this is the black.

I went for the black because I thought it was going to be the most kind of popular in terms of what other people would like because if you’re going to win a bag I felt like black was a good color but yes this is like my ultimate kind of Christmas gift. This year it is pricey this is the small size and it’s 1,250, they do do a medium which is also really wearable size which I think is like 1,390 something like that so it’s not that much for a price difference between the two.

But I think for me the small size like in the dimensions are more pleasing to the eye but yeah this is the Chloe Tess which could be yours you never know guys I’m so excited for somebody to win that because I honestly think like if I won that it would make my Christmas. But that is it for my gift guide for her 2018, very sad it’s over I love making these videos so much. I hope it helps you if you’re looking for some inspiration for your Christmas gifts this year or some inspiration for to maybe as cool for Christmas this year.

 I hope you enjoyed it, if you’re looking for more budget options then definitely come back and check out my stocking for the gift guide.

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