Top Beauty Gift Set Picks Of 2019 Christmas Holiday Season

Welcome to this post with the best beauty gift sets that are out this year for the holiday season, I feel like writing this now kinda kicks off my holiday content every year. I think this is my third or fourth year in a row writing about the top ten beauty gift sets.

It’s always so fun to gather everything. I have some stuff from Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom, a little bit of everywhere so I’m excited to share with you guys hair, skincare, makeup, all the best beauty gift sets for the season. So every year around October, November all of the brands come out with their holiday kind of like gift sets, value sets, it’s a great way to try new products, try new brands, get a better deal, get a better value or stock up on your favorites and like special packaging all that kind of stuff. There’s like different qualities that make it fun, you know a lot of the times I want to find something that’s like a better deal but also I love like limited edition packaging or being able to try out other and my favorite.

So I put together my top I think I have, 13, or we going to say top 10 because I just feel like that’s a good number to put on my title that I have a lot of good use to show to you guys today. So I’m going to start with hair I take my hairspray and my dry shampoo, my texturizing sprays very seriously and there are two brands that are like the holy grail hair brands that I love for like finishing sprays; dry bar and Ouai.

They came out with some really good gift sets this year that I’ve actually like super excited about. So first up we have Ouai. This is the swing both ways limited edition extra-large set. So these are my top 2 items from Ouai that they put them together in a set for the holidays. It’s literally perfect, this will be a great gift, great stocking stuff for fur literally anyone that has hair. It’s such a good set, these are really great products I love the design, first of all, I think it’s so beautiful and like a minimal and chic.

But Ouai is such a great brand, Jet Atkin is like a celebrity hairstylist and she started this line for you guys. The hair oil is so good, I have dry hair and I like it highlighted and all that stuff so I need something that’s gonna give me a lot of moisture but my hair can get waved down really easy and start to look greasy if I put like just a one drop of too much oil. But with this oil like I can go to town my hair is never going to look greasy but it helps it be like so much more hydrated and healthy so this is just like the best oil, a wet hair dry hair and I love it, it’s in extra large size because I go through this like water.

Then you have the texturizing hairspray, it’s a great mix between like a sea salt wave kind of texture spray and hairspray it has an incredible hole that will last for like 3 or 4 days, it is so good. So the two of these together, it’s a great set, I think this is $48 or $49. This set it $48.

Okay, moving on to my dry bar favorite. So this is the dry bar full-size fave set, it retails for $49. I also picked this up at Sephora, I mean the packaging, first of all, is so cute, this is the already like gift wrapped and ready to go you can just hand this to someone and they will be so excited about this gift set. Drybar is one of my favorite lines, I feel like they just have so many really good products that are staples in my hair care routine that I have used for years. So the first thing you get is the triple sack. This is like my holy grail top I get from the dry bar, it is such a good texturizing spray. If you love that like sexy, wavy look, loose curls, hyper look you need this. It smells so good, every time you wear it people are going to be like, what’s that smell? It’s kind of like a sexy chocolate smell that’s what I call it.

But for me, all of my friends we love it so I go through like so many bottles of this it’s just like the best kind of wave texture spray. Then you also get the detox dry shampoo, a great dry shampoo is always good to have on hand it’ll help your blow-up last a lot longer so you don’t have to wash your hair every day. I don’t have time to wash my hair every day so I always need a really good dry shampoo that absorbs oil. I can work out and everything and I know this is gonna keep my hair looking fresh.

And then, you also get a product called Prep Rally I always think their names are really cute too but I’ve actually never tried this product, it’s called the Prime and Prep detangler. So on the back, it actually says it protects your hair from heat up to 450⁰ with Biotin, Vitamin B and UV blockers. So this is definitely something that we all could use, I know that heat-protected is something that I always forget to use that I need to use because I use the curling iron, the blow dryer, the flat iron and all of it so a good prep spray is perfect to add to my routine, $49 for this set. Okay moving on to skincare, I actually only picked up one set but this set is good like I want to get it for Christmas, I bought it like now.

So if you want to treat yourself to something I’d go for this. This is such a good set. So is this skincare for makeup, why can’t I talk? Skincare for makeup lovers Obento box from Tatcha, $64 a $103 value. All of my favorite Tatcha products, Tatcha is one of my favorite skincare lines that you could purchase at you know like over the counter. I love my melaleuca grease skincare you guys know that but Tatcha has actually been one of the brands that have switched to me over and to be honest I use a lot of Tatcha. I use other things too like Kopari and origins and stuff but Tatcha is definitely one of my favorites from like over the counter type of skincare.

So you get the luminous dewy skin mist, I use this every single day. Actually it’s funny when I was getting ready today I noticed that I have about five open sprays right now in my drawer so I am gonna wait ’til to open this one for a long time but it’s such a good mist. So I know that we all love a good setting spray and this is a great setting spray. But it, it gives your skin like the most beautiful dewy fresh natural look so I actually have one that I keep in my bathroom as well and I use it in the morning and night kind of just like a last like final touch in my skincare routine to make my skin look really dewy and hydrated.

I have skin on the dry side so this always helps just like that little bit of moisture. Of course, I use it to like prime my skin to set my makeup I’ll use it during the day I’ll keep one in my bag to kind of refresh my skin but it’s just a great mist, I love it. Then you get a little mini side of the water cream, this is a moisturizer that I’ve gone through like 2 or 3 full sizes of. It is such a great everyday moisturizer no matter what skin type you have. It’s really luxurious on hydrating but because it’s like a water-based cream, it’s still really like refreshing and lively on your skin.

So while you have oily or dry skin it’s a great moisturizer. If you have dry skin, I’d say more of a day time, it’s not gonna look too heavy into your makeup, great for day time. If you have oily skin, I’d say it’s great for morning and night because you don’t need something too heavy a night your skin is just gonna look really refresh and radiant with this.

All these products are gonna make your skin look like super radiant. You also get their violet c radiance mask. This is one of my favorite masks as well, I’ve used it for about a year now. It’s one of that mask where if you just feel like your skin looks dull or dehydrated or really dried out from the cold winter months, this is a great mask to do at night. It’s just gonna give your skin some Vitamin Cs, some hydration and make you look more radiant which is what we all want. And you also get the silk canvas which is they’re like called favorite premiere.

It’s not like my all-time favorite premiere because like I’ve said my skin is a little bit more on a dry side so I like something more hydrating like the mist but this is great to kind of like making your skin look super airbrushed and poreless. My skin is just a little bit too dry for it. But if you’re not that oily it’s a really good premier and probably I could figure out a better way to use it but I just hadn’t like falling in love with that yet but everything else in this box is so good like I said $64.

I think it’s time we move into the makeup, the good stuff you guys I have found some really good little gift sets this year. Some big ones, some little small of stocking stuff for one but all super good. The first stuff we have this super cute little gift set from Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. I have actually only tried one product so far from this line and it’s the highlighter and I have fallin’ in love, it is so buttery and creamy and pigmented, it’s a really great highlighter and I have just heard people like raving about the gloss now for like a year.

So as soon as I saw there I was like, yup I’m getting that, I want that and I think it’s a perfect kind of like stocking stuffer or small gift item. It’s so cute to it, the packaging is so cute. So I’m gonna actually open it up so you guys can see. So here is the gloss bomb and Fenty glow. Super pretty, kind of like neutral nude shade with tons of glitter. And then you also get the Killawatt highlighter and Hustla Baby.

Isn’t that so pretty? You’ll like to put it along, boom. I love it. I have the full size of this and it’s like when I go-to highlighters. So super cute little set, even if you wanted to like split any of these gifts sets up and give them to other people and kind of like making a little gift boxes that something I always love to do so you could give someone the highlighter, someone the lipstick and kind of like making a little cute little gift bags. And this cute little mini gift start retails for $23. It’s a great price too. One of my favorite beauty brands Charlotte Tilbury came out with a great set this year.

You get one of her shadow crayons on the color amber hayes, I actually have a full size of this one. It’s just a perfect kind of like smokey dark bronzey color, you can use it just as a liner but you can also do a kind of like all over the leg, use your finger to smudge it out and then like that’s your look or you can just it as a base, you can use it as like a lower lash line childer. There are so many different things you can do with that amber hayes color, it’s just such a pretty kind of universal shade that would look good on everyone. And then you also get her eyeco, I think this is in black, let’s see. Bedroom black, so you can do a really pretty cat-eye that’s kind of like her signature look as that like elongated kind of like almond shade cat -eye. So you have everything you need in here for that really pretty kind of like Bridgitte Bardot look that she always does that I love.

She also has a really good Youtube channel Charlotte Tilbury which what I do like tutorials and I love following that channel and that case is $45. Now moving on to another staple, this one is from Laura Mercier. So like I said at the beginning of this post, sometimes these sets are great to like try out new products but it’s also a great way to kind of stock up on your favorites at a better value with cute unique packaging for the holidays. So Laura Mercier came out with this cute little set it’s the custom setting duo.

So you get the matte translucent powder, the regular translucent powder and also the little puff. I use this powder-like every day for baking under my eyes. So here you guys can see they’re cute, they’re many but they’re not many. Like this is gonna last you a good while and you get to. And then on the puff, this is such a good puff for baking under the eyes or kind of doing some baking underneath the cheekbones. I love this, it’s great to travel with, so it’s just a good kind of like handy set to have.

The one with the best translucent powder you can get and I love that she now has the matte in the regular. And you can pick this kit up at Supre for $38. For all of you girls that love that super glowy highlighted look, this is a great a look upset to add to your wishlist, this is the Becca Glow Macaron collection it retails for $40. So they’re kind of like setup to look like little macaron in a tray. This one is $40 ad you guys know Becca highlighters are so good, so you get opal, vanilla quartz, rose quartz my favorite and Prismatic Amethyst. So this will be a great set to add to your wishlist kit for yourself but it’s also another one of those great set where you could buy this.

Split this up between four of your girlfriends and make that a little gift bag you guys, that is like my favorite to do. ‘Cause I just feel like it shows that you spent some time on it and you really care about them and getting them some of that they would really enjoy so it’s always fun to get things like this and kinda divvy it up.

So this is the cute little macaron set from Becca. Taking a break from the makeup for a second, I wanted to highlight this beautiful brush set from Ecotools. It retails from $33, you can pick it up at Alta. Something I love about Ecotools if you guys are new to my channel I’ve been their brand ambassador for two years now.

It’s been such a fun experience like really love their products and their brand and what they stand for so I love supporting them. But anyways all their brushes are good on their own you know what I mean their super good brushes, they’re so affordable but they’re so innovated you guys. They are literally crazy when it comes to like innovation, they’re always trying to do like the best of the best and come out with the newest things, the things that are gonna make your makeup look amazing and they spend a lot of time and a lot of thought goes into all of their products.

So something alt sets really cool is they, along their sets coming these like little trays so they’re great for the kind of like collecting or for travel or you, can set them up on your vanity these ones and this really pretty pink color and you get two sponges, their sponges are really good you guys. They are just as good as like a traditional beauty blender, I love it in this pink color usually they are in green.

You get a little couple little face brushes a couple of eye brushes so get a little bit of everything but if you feel like you wanna treat someone to some new brushes this is a great set or if you feel like you need some new brushes this is a great set to add to your wishlist you kinda get like a full face. Every year I feel like Too Faced and knock it out of their park with their gift sets. They’re always so festive and girly at the same time which I love.

I always love all of their products especially all their powder products like shadow bronzer brush like they just get it right and they work really really well they’re super pigmented and they last all day and something I’ve noticed throughout the years of using Too faced is like they are stuck at in their normal collection and their limited edition stuff is always like unparse, it’s the same quality like it’s not you’re getting lesser  quality in the gift sets so that’s something I really love about their products. But you guys look at the packaging like they always do the cutest little Christmas sets and they’re always just like just super holiday-inspired, I love the gold and the baby pink. So this is the under the Christmas tree set where you get the breakaway makeup palette and mascara.

So if you guys have been living under a rock, then you might not know the Better Than Sex mascara from Too Faced is like the best mascara you can get and makes your eyelashes just like super fluffy and voluminous and long. And look how cute this little palette is like it looks like a Christmas tree and it’s like pink felt with gold. And they’re all like little individual palettes, great for travel so in the first one you get a matte bronzer and two highlighters, this one could kind of be used as a blush too but super pretty.

And the second one you get a really pretty kind of like plummy tone and neutral shadow palette with some shimmers, some mattes. And then the final palette the bigger one this looks just like a little Christmas tree you get more of like a pinky rosy toned one with tons of really pretty metallics in there. So you kind of get a good mix of shadows and some face colors in this palette you guys, look. Another thing you could divvy up I’m telling you it’s a good idea.

Not to like a super plug my own palette or anything like that but I did just quickly wanna mention that the ISH Natural Glow palette with Alex Garza I now available so you guys wanna check out the palette that I collaborated with them on. The packaging is also really beautiful black rose gold metallic. It’s a great everyday face palette I’ve shown it so many types now but you get two bronzers, two blushes, three highlighters, a translucent powder, a black liquid liner, and a lip gloss all in like this little great travel kind of like a book.

It will really simplify your makeup routine, it’s a super great set for literally anyone it’s just a great face palette so if you guys wanna check this out it’s available on my online store shop good tobe I have the link down below. But this retails for $60. Another brand that I think kills it every year with gift sets is MAC. They always do something beautiful kind of like a collector’s type of items something unique and different. I’ve loved their gift sets every holiday since I was like twelve or thirteen since I started wearing makeup I’ve loved their gift sets. They always do something different with like little brushes and different kind of color sets.

So I feel like I’ve shown you guys a lot of neutrals today and this little kit from MAC is super pretty if you love that classic strong like a red lip for the holidays. So in comes in this gorgeous pink box that its kind of like already gift wrapped you could use for like a real bow and be perfect. In inside the bag you get everything that you need to create the perfect red lip, I feel like MAC does red lipstick and liners like the best. There’s pretty much the only red that I wear so you get cherry lip liner, also really love their liner. So Charlotte Tilbury and MAC are like my favorite lip liners.

Makeup has been pretty good but MAC and Charlotte Tilbury are my favorites. This one is cherry, it’s just like that true kind of like snow white punchy bright red, I love it. Then in lipstick, you get blazing yule which is a matte lipstick it’s like a limited edition one just for the holidays a little bit more of that deeper tone another kind, it’s like a snow-white kind of red it’s really pretty. And if you don’t like a matte lip you like a glossy red lip it also comes with a really pretty lip gloss and palm date or just like a pomegranate color with like some gold shimmer in there super pretty.

Okay, you guys so those are all of my top beauty gift set picks of the 2019 holiday season. If you guys love to read more options for gifts this Christmas, keep looking for more articles here. I have written more than a dozen post this year. This is throw up some nice ideas for your loved ones.

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