Unique And Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Her 2020

Today’s post is my holiday gift guide for her. I have been planning this post for months and I am so excited that I’m finally writing it for you guys, I think that there is something for every woman on your list in this post and what better way to say thank you to everyone who reads and supports this website. Let’s go ahead and get started.

The first item on my list is this adorable book set that Home Sweet Home which I thought would be perfect because literally anybody could have this and use this in their home all year round. You can give them as gifts for any type of occasion, she has really awesome ones for winter, one of my favorites says “let it snow”.

I see a lot of people put everyone’s name and their family here and then you can put them on the mantle or on your coffee table and truly an amazing gift for any occasion whether it’s a housewarming, birthday, a wedding gift. I have a friend who is getting married and I’m going to get her one of these book sets that say her new last name established and then the date of their wedding, I think it’s such a special gift and it’s also an amazing piece to have in your home and it’s something truly unique that you can’t just go out and buy in a store.

The next item I wanted to share with you guys is from a company that I found recently called Diff eyewear. You may have seen them on social media and they also partner with amazing celebrities like Jessie James Decker who has her own line with them. So I have heard of Diff eyewear before but what I didn’t know that makes their company so special and unique to me is for every pair of eyewear sold they donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need and this is a worldwide initiative, I will leave their website link down below so you can check it out.

I think it’s amazing when companies give back, there are so many negative things that we hear in the news these days so I love to support companies that are just spreading positivity and giving back and just doing some good in the world. So this is an amazing company and it’s a great gift to be able to tell the person about the company and about their charity and what they do and it’ll just make the person who is receiving these just feel really good about it as if they’re already not going to be excited enough that they’re getting an amazing a pair of sunglasses.

So when you open the box it comes in this really nice leather case and it has a little snap that opens right up and on the inside, it says “let’s make a difference”. You’re also going to get this cleaning cloth for your lenses which are always really nice and this case is really heavy-duty and good quality which is great to have because I am just so guilty of throwing my glasses at the bottom of my purse and then they get all bent and scratched and it’s just not good so the fact that they include a case with them is amazing.

I turned my ring light off so if the lighting’s different that’s why because I didn’t want to blind you in the reflection of these glasses but the pair that I have been wearing and I am obsessed with is in the style Dash, and these lenses are in the color gunmetal and light green. If you can see the frame is this really pretty silver color and this part that goes behind your ear is in very pretty tortoise color.

I tend to have a very round face shape so aviator glasses are always very flattering on my face and they’re actually the most flattering style of sunglasses for anyone so you really can’t go wrong with a pair of aviator sunglasses for any woman on your list. The aviator-style sunglasses are just timeless so that you will never go out of style, they’re super flattering for every face shape and I just think that the quality of these is amazing.

This next pair is one that I’m going to be giving away the style is Cruz, the frame is this gorgeous rose gold color these are also in the aviator style so again super flattering for every face shape. What I love about Diff eyewear colored lenses is they don’t change the color of things you are seeing when you’re looking through them as a lot of the cheaper lower-end sunglasses do that always drives me crazy and gives me a little bit of a headache so I was really excited when I tried these on and everything looked the way that it was supposed to.

These next fabulous pairs of sunglasses are in the style of Goldie and they have these gorgeous gold lenses and the frame is so gorgeous as well it comes in that super trendy tortoise color. This is the next pair that I’m going to be giving away and let me just tell you I feel so fabulous when I put these sunglasses on I think they are absolutely amazing so make sure you head on over and check out Diff eyewear they are such an amazing charitable company and what better gift to give any woman on your list than a pair of high-end sunglasses.

The next item that I think is an amazing gift for any woman to receive is a piece of Rae Dunn pottery. If you watch my channel then you know I love Rae Dunn but I love giving Rae Dunn as a gift also even to people who don’t know anything about Rae Dunn or collected it makes an amazing gift because the design itself is very neutral and simple which makes it go with anyone’s decor theme and also the fact that it has really cute sayings make it very unique and customizable.

If you know someone who loves coffee giving them this cup that says coffee with maybe a Starbucks gift card inside or some nice flavored coffee I think would make an awesome gift. I know that a lot of my subscribers love Rae Dunn as much as I do and the holiday stuff is super collectible and harder to find so when I went into Marshalls the other day and found these I knew they were the perfect thing to give away for this post.

Look at how cute these are they are little mini mugs that say merry and bright, I think they’re meant to be ornaments but you can do so much with this you can use them as ornaments if you want, you can use them as just decor around your home, you can use these as little espresso mugs and put them in your coffee bar decor they’re just so adorable.

I have never personally seen these before so when I saw them I was so excited to be able to give them to one of my fellow Rae Dunn fans and subscribers so I hope you guys think these are as adorable and fun I do and all of the information as I said is linked down below to be eligible to win these adorable little mini mugs.

Alright, and the last item on my list has been one of my go-to favorite gifts to give to all of my female friends and family members for years and that is the Sephora holiday perfume sampler. If you haven’t heard of the Sephora holiday perfume sampler before what it is, it is a box that contains 15 high-end perfume samples and these samples last a long time like I’m talking 6 months depending on how often you use the perfume and how much you use. But the last time I bought one of these for myself I was using all of the perfume samplers 6 months later.

But the best part about this holiday perfume sampler is after you’ve tried out all the perfumes and you’ve picked out your favorite one you bring a voucher that comes in the box into any Sephora and exchange it for one full-size product. The box is $65 and it’s a hundred and $22 value. The coolest thing about this box is a lot of those high-end perfumes cost more than $65 if you were to just go in and get the full-size and with this, you’re getting 15 samples plus full size of your favorite so this is an awesome gift for any woman to receive.

I always get so excited to give this gift because you can guarantee that whoever receives it is going to love it. So I am thrilled to be giving away to one of my lucky subscribers this holiday perfume sampler box because I know you are going to love it. Alright, guys, that are it for today’s post I hope that you got some gift inspiration. I know that all of the women in my life would be thrilled to receive one or all of the items in this post so I hope you guys enjoyed it. Make sure to check out all of the details and information to enter this giveaway in the description box below.

Thank you so much to everyone who supports my website, you all mean so much to me and I am truly grateful for each and every one of you. I hope everyone has an amazing holiday season filled with love and friends and family and I will see you all in my next post, thanks for reading.

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