Unique Christmas Gifts For Her In 2020

Welcome back guys so today I have my Holiday Gift Guide.  Most of the stuff I’m going to talk about is going to be for the women in your life, however, there are a few things that I feel like you can gift to anybody so I’ll start off with those things. I’m also working on a blog post right now that’s going to have stuff that’s like under $25 so you guys can definitely check that out it will be linked within the article.

So there are two things I really wanted to include in this gift guide in particular because I feel like sometimes we have like co-workers that we want to give a gift to or like neighbors and we don’t want to do like the same old thing. This year you guys could try something like a gourmet hot chocolate. This stuff is amazing if you don’t follow me on Instagram you probably have no idea how much I’m obsessed with this.

So not only does this come in this adorable Christmas packaging that you could definitely keep as a keepsake but the chocolate inside is amazing you guys and it’s so easy to prepare you literally just mix it with milk or whatever you want to drink it with and it tastes rich and creamy it doesn’t taste artificial because it’s actually made with real chocolate, so so good.

These two next ideas are going to be for the foodies in your life or the girl that has everything but happens to also be a foodie and that is these super fancy hot sauces. These are basically the only hot sauces that actually contain truffle in them so this is made with black truffles and this one is made with white truffles they’re both delicious.

Look if you like spicy and the flavor of truffle you’re going to absolutely love these they’re actually spicy ‘cause you know sometimes you try novelty hot sauces and they’re not even spicy and you’re like what is this but these you will actually need a glass of water when you’re done eating them.

And so this is their original and this one is like around $14 and this is their limited edition of white truffle one that’s out I believe it’s only out for the holidays and this one’s like double the price I want to say it’s around $35. Also you guys it’s just the packaging alone is so pretty like the top of them it’s kind of like this diamond shape and they’re glass so they just feel really really special.

Speaking of foodies this next gift is also for somebody that loves to cook is a foodie or just really appreciate home accessories especially somebody that has been hinting at wanting like a Cast Iron skillet the type of pot this pot you guys it’s seriously precious. So it is in the shape of a pumpkin and it is from the branch Staub which is comparable to like we say which is also really good well-known like Cast Iron pots and pans.

You can see it is completely Cast Iron you can cook with this on the stove and transfer it into the oven up to like 400 degrees, it’s an amazing little pot so don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s a pumpkin it’s going to cook just like any Staub pot. And this is just such a good price so right now I did find it for $124 when these pots typically retail for over $200 so it’s an amazing deal.

So this next gift is really good for somebody that you know loves candles loves to have a house that smells really good if you’ve ever been into their home and it always smells amazing they’re going to love something like this. I feel like a candle is always a good idea but this my friends is not just any candle it is a humongous candle that’s going to last them probably the entire year. It is $88 so it is a little bit on the pricier side for a candle but when you consider how much comes in this and how long you’re going to be able to use this for it is a steal.

It’s also absolutely stunning it does come with two wicks, the scent, in particular, I raved about on my channel before it’s the volcano candles that you find at Anthropologie they’re a good combination of like comforting but fresh and floral and fruity like I seriously I can’t deny I can’t explain it. I feel like it’s a scent that everybody’s going to love and it’s a very like inviting scent it’s not too sweet, it’s not too floral, it’s not spicy at all.

It’s also going to look beautiful all year long not just during the holidays because it’s a very neutral color but yet the glow of this is just absolutely beautiful I’m going to show you guys all insert a clip it is heavy and I feel like this is another thing that’s really going to make a statement if you gift it to somebody. So this next one is so much fun this is for the girl that likes to take care of herself, likes to pamper herself and enjoys bubble baths, it is a bath caddy.

I’ve shown you guys this before I think it’s just so cool, you basically just expand it and lay it over your bathtub and you can put like your beverage, you can put a book it has a little slot right here where you can insert it like wine glass and it doesn’t tip over. The only thing I would say about a bath caddy if you don’t know what type of bathtub the person has then definitely opt for something shaped like this where it’s just wooden and it’s flat, make sure that the ends are not curved otherwise it may not fit their bathtub like with my bathtub in particular because it is kind of like an oval shape it’s really hard to find a caddy that fits.

And this was like pretty much the only shape of a caddy that I could use so this is the safest option that’s probably going to fit with any bathtub. So this one I actually received as a gift from a good friend this year and it never would have occurred to me but it makes an amazing gift idea I absolutely love it especially because I’m a new mom I’m like always taking pictures of Sebastian. So this is the Kodak mini 2 instant printer.

A lot of times with gadgets like this I kind of just lose interest because I feel like it’s just another thing to keep up with but this actually syncs up to your phone so it just makes it so easy you just click a button and you print out pictures and they’re good quality pictures. This is a great idea for anybody that likes to print pictures but I think it’s specifically really good for something I just had a baby because trust me nobody is filling up their memory card with pictures more than any mom.

So this one is really fun and this is definitely for the girly girl in your life. If you know somebody that’s into makeup or loves the color pink or just appreciates really pretty makeup accessories this is definitely a gift for them. So this is a brush book from SL Miss Glam it’s their pink unicorn set it’s absolutely beautiful you guys and I do apologize for the brushes in here are dirty because I use them every day.

So this entire set comes with 25 different brushes literally every brush that you can imagine pretend like there are brushes in here I’m telling you guys they’re everywhere because I use them all the time. I did put a few in here so you can kind of see how it comes and this is what they look like, they have the swirly handle and it’s pink and they have the two pink rhinestones that are signature to the SL Miss Glam line and then the brushes are this beautiful baby pink.

I just think they’re absolutely beautiful and I feel like anybody would love something like this no matter what age you are as long as you are a glam girl and you like the color pink I think these are perfect. This next gift is for the fashionista in your life. I would absolutely love to get something like this if you know somebody that is always changing out their earrings and always wearing really fun jewelry, colorful stuff, they would probably love something like this.

So this is from Bauble Bar, this is a little bit pricey I want to say it’s like 129 for this whole kit but you guys they are having 35% off site-wide right now so you can pick this up for around $80 for essentially like six pairs of earrings but the cool thing about this is you can mix and match everything so you can create a lot more than just six pairs of earrings. So they do have like the stud part and then the dangling part you can inter match them and I think this is just such a fun idea.

Like let’s say one day you want to wear clear earrings but you want it to have like a little bit of pink you could wear it with these studs but maybe you want clear earrings with something more colorful you can wear the clear with these little studs right here. You know what I mean you can switch all these out and create your own custom earrings and they’re just so fun and I’ve told you guys Bauble Bar is like my favorite place to get earrings and just like costume jewelry ‘cause it’s always beautiful.

Its amazing quality it’s going to last you for a really long time, I haven’t had any of their pieces tarnish on me since they are having that really amazing sale I will leave a few other options from Bauble Bar like they have these beautiful like personalized pendants on there. Some of them are super inexpensive like under $25 so I will leave a few of those linked down below, my earrings are also from Bauble Bar so if you like these you can get those for 35% off.

So this I actually mentioned before and I wanted to mention it again because it is simply amazing, this is a Rose Quartz Roller. If you know somebody that’s really into their skincare they take their skincare seriously this is a really good gift idea. I tried a Jade roller and I compared it to my rose quartz roller hands-down I prefer the rose quartz roller. I feel like the quartz is cooler on the skin and this brand, in particular, their quartz is like really big so it covers more surface it stays colder for a lot longer and a rose quartz is also supposed to positive vibes, good energy so it’s really good to use during the daytime to just like attract all of those good vibes, I don’t know if that part really works or not.

So this is my personal favorite brand this is from Glo Pro and this one actually came in a kit for micro-needling so that’s a good gift idea if you wanted to give it to somebody that is really into anti-aging skincare. It is on the pricier side you’re going to pay almost $200 for that set so that’s a good one for like the mom you know like if you want to go in with your siblings and get your mom like a really nice gift.

I will leave a link down below to the one that is just the roller so the one that’s just the roller does have this on one side and the other side it just has a smaller roller that is for underneath your eyes. I also wanted to mention if you are going to buy something like this like a rose quartz roller, make sure that the handle is not made out of stone make sure it’s made out of either metal, plastic, something sturdier because in the past I did have one that had stone in the middle and it cracked on me.

So the last gift idea I have for you guys I will just insert a clip of it but it is in Nespresso coffee machine. We’ve had an espresso going on I want to say like four years. The reason I love our Nespresso is that the coffee itself is delicious you guys like you will not have the need to go to Starbucks after you have this coffee machine. Every time somebody comes over my husband will make them a cup of coffee and they’re hooked, they will request it every time they come over like it is good coffee.

I would say they probably have about ten different coffees to choose from but let’s say you have like a favorite coffee that you like you can’t just add it to the machine you have to use their pods. I know what the Keurig was able to buy like a little adapter and fill that with whatever coffee but with the Nespresso, you can’t do that.

The cool part is that sometimes they do come out with limited-edition coffees that come out every season so you do get a little bit of variety there. But honestly, I had not missed the fact that I cannot put any other coffee in it because the coffee is just that good. So I did find two different Nespresso, one of them is the exact one that I have and it comes with the milk frother which I also have and it’s amazing you guys. You can make the fanciest coffees at home and that one was $134 so the one I have is called the Vertuoline.

And then I found a second one that’s actually cheaper it’s called Vertuo Plus. It’s really the same exact thing as the one that I have but it is upgraded because it holds more water and also like you can tell that aesthetically it does look is slightly different but other than that the coffee is made the same way it takes the same exact pods that mine does. Mine takes the bigger pods and also the smaller espresso pods so you can make coffee and espresso.

I think it just makes an amazing gift again it’s another one that you can kind of all pitch in together and get a really nice gift for your mom or your dad.

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