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Proceeds from the sale of these books directly benefit the #LoveUp Foundation, which helps children in need. Every book purchased is matched with a second book, donated to enrich the lives of children everywhere. Simply make your purchase, and the number of books you buy will be matched and donated to Title 1 schools, children's hospitals, Boys & Girls Clubs or the #LoveUp Foundation’s affiliated programs, making Christmas Steve—in every way—the holiday brand with heart.

Books - BUY BOTH and get 18% off!

Meet Steve

a small elf with a big heart who reminds kids everywhere that they all have something to offer, no matter the outside package.

More than a book, Steve is a movement—a movement to get kids off electronics and into books, special experiences and, most importantly, quality time with family and friends. Together with his elf friend Christmas Carol, Steve hilariously imparts truths about embracing your quirks, dashing your fears and finding where you belong.

Time is fleeting. And precious. Make the most of it this holiday season by inviting Christmas Steve into your world.


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ABOUT 168极速赛车在线开奖官方-极速赛车手机开奖结果-开奖记录历史 THE AUTHOR

Rich Berra has been in radio since he was 14 years old and can be heard daily on the nationally syndicated Johnjay and Rich Show, available on iHeartRadio. He co-founded the #LoveUp Foundation, which focuses on enriching the lives of those in the foster care system and supporting children and families in need. 


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